Tens of thousands of international students, young and old, come to the UK each year to learn English and it's easy to understand why. If you're looking for a language school London has some of the best in the world. While English courses in London vary wildly in quality, you can usually tell how good a school is by taking note of a few things, such as how you feel upon entering the school - is there a nice atmosphere there? Other things to look out for are the quality of support offered, which can also be gauged from generally observing the surroundings when choosing a school.

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People wishing to learn English for business will most likely have a very different experience of language training than people who learn holiday English as the objectives of the course are very different. This is because those who learn business English need a different English vocabulary to people who need only basic terms and to understand enough English for everyday tasks. Whatever the reason for you wanting to learn English London has courses to suit everyone. For those wishing to learn English for business London has numerous excellent centres specialising in the subject.

Why do so many people want to learn English in London? Well, because the city has a great history and is famous as one of the world's great capitals. It is the financial hub of European business and has fantastic entertainment every night of the week. London also has some of Britain's best language schools. Home of the British Council, London is also home of International House, one of the world's largest language schools, which has operations across most of the planet, not to mention other great schools, like St Georges.

Those wishing to study English in London must make sure they plan their journey before leaving home as London is a notoriously expensive place to be, although this is felt less acutely by students from nations like Iceland who are used to high prices for most consumer goods and services. Intensive English courses make up a reasonable number of those on offer, as many students can't afford to stay in London for more than a few weeks!

Another benefit of living in London is the city's status as a great launchpad to see the rest of the UK, from nearby Brighton to the historic town of Oxford, home of the great university. Often, students who study English Course London as this is the home of the language. The most commonly spoken form of English is the Estuary English spoken in the towns around London, so students can learn the form of the language here that they are most likely to encounter in th UK. Any London language school should offer you a reasonable chance to learn English, yet it pays to choose wisely as different schools are there to meet different needs!