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Although this well mastered DVD by Media Digital doesnt have any subtitles , its still worth renting from or as I think the songs and choregoraphy are outstanding , and the songs are the ones watches again and again and it really is Tabu's best film .

The following is a typical Bollywood film song where one of the partners is reluctant but by the end of the song the two have admitted it . Would be interesting to hear from Irwin and Adrian and non South Asians what they think of the music in this song as it is very traditional Indian ..

Kore kagaz

Female ( Tabu -the princess wooing a commoner who doesnt know she is a princess) 82.55 Kore kagaz pe likhwale , neeche ( lifting her skirt suggestively) dastkhat karwale. x2 Sign a blank piece of paper , below (lifting her skirt) get my signature Anghoota lagwale ( putting her thumbprint on the back of his head) , maine pyar kiya , ye dil tujhe diya Get my thumbprint , I love you , have given my heart to you 83.28-48 rpts and molests him 84.00 aaj se apni choonri par naam tera likh deti hoon from today I will write your name on my scarf apni beech ki ungli ka naap tuje de deti hoon will give you the measurments of my middle finger 84.30 jaldi anghoothi banwale , meri ungli pe pehna de -rpt get a ring made quickly , put it on my finger male spurns her and she goes away hurt Male runs after her Male: 85.12 maine ye ikraar kiya . apne rab ke samne I have acknowledged , in front of my god jo tu bole , bol du sabke samne if you ask , I will say it to all muj se sau wade karwale , muj se sau kasme khilale you can get me to promise it 100 times , take the vow 100 times anghootha lagwale , maine pyar kiya , ye dil tuje diya get my thumbprint , i am in love , given you my heart 86.20 pyar karenge hum , lekin duniya ke dastur se we will love , but according to the customs of the world female : bar de meri maang piya , chootki bar sindoor se put the red color in my forehead parting ( sign of marriage) male : chaar gawah bulwale call four eye witnesses female :call four eyewitness go off arm in arm..

Pinjre ko tod This the first song on the DVD is one of my all time favourites . The music is fantastic , every instrument is clearly heard while the others play softly in the background , the lyrics are audible and the picturization in Switzerland superb ,

Tabu has tinged her hair a brownish color to match her long cream colored dress with brown designs carved on it and looks the most fetching I have ever seen any Bollywood actress look .

Another good feature of this DVD is that the chapter stops are only on the songs so one can skip to the next one without going through the song menu . Also one can repeat the song merely by hitting the back chapter button and this is the main advantage of DVD over VHS which takes many minutes of rewinding . Hitting the back chapter button rapidly twice will take you to the previous song . from 12min 26 to 17min 30 on the DVD

The princess has just escaped from the palace where her bad uncle had kept her unaware of what was happening in the world and wakes up on a bench in some park

13.10 Thandi hawa soon , kali ghata soon Cool breeze listen , black clouds listen x2 kisise na kehna , pinjre ko tod kar ud gayi maena dont tell anyone , breaking her cage , the canary has escapedx2 14.14 Bachpan gaya , kab aai jawanee childhood went , when did youth come mujko kasam mein ye bi na janee I swear I didnt even know that x2 14.36 kitne baras beete yun bas how many years have gone by like this ankhon mein nindiya , na dil mein chaenaa sleep in the eyes , my heart is restless pinjre ko.. 15.21 haran ki yeh gadi hai (wide eyed) its the time of astonishment jane ye duniya kitni badio hai ? who knows how big this world is ? Toba meri , mein dar gayi shocked I am , I became afraid gabra ke maine meech liye naina scared I closed my eyes ( to the world) 16.30 on the rail lines age raste mein hun akeli , banja pawan tu meri saheli in the road ahead , I am alone , breeze become my friend lamba safar , lagta hai dar tu saath mere rehna long journey , I am afraid , stay with me .

Sawan ka mahina

Rishi has thrown out the princess who had moved into his house and she gets soaked in the rain on the street outside and then he feels sorry for her and this chorus rain dance follows . Tabu is one of those rare Bollywood actresses who looks really good in jeans. Choreography by Tharun Kumar is outstanding ..

46.05 Female : Sawan mahina lagi hai jadhi , chhat hai na chhatrim mushkil badi Month of monsoon and it is pouring , neither a roof nor an umbrella we have , it is difficult x2 Male: Kab se hai tu mere peechhe padi , ladki hai tu ya hathkadi ? You have been after me for ages , are you a girl or a handcuff ? rpt Female: Achha lage , pyara lage , sare zamane se nyara lage Like you , love you , think you are more beautiful than anything in this world Male : Barish, andhera , do ajnabi , kase hasin ye nazara lage Rain , darkness , two strangers , what a beautiful sight it is ! Female Aese mei bolo maen jaoon khan ? bigoo akeli sadak pe khadi Tell me where can I go alone ( in this weather) ? , I get wet standing alone on the street . Aaai kahan se , jaana khan , mera tere bin thikhana khaan ? Where have I come from ? , where do I go ? Without (apart from ) you what destination do I have ? Male : ankhen khaan , nishaana khaana ? (accusing) your eyes are somewhere , and your target somewhere else Female : Tere sa hoga deewana khaan ? Where will be another madman like you ? Jab se milin hun tu goose mein hai Since I met you , you have been angry hansen ke baaten to kar do ghadi at least laugh and talk some pleasanteries for a few minutes rpt..

Sari baten by chance

This song is in a restaurant . The girl singer comes and takes away Rishi Kapoor to sing with her . The message is aimed at his girl friend sitting on a table

68.12 Male: Sari bate hoti hain by chance , mulakatein hoti hein by chance All things happen by chance , meetings happen by chance Female : Dil jis ka naam le , tu usko tham le The name which the heart calls out , grab that person Male : Muh se na bol kuchh , ankhon se kam le Dont speak with your mouth , make use of your eyes 69.58 Female :Eh dost pyaasa hai kyun dil tera Friend why is your heart so thirsty ? Chaai hai zulfo ki ghata The hair has been let down for you Sar pe ilzaam ( ? ) le , haatho pe jaam le Take the blame (?) on your head , grab (me) with your hands 71.53 girlfriend joins him Hum milen hain mile hain kis liye ? We have met , and for what ? Male: Milna ta hum , mile is liye We were fated to meet , thats why we met mera payaam le - take my hand (?) Female:mera salam le Take my greeting.

The music by Uttam Singh in the two songs already done - Pinjre se , and anghoota lagawale , is really beautiful and melodius because I think he hasnt used any electronic synthesizers and one can hear the pure Indian instruments . It may however sound strange to Western ears so Adrian and Irwin's and others views would be interesting . The final two songs are below . It shows the versatility of Tabu that she can play a glamor princess in this movie and a village woman who likes to put strong smelling Neem oil on her head with equal conviction . Mere Saath chalega - repeating verses ommitted The commoner and the princess have broken up and then he dreams this song

99.10 on the DVD Female : Muje pyar karega ? M: Haan Will you love me ? M : yes F: Mere saath chalega ? M:Khaan ? Will you walk (go ) with me ? M: where ? F: Whaan jhaan mein rehti hun , mein usko janat kehti hoon (indicating her palace) There where I live , I call it paradise M muje pyar karegi , mere sath chalegi -rpt whaan jhaan mein rehta hun , mein usko duniya kehta hun Will you love me , go with me , there where I call it world ( indicates his town streets) F: turns up her nose 110.38 F: Mein bilkul akeli hun , bas gudiyon se kheli hun I am all alone , have only played with dolls smaja na jisko koi , main wo paheli hoon nobody understood me , I am that kind of puzzle (mystery) M : sab kuchh hai tere paas , phir bi hai dil me pyaas You have everything , yet your heart is thirsty (lonesome) Tu meri deewani hai , ye sach hai ke khaani hai You are mad for me ! , is it true or is it a fairy tale ? Mein galiyon ka rahee hun tu mehlon ki rani hai I am a wanderer of the streets , you are queen of the palace Female -mere sar pe rakh de haath . main puchho ik bat ? muje pyar.. Put your hand on my head ( to swear by my life) , can I ask you one thing ? do you love me ? Duniya mein hai gam hi gam , janat mein rahene hum The world is full of sorrow after sorrow , we will live in paradise M: tut gya ye sapna to ? What if this dream breaks ? F: ye spana nahin janam , tu chhuke mujhe dekho , hum do ho gaye ek This is not a dream , lover , touch me and see , we two have become one Male : Will you love me and live in the world Female shakes her head , says no , and goes back to her castle This next is the final song Oh janum

118.30 F:Oh janum Ase aashiq kahan milenge , jaise main aur tum ? Oh companion , where will one ever find lovers like you or me ? Male:nowhere F:Hoton pe shikayat hai , ankhon me sharart hai , is pyaar mein dono ki kaisi halat hai , maine tum par , tune muj par kar diya kasia jadoo On the lips are complaints , in the eyes is mischief , in this love , we are in a right state, I have on you , and you have on me , done what kind of trance (magic) ? mana ik duje se hum dono ruth gaye agreed we had a quarrel (tiff) logo ne ye samja yarana toot gaya people thought our friendship (relationship) had broken up M: rpt F: phool se blaa juda ho sakti hai kushbo ? Can a flower separate from its fragrance ? 122 M:Dil jhuum uthta mera , tumko dekho tu My heart starts to sing when it sees you F: kitne dino baad jab dekhun tumhe when I see you after a long time mare khusho ke aajate meri ankhon me ansoo in my eyes , well up the tears of happiness..