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Lesson 5- Alphabet

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Here is the Bengali Alphabet

The vowel marks

The compound letters

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Comments on the above by Sameer Khan

First of all, the letter that looks like a "y" in hindi is NOT a "z" in
bangla, it is a harder "j", a sound not found in Hindi.  there is no real "z"
sound in bangla, the first "j" is used for a "z".

Also, the "s" letter is pronounced like a softer "sh", though in a few words
it is pronounced as an "s".  I would recommend that you (if u don't mind my
saying) write "s, sh" under that letter.

And the vowels are different from Hindi to Bangla:
   the vowels are:

aw    (NOT the same sound as in Hindi, it is the sound in "hot" or "lot")
aa    (similar to Hindi)
i       (similar to Hindi)
ee    (similar to Hindi)
u      (similar to Hindi)
oo    (similar to Hindi)
ri      (similar to Hindi)
e      (similar to Hindi)
oi    (NOT the same as in Hindi, it is the sound in "loin" or "join")
o     (similar to Hindi)
ou   (NOT the same as in Hindi, no similar letter, it's just an "o" that
becomes a "u"      making an "ou" sound)