Russian course London

Get away from the everyday. Tours and holiday packages from the United Kingdom to destinations throughout Europe are now selling as red-hot specials. There is also more and more opportunity for solo travellers to carve their own path to Europe through the transport hub airports of the U.K.

But other than your toothbrush and sunscreen, what are the essentials that you need to pack for any holiday or weekend away? I’m not talking about passport and luggage, but a working knowledge of the linguistic basics of the country you plan to visit. Improve your visit out of sight by being able to communicate with the locals. Have the experience of a lifetime by learning the language before you set off!

Don’t be stumped by the Cyrillic script! Make your own way around Russia, and do so in style! From the regal beauty of St. Petersburg to the awe-inspiring panoramas of Moscow, put your Russian course London to the best use as you discover the golden-spires of Vladimir and Suzdal, and why not keep on heading east until you reach the pristine shores of the turquoise gem, Lake Baikal? Follow through in your Trans-Siberian journey to Vladivostok and you’ll only be a stone’s throw from Japan. It’s not so bad when you realise you’ve just traversed the world’s largest country!

Don’t let a different alphabet stand in the way of your travels! It’s the same with a Greek course Aberdeen or an Arabic course Birmingham. Don’t shrug and use the old cop-out excuse that it’s all Greek to you – learn it and love it! Island hopping and discovering the ruins of antiquity will never be so much fun as when you can get by in Greek.

Visit the cream of the crop of European fairytale cities – a Czech course Milton Keynes will hold you in good stead to visit Prague and a Danish course Cambridge will have you set to see Copenhagen. The Little Mermaid awaits… as does the traditional Czech Strahov Monastery Brewery!