Ukindia Hindi Lesson 19

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Next we look at compound letters. There are about 10 of these although only KSH , TR ,GY, SHR , and Ri are considered as part of the alphabet . These are written by starting with the vertical line first. We will add more in the coming week so that scanned articles can be read.

The next figure has Z , N , Ru , ROO, Hy, Hm, LRi, and the symbol for peace OM

The following figure contains some interesting letters. On the top line are the guttural form of N combined with K , and also next to it g.

Sometimes ugh and AA are written as in this figure. Again it is important to know these so that one may not be surprised when reading a magazine.

THE can also be combined with a couple of letters . One of them as in the figure above gives the word for war -yudh.

Lets have a look in this rather long lesson at some doubled letters. These below are the common and a couple of examples are given.

Finally lets check we remember all the half letters. Although this lesson may seem difficult you have met nearly all the letters before.Some like the t and d's are just smaller version of the full letter while jh and r do not seem to have any half letter form

Read the following sentences in the next figures . You wont meet any harder than these and if you can read them correctly you can consider yourself as having mastered the Hindi alphabet.

Answers are

In this figure there are more compound letters.

Note in sentence 1 below in the first word vidhyarthi , the little i is written before the v but pronounced after it. In contrast the r mark is written over the TH but pronounced after the DY

There may be an odd compound letter we have missed out . If you spot one please send us email . In the next few lessons we will look at some common words.

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