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From the collections of the Aga Khan

Princes , Poets and Paladins .
A book by Dr Sheila Canby on Islamic and Indian Paintings .150 color pictures from the Ottoman , Safavid and Mughal dynasties with commentaries.

From British Museum Press -cost 40 ( $70)
46 Bloomsbury st. London WC!B 3QQ. Mention ukindia when you order.

Hindu Calendar

1998 Hindu Art Calendar with festivals, months, tithis, sankrantis. Send 2 Pound UK, $4 US or $5 Cdn to B. Aikat, 279 Stoneway Drive, Nepean, Ontario, Canada K2G 6E9. Bulk enquiries are welcome."

I have the talent to write a cracking good novel . Have you got the guts to publish it? One of India's most experienced journalists with 30 years experience in Britain invites offers from publishers.Contact Shiv Sharma at 01625 536161(uk)

A new programme has come to the market which can solve the modern disease of stress and anxiety. It is a set of tapes which combines Western methodology and the Eastern wisdom.

When practiced regularly, it can change your life. Hundreds of discerning managers and businessmen have benefitted from this.

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Pal Singh Purewal
Subject: 500 years Jantri

500 years Jantri from 1469 AD to 1968 AD (1526 Bikarami to 2025 BK), calculated according to 'Surya Siddhanta', with an appendix from 1960 AD to 2000 AD calculated according to modern methods, containing on daily basis English date, week day, tithi, parvishte (sankranti date) , Hijri month and date, also pooranmasis and amavasyas, has been published, and is available.
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Rolex Books 81 Wilmslow Road , Manchester 0161 225 4448

Thousands of and books in Urdu and other languages . Largest collection in the North West . Pay us a visit !

Hinduism Booklet

This 26 page question/answer booklet answers 40 most commonly asked questions on Hinduism, ideal for Hindu youths born abroad or any one who wants to have a basic knowledge about Hinduism but does not have the time to study it.

The language is plain and simple. Some sample questions: Who is the founder of Hinduism? Do Hindu worship cows? Do Hindus believe in one God or many? Who are those `strange' looking Devis and Devatas?

I am a freelance writer but writing books is not a business venture for me; I do it as a mission to help our kids retain their religious heritage. Therefore, the price of this gem booklet is based on no-profit/no-loss basis.

Cost is only one pound (retail). Wholesale price for temples & religious bodies
is only .50 p.

In UK call 681411 (Coventry). For wholesale inquiries write to Ajit Adhopia, 2546 Pollard Drive, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada L5C 3H1 Tel (905-273-9563.