The internet has created many industries of its own, such as e-commerce and e-marketing. It has also lead to a major shift in the way many established industries operate.

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For example, the internet has meant boom time for those who work in translation services. The translation industry is one that has benefitted greatly from the growth of the world wide web as people from all over the world can now search for services offered in different countries, sometimes thousands of miles away and pay for them securely using tools like paypal which deliver the money safely and with guarantees.

The internet hasn't only helped consumers, but translators themselves. Online agencies can arrange English translation services, for example, without being located within England. They can recruit and pay translators via the net, thus reducing overheads and, in particular, recruitment costs.

Spanish translation services and French translation services are unsurprisingly among the most popular offered, alongside Italian translation services and German translation services. This is probably because these are the most common European languages and most companies of a medium size or above will have some dealings internationally. Examples of companies who may need translations range from solicitors to food suppliers, and the type of agency approached is very important. If you are looking for legal translations, it is important to approach a firm that deals with this area of the translation market.

Russian translation services, for example, could be offered by Ukranian firms, but who would you rather translated your Russian text? A Russian or a Ukranian (some of whom still hold a grudge against their former occupiers)? If you wanted Czech translation services you would rather have a native Czech speaker translate for you, wouldn't you?

One of the more marginal areas of the translation sector is for Dutch translation services into English. This can be attributed to the excellent teaching of English in Dutch state schools. This said, Norwegian translation services remain popular, possibly because the older generation of Norwegians who currently run the nation's industry were educated slightly before the boom in English liguistic imperialism which characterised the twentieth century.

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Turkish Translation Services and Bulgarian Translation Services are becoming increasingly 'in demand' as these countries deal more with the EU states.