With a DVD rom in the computer it is much easier to do these translations as one can pause type the words and then resume again This song danced by Urmilla in mechanics overall at a film shooting is the one which goads the hero to pluck up courage to talk to her and should have been translated .. The following liness are repeated a few times jo me sharmati hoon wo bi sharmati hai jo meh gabrati hoon wo bi gabrata hai kya krun asi hai ey uljan , sajni jaisa mera sajan Rama krishna govinda gopala Oh Gods Rama , Krishna , Govinda , Gopala (names of Krishna) Meri life me yeh kaisa gotala What kind of disturbance is this in my life ? Wo mujpe marta hai , kehme se darta hai He dies for me (mad for me) , but is scared to say it me bi kaise keh doon , rani me raja tu how can I tell him , I am the queen you are the king sapne me kehna hai keh daloon in my dreams i tell him par samne aae to na keh paoon but when he comes near i cant do it in real life jo me sharmati hoon wo bi sharmat hai jo meh gabrati hoon wo bi gabrata hai if i am shy he is bashful too , if i am scared he is scared too kya krun asi hai ey uljan , sajni jaisa mera sajan what can i do ? , its that kind of quandry hoton pai ate hi bate ruk jati hain the words come to the lips and then get stuck betab ki bate hi har roz hoti hain only trivial talks we indulge in every day wo buddhu hai kam se kam keh dale he is a dunce , at least he could say tere liye kudiye ham bi hain dilwale for you girl , i too am a desirer chitti jo likhti hoon , me khud hi padti hoon when i write a letter , i read it myself har aine se main i love you kahti hun in every mirror i end up saying i love you to myself asa na ho jaye ke men pagal ho jayoon i hope it doesnt come to pass that i go mad samje na wo anari men kaise samajaoon ? that dunce doesnt understand , how can i make him ?