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Hindi Teacher wanted

I am looking for a hindi teacher in the Banbury, Oxford or Reading area to teach intermediate hindi. Please contact Marcus at or phone 01295 255282 after 7 pm.

Looking for Articles or Legal Assistant position.- Male age 36.
Qualifications - BSc in Engineering Technology from Manchester University
Higher Certificate in Law -1993
Subjects passed English Legal System , Contract , Tort
Administrative and constitutional Law , Criminal Law
Company Law , Land Law , Commercial Law , Evidence
Also holder of Higher National Diploma in Law
Currently studying Equity and Trust , European Law , Family Law
Will be sitting for LLB honours in May 1996.
Please phone Rajiv 01625 522425 -fax and phone.
Management, Administerial , Clerical

BA in English History and Politics - Female age 36-Office based experience , Computer literate. Please phone 0115 9820306 or 950 2226 Office and ask for Sandy.