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Lesson 3

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The next word introduces three new letters. It is the name of a country where Tamil is spoken. See if you can guess which one it is

The answer is India

It has three new letters -another form of N , D ( also DH and TH) and Y .

Here is a new constant NG as in loNG .

The word is Hindi for a love meeting-Sangam.

The letter O when it comes in front is written as follows at the start of a word

When it modifies a letter it is a combination of aae and aa as in this English word .

The O in OVER is written as follows

Note the O and OH differ only in the slightly curved tail of OH.

If it modifies a letter as it does L here it is a combined form of ae before and aa after.

Here are all the new letters in this lesson

And the vowel marks

See if you can read the name of this ancient King of India


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