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This page will be completed as the translations are put on Ramli . Please send corrections .
This movie had the best kathak dancing ever shown in any movie, and no one has been able to top it, especially the Radha/Krishna "pas de deux", it was a visual/choreographic masterpiece. GopiKrishna was one of the premier kathak dancers of the time, he also danced in Mughl-e- Azam. Noone can spin like that guy or had the energy that that guy had .

There are many V. Shantaram movies, Do Ankhen Bara Haanth, was a black and white musical masterpiece on reforming criminals, it had some really cool music.

Navrang, was also a musical masterpiece set during the coming of British rule with some of the most imaginative/aristic work ever in any movie. During the making of Do Ankhen Bara Haanth, Shantaram (who's the lead actor in the movie) had almost gone blind since his eyes were nearly gored out by a bull's horn in some scene. Navrang was his canvas of colors which he imagined when he was recovering from his accident.

The story itself was very touching -- about an idealistic,patriotic dreamer poet and his relationship with his too shy and traditional wife, whom he loves and who comes constantly in his imagination as the beautiful, not shy, dancing, singing, Mohini, who inspires all of his poetry...of course, his wife not seeing this Mohini who her husband is always talking too, thinks he's crazy. It's a lovely and memorable movie, very original, with great music and dancing...very Indian. Don't know if these movies are out on DVD yet.

In the same movie Lata sings a Bhajan with some impossibly high notes at the end . The following Shantaram DVDs are available by phone order from


Jhanak jhanak payal baje , Navrang , Geet gaya pathron ne , Toofan aur deeya , Do ankhe barah hath , Jal bin tarpe machle , Sehra , Boond ban gaye moti -this has an excellent song -hain mane bi payar kiya started off by a little boy and girl playing the flute , watch the girl keep a wary eye on the horse !


A comment about the Krishna/Radha dance , one can see how good Sandhya really is because she does a lot of the very difficult steps with a pitcher of water on her head ! Their timing is exquisite - and the tabla is superb , speeding and slowing down to guide them in the steps . Really a must have DVD .

Put the repeat function on at parts of this dance and also get it to play slowly at times to see just how good it is There must be many more mythological dances and old folks with knowledge of how they were done which can be recreated .

Radha/Krishna dance chapter 5 put the time display on for the disc. A DVD player is worth getting for this song and dance alone !.Superb classical Kathak dance , watch it a 100 times and it gets more entrancing .

There are lots of musical terms to guide the dancers along -ta , tith , tha , jhan nanana etc . The Old man ( O) describes what happens in the dance . Now it would be straightforward to say the words in English and make this dance drama understandable for non South Asians in future Bollywood concerts and it would be interesting to hear comments from Irwin , Richard , Singrah and others about what they think of this song after reading the lyrics here .

Not all the words could be deciphered so if someone knows them please fill in the gaps .

God Krishna arrives and plays his flute which entices Radha into a dance , he grabs her hand and wont let her go ..

O (Old man - Neela's father) explains 

30  Murli manohar Krishan Kanhaiya Jamuna ke tat pe viraje
hain   x2
The pleasure giving flute player Krishan kanhaiya (?) is
visiting ( ? sitting) on the bank of the river Jamuna 

Mor mukat par , kan me kundan , serle me muraliya , muraliya
, muraliya,  baje hain 
His face (on his head) outlined by peacock feather ( like male peacock
with feathers spead dancing in rainy weather) , in his ears
sparkling diamond rings , flute , flute ,flute, is playing 

30.22 Itne me di dikhaye di Radha , Radha , Radha
At that moment was seen ( came into view) Radha

30.37 Panghat per se aye rahi 
From the ? well carrying a pitcher of water on her head she
30.46 ? milay rahi , ( Krishna bumps into her)
30.50 sharmaye rahi , muskhaye rahi , balkhaye rahi
she blushed , smiled , swayed

Idhr bansi me lehr si uthi , Krishan ke mukh se bajne lagi
Meanwhile from the flute came a wave , from Krishna's mouth
it started playing 
31.02 Radha bi jhoom jhoom , aap hi aap se , ?lagi
Radha started swaying , could not control herself , ? 
31.10 ghoongagte kaad liya , bansi ki suron se jhoom gayi
she ? discarded the veil , started swaying with the tunes of
the flute 
31.15 ser pe ghaghriya mohini , mohan ki aur hi jhoom gayee
with her pot on her head , the enchanted girl danced around
the pleasure giver 

31.21 Phir Krishan kanhaiya natkhat ne Radha ka kanhiya
thaam liya 
Then Krishna the naughty one grasped the ?arm of Radha 

31.32 Radha ne pukara  x2 
Radha called out 
hai dai , koi sakhi 
o girls , o my friends
mera hath chuda kar boli hato ji 
?her hand she freed and said -'let go please' 
ab ghaghariya chodo meree
please let go of my pot 

31.43 Kaha Krishan ne 'chup ho varna tod dunga ghaghariya
Krishna said 'Quiet or I will break your pot '

31.49 Radha tab uthi shokhee , kuch bigadi , muskayee bi
Radha then got up ,  annoyed a little ,  scowled   a little ,
smiled a bit  
31.56 phir Krishan se pucha 'kaun ho tim , kya nam hai jee
kya kaam hai jee?'
Then she asked Krishna 'Who are you , what is your name ,
what is your work ( what are you doing here , what do you
want ?

Krishna then sings 
32.00 Hame Gop-Gwala kehte ahin , aur Krishan diya hai naam
I am called Gop Gwala ( ?cowherd who sings) , and Krishan is
the name given to me 
32.30 Koi natwar , Girdhar kahe aur koi kahe ganshaam hame 
Some call me the dancer ( world's supreme dancer) some
Girdhar ( one who holds the Universe on his finger) and some
call me the blue one ( ganshaam -cloudy blue sky) 

Radha sings
Gansham nahin , tum kale ho , tum natkhat nahin matwale ho
Not blue , but black (naughty  intentions) are you , you are
not just naughty but you enchant others 

Chitchor ho , makhan chor nahin x2 ,sukh chaen churane wale 
Heart stealer , not butter stealer ( only) , you steal
(take away ) one's  calm and quiet 

33.10 Radha ne usko haath diya  , aur kanhayia ne uska saath diya
She gave her hand to him and he gave her his company 

33.20 kuch baat hui , kuch gaat hui
some conversations happened , some glances exchanged 
33.29 Itne me sooraj doob gaya , Radha ki payal jaag uthi
Then the sun went down , Radha's anklets woke up ( restless
to go home) 
33.35 dono hi ?jaag - Krishna grabs her and wont let her go 

34.16 Ab rein ? , aur neele gagan per se tare
? now night descended and the skys turned from blue to
Radha ko bula kar ishare se 
?they called Radha with their signals 
Radha ne anchal baand liya 
Radha tied her shawl (ready to go ) 
Murli ko sambala manohar ne 
The flute was steadied ( ?put away) by Manohar ( one who
gives pleasure ) ..
Teaching dance

Just bought an audio cassette of the songs . The DVD via the stereo sounds a lot richer than the cassete , maybe they cleaned it up too much and lost some of the frequencies . Lata is truly magnificient in all the songs .

The touching of the feet of the teacher here illustrates the value given to wisdom of Old folks who can pass a lot of their knowledge of the cultural aspects on to the young , all they ask is just a little respect .

The dialog in this movie is quite good esp the bit where the bad guy is trying to convince Neela and I will post a sample in this thread later . Its quite funny when he discovers them doing a sort of drunken English dance and the way he sneaks on them to inform the old man . Leave you to find out by buying the DVD and seeing for yourself at 37mins. The way she laughs off his remarks in the background reminds me of a scene in Dulhe Raja when Kader Khan is about to meet Govinda at his house and Johnny Lever makes a mean comment . Raveena in the background says 'ek lagaooing !' - 'I will hit you one'.

I find that for my DVDs I have to turn up the color button and the contrast one and turn down the brightness a little bit .

This song is going to have lots of blanks as it is almost pure Sanskrit and somebody like Yashwant should listen to it and correct the mistakes . It starts with a prayer . The only improvement in the movie I can think of is if they had filmed the whole body instead of just the feet when Girdhar is teaching Neela the steps and the seasons are shown changing in the background

Old teacher 
Gurur Brahma , Gurur Vishnu , Gurur devo Maheshwar 
Teacher Brahma , teacher Vishny , teacher God Maheshwar (
Gurur sakshat param Brahma 
? teacher mother nature 
tatsve shri guru namae
?all teachers I greet you and seek your blessing

22.42 Young voice
Spring ?
Rut Vasant aai , rupam , juman , sugand , mandh bhavan amant
, madhukar madhu gunjat 
? Srping season is here , beautiful , ?, sweet smell ,
everything seems so pleasant , bees humming in search of
23.26 Rainy ?
Aai hai  ..? , garjhat garjhat 
Its the rainy season , lightining 
23.43 sham barsat aaio 
24.21 Autumn
patjarh chai chai , dard umang , main gabraon , nan ras ki
pyasi , pyasi x2
leaves are falling , pain , I am afraid , eyes are thirsty
for nectar ?, 
25.52 winter
ab to sajan ghar aajao , more sainya  ?
please come home my lover 
tadap tadap ke , barkha bahar guzri hai 
with great torments the winter season has passed
 jo rut aai hai wo bi bekrar guzri hai
the seasons have gone past without ?

rag milan ke naja , ab to sajan ghar aaja
tunes of love meetings dont go  , please come home lover .
	This song is tough and needs a Sanskrit scholar ..
Naen so naen nahin milao -dont meet your eyes with mine

Anyone who owns a DVD player must get this 60s movie . It is just fantastic ! The songs , music , dancing are exquisite . None of this modern spine dislocating jerking 1,2,3 4, stuff but real melodious flowing in time with the music movements .

Naen se naen nahin milao 
Dont exchange glances 

Dekhat surat awat laj ,sayian 
When you see my face , I blush (get hot) my love

Pyar se pyar aake sajao 
Come and decorate love with love 

madhur milan , kawat aaj , bayian
its sweet meeting today say the arms

Khincho kaman , marro baan 
Pull the bow , fire the arrow (of love) 

Rut hai jawan , oh more pran , ruk kyun gaye ?
Its spring time (time of young) , oh my life ,why are you
hesitating ?
Tumne chori karli kaman 
You have stolen my bow

Kaie marun preet ka baan 
How can I fire the arrow of love ?

Rhim jhim jarno ki dhar
Rhim jhim sing the fountains 

Dil ko lubaye koyal ki pukar
The heart delights in the song of the nightingale 

Jharno ki dhar me tera hi sangeet 
The fountains are singing your l music

Gaye koyal tera hee geet
The nightingale is really singing your song 

Neele gagan pe jhumenge aaj
We willsway under the blue sky today 

Badal ka pyar dekhenge aaj 
We will see the clouds making love 

Badal nayian bijli ki tuhar 
The clouds will send a burst of lightning ?

Hum tum chal diye duniya ke par
We two should go far from the world (secluded place) ..
Another translation by Yashwant

 here is my
translation of this beautiful song.

It is from classic movie "Jhanak Jhanak Payal Baje",
made in 1956.

First the special words:

nain milanaa= meeting of eyes

so= Hindi "se" in Braj dialect

laaj=embarrassment. Women (of honor) are supposed to be
shy, they feel "laaj" when someone looks at them.

saiyyA.n=literally lord (skt: Svaamii). Generally means
husband or lover.

gu_iyA.n=friend. Old word, still used in villages.

bAn=arrows (cupid's)

Song in itrans and translation

nain so nain nAhI.n milAo - 2
dekhat sUrat Avat lAj, saiyyA.n

  Don't look into my eyes,
  When you look at my face, I'm embarrassed, my love.

pyAr se pyAr Ake sajAo - 2
madhur milan gAvat Aj, gu_iyA.n
nain so nain ...

  Decorate love with love.
  Singing sweet songs of being together, my friend.

aa ...
khai.ncho kamAn mAro jI bAN, rut hai javAn o mere prAN

  Pull the bow, shoot the arrow,
  Season is young, my life!

tumane chorI kar lI kamAn, kaise mArU.n prIt kA bAN
gu_iyA.n ...
nain so nain ...

  You have stolen my bow, how can shoot the arrow,
  my friend.

rim jhim jarano.n kii dhaar
dil ko lubhaay koyal  pukaar

  the soft sounds of the fountains,
  The heart delights in the song of the nightingale

jharno ki dhaar me teraa sangiit
gaaye koyal teraa hii giit

  its is your music in the flow of the fountains
  the nightingale is really singing your song

nIle gagan pe jhUme.nge Aj, bAdal kA pyAr dekhe.nge Aj

  We'll swing in the blue sky,
  we'll see the love of the clouds.

bAdal naiyyA hai bijalI patavAr
ham-tum chal de.n duniyA ke pAr, saiyyA.n ...
nain so nain ...

  Boat of love, oars of lightening
  let's go beyond this world.
Shiva/Parvati Dance

I am going to put two translations from Jhanak and one from Lav Kush . The last one is fairly easy but the Jhanak ones are very tough and much help will be needed from Rmimers who know Sanskrit to correct them .

The two dance dramas from Jhanak are a joy - no screeching synthesizers and electronic drums , just the deep rich sounds of tabla and other south asian traditional musical instruments , Anybody who hasnt got a DVD , do get one-they are not even $400 now . and put the display button to ON so you can follow the time signal .

The best acting in this movie is the old man's -just superb facial expressions and his voice marked O explains what happens in the dance .

P=Parvati ( Neela) S- Shiva ( Girdhar) . Lets do the second one first -starts on chapter 18 time 130mins

130 M When Shiva gets mad with humans for being too sinful he starts the dance of death of the Universe . The lesser gods and angels go to his wife Parvati to plead with her to placate Shiva and save the Universe .The actor Girdhar thinks that Neela has betrayed him so he is doubly angry .

132 P Om namov Shiva , shankram , brahman -beautiful Sanskrit prayer , come on Sid and Jai lend a hand to translate here

134 O Shiva starts the dance of death of the Universe in great anger - (Girdhar does a wild fearful dance)

135 O- Pandava sy bhayankar andhi uthi From the ? himalaya a fearsome turbulent storm started due to this dance

Shiv Shankar ki Khoj me nikli hui parvati ko is andhi ne samet liya
This storm engulfed Parvati who had set out in search for Shiv Shankar ( Neela goes round and round )

135 O- Chaand tare toot toot kar girne lage
The moons and stars started breaking and falling

136 Dharti phatne lagi
The earth itself started to tear apart ( Neela in great form)

136.05 Unche unche pahad girne lage
The tallest mountains started to fall ( Neela does a great dance shaking her hands trying to protect her face from the falling mountains )

136 Parvati -( clinging to his feet) Girdhar kya kar rahe ho ? , hosh mein aao , is jaan leva nrityu ko bandh karo Girdhar what are you doing ? come to your senses , stop this life taking dance
136.47 Girdhar -hatjao -let go of me ! -storms off to another fearsome angry dance

136.47 O -Shiva ko shaant karne ke liye Parvati ne vinti bhav ka nritya shuroo kiya
To calm and placate God Shiva his wife Parvati starts the dance to try and please him ( superb)

136.59 Neela- Ghoosa chodo Girdhar
Get rid of this anger Girdhar

137maine jo kuch kiya tumhari klaa ki bhlai ke liye
whatever I did please listen to me , whatever I did , I did to further you in your art

Vishwas karo tumahare bina tumhhari Neela ke dil mein aur koi nahin , na tha , no hoga
Believe me without you your Neela ,in her heart she has no-one else , never did , never will

137.20 tumhari bharat natraj ke padwi ke vaste , maan jao girdhar
Fort the sake of the Natraj trophy ( swear by it , value it ) , please listen to me Girdhar

137.30 O- Shiva shaant hue aure prithvi ka nash karne vala trishul Parvati ke haath sonp diya
Shiv calmed down and handed the earth destroying trishul to Parvati

There follows a pleasure dance all the lesser gods and angels come out to dance and express their happiness
( Some amazing dance sequences of women dancing with lamps on each shoulder , head and hands and not dropping them) Please add your comments ...

Kaisi ye Muhabbat -what is this thing called love? English has so many redundant silent vowels that it is difficult to use an Urdu to English dictionary or vice versa eg mast , shama , mutton when one means sh-ma , m-st , m-t-n etc. What is needed is a Urdu to English with the Urdu words written in Devanagri script . Is there one around ?

Although this movie has many Hindu mythological themes and dances it is good that they did not shy away in those days from using Urdu words like manzoor , mushkil , riaz , shikayat etc. as it lends a flexibility to the vocabulary and makes the movie much more interesting .

One thing very touching is the respect shown to elder teachers by touching their feet as she does at 19.30 and also touching the stage with reverence and then one's forehead as a kind of prayer to Goddess Sarswati the goddess of education at 21.59 minutes into the DVD ( put the time display on ) . Saregama on Zee TV has revived that practice a bit .

The comic scenes of the heroine who is sitting on the floor and trying to slide away from the hero who is showing off his dancing prowess reminds me of an incident in Las Vegas where I was flying about in mid air , pushed up in this chamber by a jet engine blasting air from below , and not sure where I would land on the cushions at the edge of the chamber and this poor 6 year old girl running around the chamber trying to be keep out of the way ! Luckily I managed to land safely .

Kaisi ye mohabbat 
 fill in the ...? marks Nusrat or anyone else with good
knowledge of Urdu 
Kaisi hai yeh mohabbat ?
What is type of thing is this love ( erotic passion ) ?
Kaisi hai yeh mohabbat  ki saza ,  hai di hai kise kise ne ?
What type of thing is this punishment of love, that someone
has given (me) 

Duniya hi meri dil ki ....?  mita di hai kisi ne kisi ne 
He has ...? demolished the world of my heart 

6.02 Rah rahe ke machale , kabi ro ro ke tadpe 
Sometimes it (heart) smiles to itself , sometimes one cries
and cries 
haal ye meri bana di hai kisi ne 
this condition of mine has been caused by someone 

7.05 Dil dhakta hai , dum gut-tha hai 
The heart beats fast , there is heaviness on the chest ( the
breath gets stuck) 
Aahon ke dhuan se 
from the smouldering cloud of my cries from the heart 

koi aisi chuki aag laa di hai kisi ne kisi ne 
somebody quietly  has lighted this fire 

8.19 Parawane ki pershani , jalne ka  nahin sawal 
It is the moth's compulsion , its not the question of
getting burnt 
ik  shama ?  thi wo bhi buja di kisi ne kisine 
there was one ..? and even that has been blown out by
someone ..
Sainya jao-Go way lover

Like all DVDs one has to turn the color button up , the contrast up and the brightness down a bit to get the best picture .

Have a look at the beautiful piece of furniture where the hero is eating - and she sits at his feet , quite romantic . Thats the kind of Indian designed furniture one expects in a Bollywood movie and not the modernist glass and steel junk .

The following is sung in a teasing romantic style

47.40	Sainya jao jao , mose na bolo , ab na mohe satao 
	Lover go away , go , dont talk to me , dont torment me now 

48.11 Phool si moree chodo kalai 
Let go of my flower like saree bit 

chedo na mujko , more harjai
dont tease me , my hearthrob

preet ki ?.. baitya chodo ji , chodo hato 
talks of love stop them , stop immediately 

49. Sooraj din ka , raat ke chand
Sun in the daytime , nightime moon

dalo na mo pe kirno ka phanda 
dont ensnare me in the web of rays 

jhoomat , ghoomat more dware bi na aao 
dont swing and dance , dont even come to my door 
As Jinnah sahib has pointed out misunderstandings can rise. Its not ch the sound pronounce with the tip of the tongue touching the palate but the next letter in the alphabet ch,chh ,j , jh

ie chh where the next one third of the tongue touches it ie chhodo - ( let go immediately )

Only when English accepts the Shaw legacy and adopts a phonetic script like Devanagri will these misunderstandings stop and anyone who wants to master these songs must learn the Devanagri or Urdu scripts and there are web sites like and other which teach them and one can learn in a day ..

In the Radha/Krishna song the dancers who are falling in love make some mistakes for eg when Radha takes too long to detach Krishna's hands from her arm , when Krishna forgets to do the final three movements .etc. It makes the dance even more interesting . The next is a Shiva/Parvati one .

This song doesnt have as good a picturization as the others The leopard skin tribal outfit that Sandhya wears is a bit too dark and the dark boot polish paint on her face makes her look like a pootni . Madhuri in contrast made a superbly attired tribal girl in Khalnayak and that song had a more authentic African beat , the original African people of India before the Dravidians arrived from the Mediterranean area and later the Aryans from Ukraine ..

Based on the time God Shiva went off in a huff to the Jungle and his wife comes after him trying to get him to come back to the Himalayas . She is dressed as a tribal girl. All these myths provide endless oppurtunities for these dance drams and let the dancers get away with some moves that might be considered too erotic if they didnt have divine sanction..

77 Ho suno , sunoji , mere rasiya , man basiya 
Oh listen , listen , my sweet thing , one who has embedded
himself in my heart 

kuch kuch tum se bole akhiyan 
my eyes are trying to talk to you  

Dekho dekho 
77.59 jhum jhum  veena bole  tara tum tum 
The veena goes in a trance and sounds tara tum tum 

78 kat-ti nahin ratiya , tum se kuch bole akhiyan 
the nights wont end ( without you) , the eyes are trying to
talk to you

khol khol re man ki khiwadiya 
open the windows ( ?doors) of your heart 

mere maen , mere ghaen 
my eyes , my make up 

Hath jod ke aai banjariya
with pleading clasped hands comes this tribal woman

mere tan , mere man , mere man , mere tan 
my body , my heart , my heart , my body 
vinti karun chhaliya, oh rasiya
I plead with you , deciever , my sweet 

79 jhoot mhoot laaj ko chhodo 
give up this false pride
mere raj , mere pyar,mere pyar , mere raj 
my king , my love , my love , my king 

payar ki dor na todo 
dont break the string of love 
mere more , mere chor , mer chor ,ere mor
my peacock , my thief (heart stealer) , my thief , my

jan gayi baitya , o rasiya 
I have come to know your words ( meanings of eyes) , my
sweet ..
This may be the last translatable song from this movie as the other two are pure Sanskrit and I havent learnt it yet .

As in HDDCS the music teacher tells the girl to leave the hero as he thinks she has made him fall in love with her and will distract him from winning the prize and becoming a music maharaj . He tells her to be cruel to him and she is deeply unhappy about it and sings this song before she meets her love .

. I think she is blaming her heart and asking it what to do and the heart answers with a male voice ..

93mins - mere ae dil bata -Oh my heart tell me

pyar tune kiya , pai maene saza 
you are the won who loved , I am the one being punished

94mins -Tu khushi ke  samundar se khela  , #'.. de kar mujhe
tune dokha diya 
you played with the oceans of happiness , but you .. gave me
?.. and deceived me 
94.30 tuje moti mile , mujko ansoo mile 
you got pearls (of happiness) , I got tears of sorrow 
kya krun-what shall I do ?

97.12 tu pagal raha pyar ke raag mein  
you stayed mad in the tune of love  

tune dala mujhe dard ki aag me 
you have thurst me into the fire of pain 

teri kismat khuli , meri duniya jali 
you struck lucky , my world has become burnt (ash)

The heart answers 
Vrindhavan ko chali Ram ke sath me 
She went to Vrindhavan ( ? wasnt that Krishna's forest) with
sukh ko thukra diya 
she spurned comforts 
tyag ke kanto pe hanste chali , ye Jhanak ki Sita 
on the thorns of rejection (of comforts) she walked , Sita
this daughter of King Jhanak 

Maharni Meera ne jogan ban ke mehlon ka tyag kiya
Queen Meera became a nun (singing minstrel) leaving behind
her palaces 
leh ik tara chali dhoondne man mohan ka pata
she had one star (goal ) in her mind , to find the one who
had captured her heart (Krishna ). 
	Neela then listens to her heart and leaves her home to
become a nun -singing minstrel , and the story continues 

	If anybody is reading all this stuff please say so in the
thread if you find it useful ..
These are the final two songs . Will put them in one thread once they are all corrected .

Some of the Sanskirt words are difficult to hear and maybe if somebody like Yashwant put the lyrics on , I could do the proper translation

Neela has left her home and become a singing nun . She cant get Girhdhar out of her mind and sings this song - it also mirrors Queen Meera leaving home in search for Krishna

109.38 Krishna jo tim todo piya , main nahin todu re
Krishna if you break with me , I wont break with you 

toree preet todi Krishna , kaun sang jodu ?
If I break with you , who will I join with ?
110 jo tum..rpt
  Tum bhaye taruvar (?) , main bhai phankiyan
If you are like a ? , I am like ? swan 
tum bhaye sarovar , main bhaye machiya
if you are like a ?pond , I am like a fish

tum bhaye giruvar (?) ,main bhaye tara
if you are like Universe ? , I am like a star

tum bhaye chanda , ,main bhaye chakora
if you are like the moon, I am like a ?bird

111 Tum bhaye motee ., main bhaye daaga 
If you are like pearls , I am like a string 

tum bhaye sona , main bhaye suhagan
If you are like gold , I am like a bride

Pai(?)   Meera ke Prabhuji , brij ke dasi , su he gopapala
Lord of Meera , ?? of Brij , listen Gopala
tum mere thakur , main teri dasi
you are like my Lord , I am your servant girl

112 Girhdar ho !
Neela calls out to Girdhar

Vishwamitra a warrior who desperately wants to become a
Brahmin ( why ? all the Gods are warriors) does prayers for
many years and the Gods send down a beautiful apsara
-dancing girl at the heavenly court -to tempt him and ruin
his prayers .
Couldnt hear most of the words as the song is quite fast so
this is probably all incorrect .
86.20 mukhat navrat rang dang lai 
with colorful make up on her face
dekhat rahat katakshat ang lag
chamak dhamak teri bangh karat
?all this sparkle is destroying your concentration

mukh mod mukh mod
turn around and look , turn around and look 
Apart from corrections this will probably be the final post in this thread . To show how good the Urdu dialog really is in these movies I will post an excerpt starting at 73.56 mins -the confrontation between Neela -F and her benefactor -M who comes asking for a return for his favours of money and compare this with the translation given on the DVD. My advice to these subtitlers is KEEP IT LITERAL as below -it makes the movie a lot more interesting .
Male .
73.56 I dont want anything to hurt my love for you 
F -When did I accept your love ? ( tumahari Muhabbat maine
kabool hi  kab ki thi ?)
74.20 M- Even if you didnt accept my love , you accepted my
favours ( of money), you owe these debts to me ( Muhabbat
nahin meherbania to kabool ki thi , mere ahsaan tum par ) 
74.37 F- Yes , but I thought you were a gentleman , but you
have fallen from your nobleness ( tum apni sharafat se gir
gaye ho)
M- I dont want to say a gentleman , in case honor blames me
for being a coward ( sharafat muje buzdil kehne lage )
F-You became a coward the day you started to spit poison and
filled his fathers ears with hate ( jis din tum zahar uglne
lage aur uske kano me bar di).
75.03M - I agree with you . those who love have to bow their
heads before beauty( muhabbat karne walon ko husain ke aage
sar jukhana padta hai) - and makes a grab for her 
F- detaching herself -Let go of me ,Satan
M- Maybe I have become Satan , woman has this power to make
any human male into a Shaitan . I will be available if you
need me ..