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Lesson 3

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Revise the vowel marks

And how these vowel marks modify the letter M

Lets look at five more letters. See if you can read the five words below them -some bits have been filled in

S as in Sum
THE as in THUs
T as in musT
TTH as in TThanda (cold in Hindi)
T' as in roTa ( crying in Hindi)

Here are the answers

Six more constants

GH as in GHee ( clarified butter) , a deep G sounded from the chest
D- hard D as in Dog
SHH- a deeper SH
AD- the tongue is rolled right back and then rolled rapidly forwards to just strike the tip of the hard palate
KH as in loCH THHE - a deeper THE from the chest

Here are the answers

Lets look at the final five consonants - there are examples of the way they sound in a mixture of English , Hindi and Benggali words after the letters. See if you can read them

The JH is a deep J from the chest
This n is exactly like the N in lunch
The Z as in English
The aDH is the tongue rolled right back as in aD and then rolled forwards except that the sound is made from the chest.
Finally the DDH which is D as in Dog but sounded from the chest
Here are the answers

Here are the detached vowels written on their own.

See if you can read these mixture of Bengali , Hindi and English words where each vowel is used once. The answers are at the bottom of the figure.

Apart from the 'AN' sound as in the English word cANt there are three other vowel marks.

The first is an NG sound as in the rUNg of a ladder .

The next one is an accent mark - sort of h sound .

The third one is a soft T

In the next lesson we will look at compound letters.
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