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Lesson 5

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The next letter is a form of N and we might write it as follows in the word Man.

The letter Z may form the word for Zee TV.

A combined letter is k and Sh as in KSH . Rakshak is Hindi for a bodyguard

The letter h forming Him.

The combined letter SHR as in this man's name Mishra.

The OU vowel is written on its own as

and combined in a word for medicine as

When the ou mark modifies a consonant it is written before and after a letter as follows in this word mouse where it modifies the letter M.

The little U in pUt is written as below -see if you can read the word

The answer is Ummah -the global Muslim community

The long u as in rOOt is as follows in this English word.

It is Oops

The u vowel mark is a bit tricky as it can be in the form of a vertical line , a curved line or even as a modified aa mark and the only way is to go through most of the letters of the alphabet and recongise it.

and also

Finally in this lesson here are some combinations which do not fit anywhere and have to be learnt

In the next lesson we will have a look at the whole alphabet and some Tamil words.

Lesson 6..Home