Gharwali Baharwali song lyrics translated

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This DVD doesnt have subtitles but its a must have , because the colors are so rich , the picture quality so good and Raveena looks ravishing . Muffy tell me if it enhances the enjoyment when you watch the song again with the lyrics translated.

This completes the song translations of this movie . Its worth watching just for Raveena's costumes- over 30 different sarees and dresses !.. The first song is when Raveena has accidently given her husband Anil too much of an aphrodisiac plant.

Raveena in light green
R-Raveena -female , A= Anil male
minutes into the DVD

Ta Ra Ra

F Tu chor hai mujhe hai pata , churane jo aya hai ake chura
You are a theif I know , what you have come to steal , take it now

M Kyun mae churaoon us cheez ko , jo hai tera , wo mera hai , mera
Why should I steal something that is mine , what is yours , is mine , mine

F What you have come to steal , come and take it .

Raveena in yellow saree
F chaaen churaya , tune neend churayi hai
Taken my peace of mind , you have stolen my sleep

M asi chori karne main kuch na burayi hai
This kind of theft , there is nothing wrong with it

F chori karta hai badi bate bi banata hai slaps him playfully
You steal and then talk big too !

M baten waten chori wori tune to sikahyi hai
talks shalks , theft weft all this you have taught me

M maar gayi hai sanam teri her adaa
Kills me , oh love , all these actions (gestures) of yours

F Take what you have come to steal
M Why should I steal , what is yours is mine

F I know you are a thief

Raveena in pink and then red saree
24.18 F Oh , mujh ko pata chala tuje kuch chahiya
I have come to know that you desire something

M Kuch nahin paas to aayee
Nothing at all , just come near

F Are baba , dar lagta hai door to jaeeyay
Oh man , I am afraid , please keep your distance ( go away a bit further)

M (pushing her away) door gaya to mujhe na bulaiyay
If I go far , then dont call me (again)

F Jo kuch bi tu aaya churane jaldi say choora
Whatever you have come to steal , do it fast !..

Second song

Anil being chased by lots of very beautiful girls - wonder where they found these models -girls who have been promised huge sums by his father if they get him to marry one of them .

M=male Fa =Father

Fa -showing him different girls in turn
Ghoonghat may chhehra chhupathi bi hai , goonghat say chehra dikhati bi hai
With the veil this girl (women) hide their face , from the veil they try to show you the face

Ye nachti hai , nachati bi hai , yeh bagti hi , bagati bi hai
This one dances , makes you dance (to her tune) , this one runs , makes you run

Ye plus bi hai , ye minus bi hai , ye plus bi hai , ye minus bi hai
This one is a plus , this one is a minus(girl gets angry when he says this)

hai hai bhav khati bi hai
oh god she shows a temper too !


M- are bapu tumko hai pote ki padi , hai samne mere mushkil badi
Father you are determined to have a grandson , but there are great difficulties in front of me

Meri na shadi dubara karo , yun na meri barbadi karo
dont get me married again , dont destroy me like this

Rotee bi hai aur rulati bi hai , aurat musibat ko lati bi hai
She (woman) cries and makes the man cry , woman do bring a lot of trouble

Fa- bacho say ghar ko sajati bi hai , ga ga ke loree sulati bi hai
she decorates the house with children too , makes them go to sleep with lullabies

M-ye plus bi hai , ye (pointing to another one) minus bi hai
Thats a plus point true , but here is a minus one

Fa- no she is the plus , you are the minus

M-hai bhav khati bi hai
God , she gets angry too

Gets thown into pool by one of the women
M-pota nahin hota mai kya karun , shadhi say accha mai ja marun
grandson cant give you , what can I do ? rather than marry (second time ), better I kill myself

pehli gharwali nay pagal kiya , doosri kay aane say mai ja daroo
the first woman of the house has made me mad , the prospect of a second one makes me terror stuck

M- Murga banake khilati bi hai , mardo ko murga banati bi hai
Chicken she cooks for you to eat , chicken they make out of men

Fa- sapno ko sach kar dikhati bi hai , peedee ko aage badati bi hai
dreams she turns into reality and shows them to you , the family she carries forward

rpt verses

The next song is in a Nepalese temple courtyard with local dancers in traditional folk costumes . Beautifully picturized , it happens after the guy gets accidently married to the Nepali girl


M Nepal ki thhandi thhandi hawaaon may , dekho na , kya ho gaya
In Nepal's cool cool winds , look what has happened .

Ik ladka ka ik ladki say , galti say lafda ho gaya
one boy has with one girl , by mistake an affair started

yhaan to dhol bajnae laga , samjo ghar pay jadga ho gaya
here the drum has started , at home , believe it , the quarrels will start


2nd Male
yhaan pay baje talee , Mumbai may pade galee
here the claps , in Mumbai the curses

M- Maine isko dekha ,aur isne mujko dekha
I saw her , and she saw me

kucch aur maine socha , kuch aur isne samja
I thought meant something else , she understood something else

Females rama re rama
God Rama , oh God Rama

M - Bante bante shoree , kucch aise ban gayee hai
Putting on make up and dresses the girl , she has made herself so

main iska ho gaya hoon , yeh meri ho gayee hai
that I have become hers (fallen for her ) , and she has become mine

Shiv ki leela hai , aur hai kya ?
Its all God Shiva's magic , what else could it be ?

rpt verses

F main hum Radha , tu Sham hai mera
I am Rahda , you are Shaam ( God Krishna)

chahnatujko kaam hai mera
to desire you , is my work (destiny) -rpt

tujme main , mujme tu , charo taraf meri bas tu hi tu
in you am I , in me you , in all four directions around me its just you , you

is se bad ke khhushi aur hai kya ? ik ladki ka ik ladke say galti say lafda kya ?
what is greater happiness than this ? that one girl with one boy should accidently start

rpt verses

maike ghar chode Radha gayi ghar Shaam , yaad bahut aaye
The girl leaves her parents and goes with Shaam , she is in our thoughts all the time

The fourth song is a Mongolian /Red Indian combination and with some very beautiful western girls . Patiala and Ambala are towns in Punjab. Amazing picturization .


F Rab jane bhai bi rab jane -rpt
God knows , brothers only god knows

M O kudi si ya chidi si ? , mere pyaar ke chub gayo sab dane
Was she a girl or a bird , she has pecked all my grains of love

F O munda si , ya gunda si? , mere pyar ke chub gaya sab dane
Was he a man or a hooligan , he has stolen all the grains of my love

baja baja tu dhol baja , dhol baja ke dil le ja
play play the drum , play it and take away the heart

M kya wo Ambala wali thi ?
Was she from Ambala ?

F Rab jane
Only God knows

F kyo wo Patiala wala tha ?
Was he from Patiala ?

M rab jane -God knows

M main munda sidha sadha , wo kar gayi kal ka wada
I am a straightforward boy , she promised me tomorrow (date)

F Mai ladki boli bali , nazuk phoolon ki dali
I am a simple girl , fragile flower on a branch

meri sar ki chunri sarak gayi , yeh kasi chali hawa ?
the scarf from my head has slipped , what kind of storm is this ?

F kyun teer nazar ke paar hue ?
Why did the arrows of the eye go through (the heart)

M kyun naine tuj se char hue ?
why did our eyes become four ?

M hai bada gazab ka chehra , usepe zulfon ka ghera
Its a remarkable face , caged by hair

F ho gaye naen matka , kar gaye haka baka
the intoxicating eyes , have left me in a tizz

M kyun pyar ka chaska laga muja , kyun uspe hua fida ?
Why did I get the taste of love , why did I fall for her ?


Gharwali (F1-inside the house-wife) Baharwali (F2-outside -ie mistress) .A dream song where Anil imagines both are fighting over him

. M ik taraf hai gharwali , ik taraf baharwali
on one side is the wife , on the other the mistress

ye bole wo alla , wo bole mi alli
she says I am in love with you , the other one says its me

ayeeaa bolo kya krun ? dono se main daroon
tell me what can I do ? I am afraid of both

sweet sweet gharwali , hot hot baharwali
the wife is sweet sweet , the mistress is hot hot

ye bajaye siti , wo bajaye tali
this one whistles (for me) , she claps

wo muke dekhe , main usko dekhun
she looks at me , I watch her

wo mera soche , main usko sochun
she thinks of me , I think of the other one

isko galit say chumoon , to deti hai wo galee
if i kiss this one accidently , the other one swears at me

Ye hai shehar ki goree , wo hain gaon ki choree
this one is a girl about town , the other one is a village belle

dono ke hathon me , meri patang ki doree
in the hands of both , is the string of my kite (life)

yeh dono asli , yeh dono nakli
they are both real , they are both fake

wo hai Nepali bulbul , ye Mumbai mirchiwali
that one is a nightingale from Nepal , this one is spicy chilli from Mumbai 109.30
Female 1 - Gharwali gharwali hai , tu to baharwali hai
the wife is a wife , you are an outsider

Aiee tu mahal me kese ? , tu to janewali hai
how did you come into this palace , you are about to go

F2 - Tera gharwala kyun mere peeche ata jata hai
why does your husband come after me

Aate jate kyun mujse wo ankh ladata hai ?
and coming and going why does he tangle glances ?

F1 - Wo mere hai , mera
He is mine , mine

F2 - Wo kal tha tera , diwani main uski , deewana wo mera
He was yours yesterday , I am mad for him , he is mad for me

M - dono khatre ki ganti kyun maine gale me dali ?
why have I put these two danger bells in my neck ? .