New Drugs

Updated Monthly Feb 98

This page is written by a doctor about new and useful drugs which are now on the market

Amias (Candesartan Cilexetil)

Is an angiotensin II antagonist and is indicated for the treatmant of essential hypertension.It binds tightly to the receptor site so only a single dose is needed for 24 hour control and has been found safe in long term trials . For more info email

Protium ( pantoprazole)

A proton pump inhibitor which cuts stomach acidity and heals stomach ulcers . It has a fast onset of action and does not affect liver enzymes so there is minimal risk of interaction with other drugs. It is given as a single dose of 40mg a day.

Gopten( trandocapril)

An ACE inhibitor with one of the longest half lives of 16-24 hours. It has dual excretion through liver and kidneys and so suits all patients. It is given as a 2mg once daily.

Morcap SR

This is a capsule form of morphine which is long lasting , most patients need only dose a day which can vary from 20 to 200 mg daily.


A new drug which delays the onset of memory related symptoms in the elderly suffering from Dementia by about a year. More details later.

Protium- a proton pump inhibitor

- Fast and effective relief in reflux oesophagitis and peptic ulcer disease. - No known drug to drug interactions
- 2 million patients treated worldwide to date
- Enteric coated tablet formulation containing pantoprazole sodium sesquihydrate 45.1mg (equivalent to Pantoprazole 40mg)
- 3 year shelf life
- Easy to read patient information leaflet
- 40mg dose suitable for the vast majority of patients
- No dose adjustment required for the elderly or renally impaired
- Easy to swallow tablet, should be taken whole with water before or during breakfast
- Bioavailability of Protium unaffected by intake of food or antacids
- Well tolerated
- Basic NHS price: 28 x 40mg tablets 29.76

This gives period free H.R.T. For women at least one year postmenopausal

Premique Cycle
A Conjugated Oestrogens & M.P.A. - Monthly Bleed H.R.T. It has all the Benefits of PPC with less side effects.

An Andidepressant that selectively inhibits the reuptake of Noradrenaline and Serotonin.
It has a good side effect profile, is safe in overdose and has fewer drug interactions.

Oestrogel for HRT (Bristol Myers) can be applied as a cream daily for women who cant tolerate oral pills or the patch.

Preservex ( aceclofenac- Bristol Myers) 100mg bd is a new non steroidal reported to cause fewer side effects than others of this class.

Remedine from NAPP fill the gap between paracetamol and opiates . It is a combination of dihydrocodeine and paracatemol

Tritace (Ramipril-Hoechst) from 1.25 to 10mg is a one a day ace useful in heart failure, post MI , hypertension and has a very low incidence of cough.

Istin (Amilodipine-Pfizer) at 5 or 10mg a once daily is a calcium channel blocker useful in angina and hypertension.

Lustral (sertraline -H) an SSRI is very useful in the elderly for depression especially that accompanied with anxiety.

Difflucan (H) is a one tablet treatment for vaginal thrush (not in pregnancy) .