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Hum apke Hain Kaun ?

HAHK is the biggest hit ever of Indian cinema - $25m in box office receipts . No negative characters at all in the movie and very popular because people felt it reflected the real South Asian culture based on family relations . Feedback on these efforts at translation-put comments in this thread to encourage other translators -would be greatly appreciated .

The color on the DVD is underecorded so you may have to turn the TV color on quite a bit . One great thing about Bollywood cinema which I dont think happens in any other -except maybe a few Peter Seller movies- is to take a few characters from a different culture and provoke a bit of harmless fun using their funny accents etc .

Haryanavis and Punjabis come in for this treatment quite regularly , Tamils in Sajan Chale Sasural , Hyderabadi Muslims in Mehndi and a northern Shairi loving Muslim couple in this one .

Its a pity that the subtitles are not translated completely -for eg after the third song below - Mahduri asks Salman ' You will come to the engagement wont you' -in a not quite inviting manner and he replies ' Of course and sparks ( fireworks at the engagement party) are bound to fly ( between us)' . His reply is not translated at all so missing the double meaning .

Title song .

HAHK- Hum apke hain kaun ? - We ( Royal I) yours are what ? -What do I mean to you ?

m: bechan hai meri nazar , hain pyaar ka ye kais asar ?
Restless , longing are my eyes , what kind of effect (asar) is this of love ?

Hum chup rahen , ya itna kahen , hahk ?
Shall we ( I ) stay silent (chup) or shall I say (ask) this ?, what do I mean to you (hahk) ?

. 2 Khud dil sanam , roka pada , akhir mujhe kahna pada
my heart my love , I had to ask to stay ( quiet) , but in the end (akhir) I had to say (ask)

khwabon mein tum , ate ho kyun ? , hahk ?
in my dreams , why do you come ? What am I of yours ?

f: Bechai hai meri nazar , hai pyar ka paida asar
My eyes are restless , this is the effect of growing love Dil, hosh gum , pucho na tum , hahk .
my heart , senses lost , please dont ask , what do you mean to me .

3.43 f: kaise khun dil ki lagee , chehra padna kabi
How can I tell you the effect on my heart , you have to read my face

ye sharm ki surkhati ( ?) rahe , hahk
let this blush , modesty stay glowing , what do you mean to me ?

23.30 Wah wah Ramji ( Well done God )

m: wah wah Ramji , jodee kya banai , bhaiya or bhabee ko badai ho badai
Well done God , what a couple you have made ! , congratulations ( badai) to brother and sister in law (bhabee )

Sab rasmo se badi hai hai jug mein dil se dil ki lagai
Above all the customs (rasom) in the world (jug) is the joining of one heart to another .

f: Aap ki kripa se ye shub gadi aai , jeeja or jeejee ko badai ho badai
Thanks to your mercy (kripa , benevolence) this hour of greatness ( pleasantness - shub gadi) has come , brother in law ( sister's brother) and jeejee ( his wife) best wishes to you .

Sab rasmo se .. above all the customs of this world

24.25 m ( to his future sister in law) mere bhaiya jo chup baithen hai , dekho bhabi kaise aithen hai
My brother who sits there so quietly , see bhabi how at times he gets provoked

Waise bade hi bhalen hain , mana thode manchale ( ?) hain
Actually he is very good hearted , at times a bit moody Par aap ke siwa kahin bi na fisle hain

But apart from you he has not slipped (lost his heart) anywhere !

24 F: dekho dekho khud pe pe jeejee itraye
Look , look how she has perfumed ( itraye) herself !

25.41 f: sunno jeejaji ,aji aap ke liye , meree jeeje ne bade tap hain kiye
Listen brother in law , for you , she has done a lot of penance (prayers )

Mandiro mein kiye phere , pooja saanj aur swera
In the temples she has done circles round the dieties , prayers evening and morning

Teen loko ke devon ko liye ghere
The dieties ( deva) of the three worlds ( teen lok - earth , heaven and underground ) she has surrounded (kept them imprisoned ) them ( until they listen to her prayers)

26m: Jaise maine mangee thi , waise bhabi payee
The kind of sister in law ( brother's wife) I had asked for , thats exactly what I have got .

Aaj hamare dil mein

The father of the girl reveals the secret that father of the boy had a crush on the girl's mother and insists that he sing a song for her . So the boy's father sings the following looking at his ex flame (and his future relation via marriage -samdhan)

m: aaj hamare dil mein , ajab ye uljhan jai
Today there is in my (our) heart , this strange stirring ( dilemma)

gane bathe gana samne samdhan hai
sat down to sing a song , and the samdhan is in front ! hum kuch aaj sunayen , ye unka bi man hain

I should sing something , even she wants that ! 39.15 Kaano ki baliyan chaand suraj lage , ye Banaras ki sadee khub saje
The rings in her ears ( kaan) , seem like the moon ( chaand ) and sun (suraj- glitter) , this sadee from Banaras also looks very good on her

Raaz ki baat batayen , sambadhi ji ghayal hain , aaj bi jab samdhan ki khanke payal hain !
Let me tell you a secret ( raaz ) , sambhadiji ( her husband) gets wounded ( in the heart) , even today when the payal ( ankle bracelet) of hers makes a sound ( khanke) !

41 M: Hontho ki ye hasin , ankhon ki yeh haya , itni massom to hot hai bas dua
The laughter ( hasin , smile) on her lips ( honth) , the modesty in her eyes , only a prayer ( dua) is so delicate (masoom)

Raaz ki baat batayen , samadhi kush kismat hain , laskhmi hai samdhanji , jinse ghar janat hain
Let me tell the secret , samadhi (her husband) is a lucky man , she is like the Goddess Lakshmi ( godess of wealth) that (their) home is like janat ( heaven )

42 F: Aaj hamair dil mein , ajab ye uljan hain samne gaa rahen samdhan hain
Today in my (our) heart , is this dilemma that sitting in front singing is the samdhan ( future relation)

hum ko jo nibhana wo nazook bandhan hai
What we have to carry on is a delicate relationship (bandhan) !

42.30 -getting misty eyed looking at her daughter's picture

meri chaya jo apke ghar chali

My shadow ( reflection) who is going to your house sapne ban ke meri palko me hai pali
like a dream ( sapne) of my eyes has she been raised (pali)

Raaz ki baat batayen ,ye punjee jeevan ki , shoba hai yeh aaj se aap ke anghan ki
tell you a secret , this wealth of life ( who can create life) , she is from today a decoration of your compound ( home- ie please look after her )

Joote dedo , paise lelo

The tradition is for the guests or relatives from the girl's side to steal the groom's shoes ( they are left off on the side during the ceremony at the fire) and demand a big payment before giving them back

Joote dedo , paise lelo - please give the shoes and take the money

m: dulhe ki saliyo , hare dupate valiyo , joote dedo paise lelo
sisters of law of the groom , wearing green (hare) scarves , give the shoes , take the money (small amount)

f: dulhen ke dewar , yun tum dikhlao na tevar , paise dedo , joote lelo
brothers in law of the bride( dulhen) , dont show your eagerness (tevar) , give the money (lots) , take the shoes

59 f: ajee note gino ji , m: joote lao
start counting the notes , m: bring the shoes

f: zid chodo ji m: joote lao
dont be stubborn m:bring the shoes

f: fraud kyan hain hum ? m: tum hi jano

do you think we are frauds ( wont give the shoes ) ? m: you know it !

f:akdu ho tum m:jo bi mano

you are stubborn ! m: whatever you want to believe

f:aji baat bade gi m:bad jane do

the matter (baat , talk) will get bigger ( serious) m: let it get bigger

f:maang chade gi ! m: chad jane do

the demand (maang) will get bigger m: let it rise

f:pado na aise -dont grab like that !

m pehle joote f: pejle paise

first the shoes f: first the money

59.34 f: joote liyen hain , nahin chooraya koi zevar
taken your shoes , not stolen some jewels !

f:dulhen ke dewar hame dikhao na yun tevar
brothers in law of the bride dont show us anger (eagerness) paise dedo joote leo - give the money and take the shoes

60 f: kuch thanda pilo m: man nahin hai

drink something cold (thanda) m: not in the mind for it

dahin badha khalo m:mood nahin hai

eat some yoghurt pie m:not in the mood

kulfi kha lo , m:bhookh nahin hai

eat a kulfi m; not hungry

paan kha lo m: not hungry

m: kuch rasmalai ? f: aap ke liye

some rasmalai (sweet) f: for you

itni mithayi ? f:aap ke liye

m: a little mithai (sweet) f: for you

m-pehle joote f: khayenge kya ? first the shoes f: will you eat them ( do you want to eat the shoes is an expression for do you want to get beaten up with them)

m:aap ki marzi f: nahin toba nahin
if you wish ! f: no goodness no

m: kisi betooki shayar ki besoori qwalliyo , dyulhe ki saliyo hare dupte valiyo
some second rate poets out of tune qwallis ( you are like) , green scarfed sisters in law of the groom , give the shoes and take the money .

63 indian musical notes

74.30 Dik tana

Salman sings praises of his newly arrived sister in law

bhabi tum khusiyon ka khazana
sister in law you are a treasure chest of happiness ( goodness)

pehli kiran jab se uge , bhabi meri tab se jage
When the first ray (kiran) of the sun rises , my bhabi wakes up then

sab ka pura dhyan kare wo , sham dale tak kaam kare
To all she pays attention ( dhyan , looks after) to , till the evening she works (kaam)

kal tak raha is ? jeewan se mera bachpan anjana
till yesterday my ? childhood was ignorant ( of this kind of love -husband/wife)

77 hogee meri shadee kabi kehte hain muje sabi
my wedding too will happen sometime (kabi) , all say that to me

khud apni dulhan choon-na . baat kisi ki na soon-na
select your bride yourself , dont listen to (the talk of)

anyone -rpt

(looking at his bhabi) tum jaisa rang roop apni pasand lana
she should be as beautiful and same complexion like you , bring one of your choice

78.26 learning that she is pregnant

kab tak rahun sab se chota , aye muj se koi chota
till when will I remain the youngest (littlest) , let there come another one even younger (smaller) than me

hanste bolte koi khilone in bahon ko do na
laughing , talking toy (child) please give these arms(bahon)

78.50 mange tum se ghar ka angan , pyara pyara nazrana
The house angan (compound) asks from you a lovely lovely gift ( child)

Did tera devar dewanna

Madhuri is pretending to be pregnant and making fun of Salman ( via a girl dressed up as Salman ) who doesnt understand the cravings of pregnant women .

diidii teraa devar divaanaa x2 , Sister your brother in law is mad
didi=elder sister , dewar=b in law , divana=mad

haay raam ku.Duyo.n ko Daale daanaa x2
Oh God he scatters seed in front of girls ( like enticing birds) ram=god , kudiyo= young girls, dana=seed

(dha.ndhaa hai ye usakaa puraanaa) - 2
this profession he has of old dhanda=profession (tendency) purana=old

haay raam ku.Diyo.n ko Daale daanaax2 la llaa ... mai.n bolii ke laanaa yuu imalii kaa daanaa
I asked him to get a bit of tamarind (spicy, bitter)
boli=asked, lana=bring, imali=tamarind, dana=seed

magar vo chhuhaare le aayaa divaanaa
But the mad person brought chuare ( ? some kind of Indian fruit)
magar=but , le aaya=brought

mai.n bolii machale hai dil meraa haay vo kharabujaa laayaa jo niimbuu ma.Ngaaye
I told him my heart was being funny ( feeling queasy) and he brought melons when I asked for lemon !
mahale=funny turn , flirting ; dil=heart , kharbuja=melon , nimbu=lemon , mangaya=asked for

(pagalaa hai koii usako bataanaa) - 2
He is mad , someone please tell him
pagala=mad , usko batana=tell him

haay raam ..

mai.n bolii ki laanaa tuu miTTii kaa haa.N.Dii
I asked him to bring two mitti ( earthen) vegetables ( ? which one)

magar vo bataashe le aayaa anaa.Dii
But the fool brought two sweets (flat )
batashe=flat sweets , anadi =fool

mai.n bolii ke laade mujhe tuu khaTaaii
I asked him to bring khatai (round sweet)
vo baazaar se leke aayaa miThaaii
He brought a box of mithati (mixed sweets) from the bazaar

huun mushkil hai yuu.n mujhako pha.Nsaanaa - 2
he wont be able to woo (trap) me like this
mushkil=difficult , yuun -like this , phasana -woo, entrap in love

haay raam..

Salman replies bhaabhii terii bahanaa ko maanaa -2
Sister in law , I bow to your sister (acknowledge she is really good)
bhabi=sister in law , bahena=sister, ko mana= acknowledge , concede defeat

haay raam ku.Diyo.n kaa hai zamaanaa - 2
Oh God , its now a woman's world
zamana =time

rabbaa mere mujhako bachaanaa - 2
Oh God , save me
rabaa=god , bachana=save , mujk=me

haay raam..

hukuum apakaa thaa jo maine naa maa.naa
It was your command that I did not obey

khataavaar huu.N mai.n na aayaa nibhaanaa
I did wrong , I didnt know what to do

sazaa jo bhii doge vo ma.Nzuur hogii
Whatever punishment (saza) you give I will agree(manzur)

ajii merii mushkil kabhii duur hogii bandaa hai ye khud se begaanaa - 2
Will my difficulties ever end ? , I dont even know myself any more.
dur=far . kabi=when banda=man, khud=myself , begana=not knowing ,

haay raam..
maaii ne maaii

Madhuri  to her mother 
f:maaii ne maaii mu.NDer pe tere bol rahaa hai kaagaa - 2
mother o mother , ?on your door ( ?munder) saying something
is a kaaga ( ? singer) 

jogan ho gayii terii dulaarii man jogii laagaa 
f: your dulari( beloved daughter) has  become a singing
devotee on falling in love with
this jogi ( holy man singer)


chann maahiye chann maahiye , mere Dol sipaiye
? lets go , lets go  , my soldier man 
f: chaa.Nd kii tarah chamak rahii thii us jogii kii kaayaa
like the moon was shining-dazzling was   the holy man's
kayaa (? face)  

mere dvaare  aakar usane pyaar kaa alak jagaayaa
he came to my door and awoke the feelings of love (with his

apane tan pe bhasm ramaa ke - 2 
on his body  ,  he put burnt ? ash(bhasm)  , ? 
saarii rain vo jaagaa
he stayed awake all night (singing)

sun hiriye nach hiriye nach ke z
listen pretty one , dance pretty one and add color (to the
sun hiriye , nach hiye hiruiye , nach ke dhum macha
listen pretty one , dance pretty one , dance and make things
a riot 

f to her mother : mannat maa.Ngii thii tune ik roj mai.n
jaauu.n bihaayii
you had asked once in your prayers , that one day (ik roz) I
should get married 

is jogii ke merii tuu kar de ab ku.Damaayii
with this holy man join me , get me engaged (kudmai) to him 

in hathon pe mehndi laga de 
on these hands put on mehndi 
baa.Ndh shagun kaa dhaagaa
tie the thread of marriage 

jogan hogayi teri dulari , man jogi so laga
devotee has become your daughter , when her heart started
liking this holy singing man.

	A girl going to her husband's house and leaving forever her
parents after her marriage , thinks these things while her
parents and sibling cry a lot . 
f: Babul jo tum ne sikhaya , jo tum se paya , sajan ghar le
Dad that you taught me , that I got from you , to my
husband's  (companion) house I take with me 
hugging mother 
jadoo(?)  ke liye tarsaya , chali ghar paraye ,tumhari ladli
for ? hug I ache , going now to a foreign home , the
daughter you love 

to father
kaise bhool paoongi mein babul sunhi hai jo tumse khaniyan
how will I forget , father the stories I have heard from 
you ?

to mother
chodd chali angan me maiya , bachpan ki nishaniyan
leaving behind in this house(compound) mother, the signs of
my youth (bachpan) 

to sister
sun meri pyaari behna ,sajaye rehna ke babul ki gali
listen my dear sister , be a decoration  in fathers street

to in laws
ban gaye pardes ghar janam ka
the house of my birth has now become pardes(foreign country)
mili hai duniya muje nayee
I have got a new world 
naam jo mene piya se joda , naye rishto se bad gayi
now that I have joined my name with  my piya(husband) , with
new relationships I have become bound 

mera sasurji pita hai , pati devta , dewar chadi Krishan ki 
my father in law is like my father now , my husband like a
demi-god , my brother in law like the ?wand ?helper  of God
Krishna ( ? helps me like God Krishna ) 
sajan ghar chali
I am going to my husband's house 

Chorus : thand thandi poorvaiya , udti hai choonariya 
in this breezy wind , our choonri(scarf) is flying 
dhadke mora jiyarama , bali hai umariya 
hearts are beating , its the age of youth

m: dil pe nahin hai kaboo , kaisa hai ye jadoo
my heart is not under control . what kind of spell is this ?

f: yeh mausam ka jadoo hai , mitwa , hai  ab dil pe na kaboo
its the magic of the season (mauam-springtime) , sweetheart
,  the heart is not under contol , sweetheart
naina jis me kho gaye , diwane se ho gaye
eyes which are lost in someone , mad we have  become

nazrana harsu hai mitwa
the scenery is beautiful sweetheart

chorus: sehri baboo ke sang , mem goree goree
with the town gentleman , is the lady fair 
aise lage jaise chanda ki chkori
she is fair like the moon's chkori (? fire)

f: phoolon , kaliyon ki bahare , chanchal ye hawaon ki
flowers , petals spreading , playful these voices of the
wind calling us 
m:hamko ye isharon se kahen , hum thum ke,  yahan ghariyan
tell us in signs , that we should linger here ,spend some
time here
f:pehle kabi to na humse batite thi phoolwan
never before did the flowers tell us that 
m:ye mausam ka jadoo hai mitwa
this is the magic of the spring , sweetheart 

chorus :sachi sachi bolna , bed na chupna 
tell the truth , dont hide a secret(bed) 
kon nagar se aye kon disha me hai jana
which town did you come from , which direction are you going

m:inko humse chalna hai , apne sang apni nagariya
she has to come , with me to my city

f: hayejan anjana , uspar anjan nagariya 
oh dear  a stranger , and on top of that an unknown
90.08 phir kaise tum door itni , sang agyi meri goriya
how then you who were so far , have come close to me ?
f: ye mausam ka jadoo hai mitwa
its the spell of the season , sweetheart

Salman singing to Madhuri 
Mujse Juda hokar 
m: mujhse judaa hokar, tumhe door jaana hai
separting from me , you have to go far away

pal bar ki judai ,phir laut ana hai
separted for a little time and then return 

sathiya sang rahe ga tera pyar , sathiya rang layega tera intezar
companion with me will stay your love , companion with me your anticipation (of return) will color my life

f: rpt - separating from you , I have to go far   
separating for a little time , I have to return
companion with me will remain (the memory) of your love , the anticipation will be colorful (bring color to my life)

f: mein hun teri sajni , sajan hai tu meran
I am your (female) friend , you are my (male) friend

tu band ke aya , mere pyaar ka sehra 
you wound round (on the head) , the turban (sehra- worn at marriages by the groon ) sign of love 

chehre se ab tere , hat-ti nahin ankhen
from your face , I cant take away my eyes -gaze

tera nam le le ke sakhiya chede mujhe 
taking your name again and again , my female friends tease me 
sakhiyon se ab mujko peecha chudana hai
from my friends I have to get away 

m: mere tasuvar me ab roz ati ho , ake mera ghar sajati ho
In my imagination (tasuvat) you come daily , and having
 come you decorate my house 
sajni bada pyara hai ye roop tera , gajre ki khusboo
 se ghar mehka hai ghar mera
friend (female) this form of you is very lovely , from your
 gajra (? clothes) fragrance my whole house  is filled (enchanted) 
ankhon se ab teri kajal churana hai 
from your eyes I have to steal the kajal (eyeshadow) 

separation for a while and then return to me 

Pehla pehla pyar 
m: pehla pehla pyaar hai , pehli pehli bar hai
this is my  first love , first first time it is 

jaan ke bi anjana kaisa mera yar hai
even after knowing how she pretends not to know 
, my companion (friend) 
uski nazar palkon ke chilman se mujhe dekhti 
her eyes look at me from beneath her lowered lids

uski haya apne hi chahat ka raaz kohlti 
her bashfulness reveals the secrets of her desire

chupke se kare jo  waffa ,aisse mera yaar hai 
silently she signals waffa (?) , that is the type of girl my friend is .

woh hai nisha , wohi meri zindagi ki bhor hai
she is called Nisha ( real name in the name) , she is
 the bhor (? destiny) of my life 

wo hai Nisha , use hai pata
she is Nisha , she knows it 

uske hi hathon me meri dor hai
in her hands is the dor( horse guide) of my life 

use hai pata sare jahan se judaa aisa mera pyar hai
she knows it that she is separate from all the world , that is the
 (type of girl) my love is 
Dik tana 2 - 
A newborn provokes great happiness and this song .

dik tana , aaj padega sab ko gana
all will have to sing a song today

m:bhabi meri , tumhe thank you , mil kar sab kahen 
my sister in law thank you , all will say together
taras gaye jisko naina , aaj hua wo pura wo sapna
what the eyes were longing to see, that dream has come true today

poet : allah kare tu bhi misaj paye shayirana 
allah grant that you too get the gift for poetry (shayirana)

m3:lotta phir bachpan ka zamana
it has returned again the story of youth 

to dog
ye bezubaan , ye janwar , khush hua ye bada  jankar 
this speechless one  , this animal , he is  very happy to know it too
ghoonjegi abhi ikl pyari ,anghan men pyari pyari
ikl (?) will sound , in the house(compound)it will sound lovely 

m:kehta ja ab barso bar mera hai muskana 
say it for many many years I will go on smiling 

125.31 nache nani , nache nana 
dances the grandmother ,dances the grandfather 

126.16 m:kehta hai kya , Muna suno , masi nahin, chachi bano
what does Muna say , listen , not a  masi  (mother's sister) be ,
 but a chachi (father's younger brother's wife)do  become 
f: muna ye teri chachaji , ban-na chahe mausaji
muna this your chacha (father's younger brother) wants to
 become a mausaji( mother's sisters husband) 

m:tu na mili to , nischit hai mera jogi banjana
if I dont get you , it is certain that I will become a 
minstrel (singing holy man) 
126.48 f: ghar aa kar biksha le jana !
make sure you get the alms when you come to the house !

Hijras (Transvestites) : muna naseebo wallah 
this boy is blessed with good luck (provided you give us money!) 
m4:aatish bazi , yeh roshni , zahir kare man ki khushi
fire works , these lights , signify the happiness of our minds 
m5: zamin se le kar asmaan tak , Mune ke dum se ronak 
from the ground to the sky , because of Muna there is
ronak- excitement (get togetherness) 

f:kya khub aise mein Mune ke papa ka ana 
How fortunate that at this moment (of happiness) the
 father of the baby has arrived .

The last song is when the bhabi realises that it is her own sister that 
Salman wants to marry .She sings that she will lead go herself to  
the potential bride's house to give the good news 
154 Lo chali mein apne dewar ki baraat leke
look I am going with the wedding guests(baraat) of my younger brother
 in law (dewar)
nahin band baja , nahin brat , khushiyon ki saugat leke
dont have a drum band with me (for the moment) , neither the 
baarat , but I carry the gifts of happinesss 
dewar ? band , sar pe sehr sjaa 
brother in law tie the wedding turban on your head (sar) 

bhabi ban kar aaj bewiya leti hai 
your bhabi by becoming a bewia(? prayer) takes this 

prem ki kaliyan khilen , pal pal khushiyan milen 
let the buds of love blossom , every moment be a moment of happiness 
sache man se aaj duaen deti hai 
with a sincere heart she gives you these
 duaen ( prayers , blessings as if from  god)
155.55 godhe pe chad ke chala hai banka ,
 apni dulhen se milne 
sitting on a horse (ghoda) goes the banka- infatuated (unbalanced one) ,
 to meet his dulhen (bride) 

156 wah wah Ramji , jodi kya banayi , dewar dewrani ko
 badayi ho badayi
remarkable God , what a couple you have brought together ,
 brother in law and his wife , congratulations 

sab rasmo se badi hai jug mein dil se dil ki sagai
above all the customs in the world is the engagement of
one heart with another 

156.31 aai hai shubghadi , aaj bani mein badi 
its a time of good fortune , I have become the 
senior (woman ) in the house 
kal tak ghar ki bahun thi , aaj hun jethani 
till yesterday I was only the bahu ( daughter in law) in
 the house , today (now) I will become an elder  sister in law 

hukam chlaaoingi mein , ankh dikhaoongi mein 
I will order ( madhuri) about  , stare her down 

sehmi khadi rahegi meri dewarani
she will stand intimidated , my younger sister in law !

157 hazar sapne palkon diwani  mein sath le ke lo chali mein 
with a thousand (hazar) dreams in my eyes , 
intoxicated (with happiness) me , look I am going