Ukindia Film Raja Hindustani

Its a pity Alisha Chinoy has stopped doing the naughty filmi songs . The one she sang in this one is really good . This movie was the top hit of 97 - mainly because of the very good songs . 2 translated below rest over the week Please correct the Urdu if its wrong
	Aamir's love -rich girl Karishma is preparing to travel back
to Bombay on her father's instructions . This song is at
waystation .
Pardesi dont go 
f1:mein yeh nahin kehti ke pyar mat karna 
kisi musafir ka ,magar atbar mat karna
I wont tell you not to fall in love 
with a traveller but dont trust him either 

f2: pardesi pardesi jana nahin muje chhod ke 
foreigner , foreigner dont go and leave me 

pardesi mere yara , vada nibhana 
foreigner my friend , keep your promise

muje yaad rakhna kahin bhool na jana 
remember me always , dont forget me 

f:mene tum ko chaha tumse pyar kiya
i wanted you , i fell in love with you

sub kuch tum pe yar apna var diya 
bestowed on  you my friend everything that i had -rpt

ban gayi jogan ,  mene preet ka jog liya
became a female minstrel (singer) started singing the
devotee songs of love

na soch na samja , dil ka rog liya 
didnt think didnt understand , took on the illness of heart 

m:pardesi mere yaara laut ke ana 
foreigner my friend , please return 
tum yaad rakhna , bhoolna nahin 
you remember me , dont forget me 

f:dont forget me 

m:har pal meri yaad tumhe tarpayegi 
every moment thoughts of me will torment you 

mein jagoonga  neend tumhe na ayega 
when i  stay awake and you wont be able to go to sleep -rpt

chhod ke aise haal me jo tum jaoge
leave me in this state if you go away 
sach ketha hun jaan bahut pachtaoga
i am telling the truth you will regret it a lot 

f:pardesi mere yara , mujhe na rulana 
foreigner my friend , dont make me cry  (give me grief)  
tum yaad rakhna bhoolna nahin 
remember me , dont forget me 

song 2 
Pucho  zara pucho 
Karishma pretends to faint and then comes round with
everyone concerned to sing this nice peppy song while 
Aamir (Raja) is walks away from her at being fooled 

pucho zara pucho mujhe kya hua hai 
ask , go on , ask me what has happened to me 

kaisi bekrari hai , kesa nasha hai 
what kind of restlessnes is this , what kind of intoxication

rajaji tumse dil lagana ke saza hai
rajaji its a punishment for joining hearts with you (falling
in love ) -rpt x2

rutha hai kyun raja , kyun muj se khfaa hai 
why is raja upset  , why is he angry  with me ?

kaisi berukhi hai ? , mere dil ko  pata hai 
what kind of stand offishness is this ? ,my heart  knows why
tumse dil lagane ki saza hai 
its a punishment for joining hearts with you

kante hon ya kaliyan hon  , bas mehbbob ki galiyan hon
thorns there may be , petals there may be , it doesnt matter
if it is the streets of my love  

saath tumhare chalnea , ishq ki aag me jalna hai 
i want to walk with you , burn in the fire of love 

cheer ke dekho dil mera , is dil ka hai naam tera 
slice through my heart and see ,  this heart is named after

dewwangi kya cheez hai , bas deewano ko hai pata 
what is the madness of love , only the madly in love know 
m: chhod ko tumko kidar jayen , hum to tere bin mar jaen 
leaving you where can I (we) go ? , without you i will die 

jee karta  kucch kar jayen , pyar me had se guzar jayen 
 feel that i must do something before leaving (this world)
, in love exceed the limits 

hum wo nahin jo dar jaen , wada kar ke mukar jayen 
we (I) am not that who would be afraid , make a promise and
then deny it 

is pyaar ka , takrar ka , chahat ka,  hai apna maza
this love , this confrontation , this desire,  has its own

A quick way to do these translations and post them on Rmim
if one has the CD is to play it on your computer and open
your free agent at the same time and then Alt Tab between
the two , pausing as needed . Lets have more translations of
non filmi songs as well -Jhoole Lal etc . and some of
Musarat Majid's -a favourite singer of mine .
2 more songs from RH
Aye ho meri zindagi - translated before 

Kitna pyara tuje rab ne banaya- How lovely has God made you

m:Jee kare dekhta rahun   f:kya ?
m: I want to keep  looking at it        f: what ?

m: Kitna pyar tuje rab ne banaya , jee kare dekhta rahun 
Oh kitna sona tuje rab ne banaya , jee kare dekhtan rahun
How lovely has God made you , feel like  keep looking at you

How beautiful  (golden) has God made you ! , feel ..

f:tu hai pagal , tu hai joker , tu hai dilbar jani
you are (act) mad , you are a clown , you are the one my
heart likes ,my life 

sabse pyara mera yara , raja hindustani 
the most loveable friend , Raja Hindustani (Amir's name in
the movie) 

m: ambar se ayee hai , pareeyon ki rani ,dekh jise hoti hai
sab ko haraini 
from ambar ( ?heaven) she has come , the queen of fairies,
seeing her , everyone is astonished -rpt 

sundar sa mukhda hai  , phoolon ke jaisa 
beautiful is her face , like flowers 
hoga na duniya mein koi aisa 
there cant be another like that in the whole wide world 

f: kitna seeda , kitna sacha , mera raja , kitna achaa
how simple , how truthful , my Raja , how good hearted 
muj ko to achi lagti hai teri har nadani ,
i love all your antics ( tomfoolery) 
sabse pyara mera yara , Raja Hindustani 
most loveable of all , my friend , RH

m:koyal ke jaisi hai teri ye bolee , murat ke jaisi hai
surat ye bolee 
nightingale like is your voice ,  model  statue like is your
innocent face -rpt 
bagon mein jao na dil mera gabaraye , paron mein kante hai
na chub jaye 
dont go in the garden , I get afraid , that some thorn
(kante)  might prick your foot 

f: mein deewani ho na jaoon , teri baaton mein kho na jaon
hope i dont go mad (big headed) , getting lost in your
(sweet) talks 
udta badal , behta pani , bole rut mastani 
flying cloud , flowing water , says this enchanted
enviornment -rpt 
sabse pyara - loveable above all is my RH 

f: pardesi jana nahin , mujhe chhod ke , munh moda ke 

mere dil mein yuhn he rehna pyar ban ke .
This is my favourite song from RH . Amir Khan gets a new
suit as a birthday present and a party from his rich wife
Karishma . Her step mother - the very beautiful Archana
Puran Singh has in fact tricked Karishma into giving him her
brother's second hand suit . When Amir Khan gets to know
that it is a discarded suit he thinks Karishma has
deliberately slighted him , gets very angry and sings this
song after getting drunk , taunting Karishma..
	A lot of the verses only make sense when seen on the DVD
along with the translation -repeating verses omitted ..
Tere Ishq me nachenge - I am going to dance ( mocking) in
your love 

f chorus oof kya raat aye  hai , muhabat rang lai hai 
oh what a night has come round , love has colored it 
dum dum duba duba duba 

f2: rpt - ham jashm manayenge , sagar chalkayenge 
we will have a party , drop sagar (ocean , alcohol) around

na hosh mein ayenge . tere ishq me nachenge x4
wont come to our senses  (wont behave properly), we will
dance (mocking) your romance 

joomengge gayenge , hum dhol bajayenge , tere ishq mein..
sway and sing , we will beat the drums , dance mocking your

m: rpt 
tune tarpaya hai , tujko tarpayenge
you have tormented (me ,us) , we (I) will torment you 

f dancer :  gaalon ki lali hai tere liye , hoton ki pyali
hai tere liye 
the cheeks have been reddend (with powder) for you , the
lips have been pyali ( the drink on my lips  ) for you 

dil chahihe , dilruba chahiye , itna bata tuje kya chahiye 
do you want a heart , or a desirer , tell us what you want 

ye husan ki jagire hum  tujpe lutayenge , tuje dil mein
basayenge , tere ishq mein nachenge 
these realms of youth we will waste on you , we will keep
you  in our heart , we will dance in your love 

m: teri tijori ka sona nahin , dil hai humara khilona nahin
its not  gold (item) of your treasure box , its my heart not
a play toy 
kaise khirodege tum pyar mein ,bikte nahin dil ye bazaar
how will you buy love , hearts are not sold in the market 

wo cheez nahin hain hum jo yun bik jayenge , hum to
we are not things that can be bought (or sold) , we will
clash with you (confront you) 

f(step mother to Amir )
eh ! khaan se ayaa hai tun , humko lagta paraya hain tun 
hey ! where have you come from? , I think you dont belong
here ! ( you are a stranger) 

m:apno ki mehfil begane hum , sab ki asliyat ko pehchcane
in my own surrounding (party ) I am shunned ( stranger) , I
know the truth (true face) of everyone now 

pathar ki murat se takragaye , achha hua hosh mein aagaye
stumbled into a stone statue ( cold hearted wife) , its good
I have come to my senses 

aukat kisi ki kya , hum sab ko batayenge , ab na sharmayenge
, tere ishq me nachenge 
what is the background ( character) of someone (me, all ) ,
we (I) will tell everyone , now I wont feel ashamed , will
dance mocking your love .

Aye ho meri zindagi me tum bahar ban ke-3
you have come in my life , like spring

Mere dil me yoon hi rehna , hai ,tum pyar pyar ban ke
stay in my heart like this forever , oh , becoming(permanent) love , love Ankhon men tum base ho sapne hazar ban ke
you are now resident in my eyes , fulfilment of a thousand dreams

mere dil me yuhn hi rehna tum pyar pyar ban ke
stay in my heart ..

mere sathi mere sajan , mere sath yuon hi chalna -2
my companion , my love , walk (accompany) with me like this (forever)

badlega rang zamana par tum nahin badlana
even if the whole world turns (away from me) , dont change

meri mang yoon hi barna,tare hazar ban ke -2
fill the mang ( the dye in the hair to signify a married woman) becoming like a thousand stars

mere dil

agar mein jo ruth jaoon to tum muje manana
if I get in a huff ( ruth -sulk, aggreved ) , then come and cheer me up (make up with me)

thama hai hath mera , phir umar bar manana
now that you have held my hand , stay with me for life

muje chod ke najana vade hazar karke-2
dont leave me , after making a thousand promises ( vade)


Aye ho meri zindagi me tum bahar ban ke-3
you have come in my life , like spring

Mere dil me yoon hi rehna , hai ,tum pyar pyar ban ke
stay in my heart like this forever , becoming(permanent) love , love

Ankhon men tum base ho sapne hazar ban ke you are resident in my eyes , fulfilment of a thousand dreams
mere dil me yuhn hi rehna tum pyar pyar ban ke stay in..

Googhat me har kali thi , rango me na dali thi -2
The flower buds were still in veil , they hadnt blossomed yet

na shokh thi hawain , na khusboo manchali
the winds were not pleasant , the fragrance didnt endear

aaya hai ke ab ka mausam kaisa khumar banke-2
now the season has become intoxicating (khumar) mere dil ..

man ka nagar tha khali , sookhi padi thi dalee
the city of the heart was empty , the branches were dry

holi ke rang phike , benoor thi diwali
the colors of the holy festival seemed faded, the diwali festival seemed without beauty

rimjim baras pade ho tum to pukhar ban ke
like a firecracker (sparkler) you have burst on the scene

mere dil


Mo: This is a very nice old song , so let me try a translation. There is an excellent quality DVD out of Khandan from Sunil Dutt has been paralyzed in one arm and leg in an electric shock and doesnt think any woman would marry him but Nutan who falls in love with him sings this song to him


The song can be found in the ITRANS Song Book at
In any case, here are the lyrics:

tumhii.n mere ma.ndir, tumhii.n merii puujaa, tumhii.n devataa ho
you are my temple , you are my prayers , you are my diety( saint)

koii merii aa.Nkho.n se dekhe to samajhe, ki tum mere kyaa ho
If somebody could see you with my eyes , they would realize what you mean to me ( what you are for me)

tumhii.n mere ma.ndir, tumhii.n merii puujaa, tumhii.n devataa ho

jidhar dekhatii huu.N udhar tum hii tum ho
wherever I look , I only see you

na jaane magar kin Khayaalo.n me.n gum ho
but I dont know what kind of thoughts you are lost in

mujhe dekh kar tum zaraa muskuraa do
look at me and give me a smile

nahii.n to mai.n samajhuu.Ngii, mujhase Khafaa ho
if you dont , I will think you are upset with me

tumhii.n mere ma.ndir, tumhii.n merii puujaa, tumhii.n devataa ho

tumhii.n mere maathe kii bi.ndiyaa kii jhil-mil
you are the shine of the bindi on my forehead

tumhii.n mere haatho.n ke gajaro.n kii ma.nzil
you are the destination of the gajaro(?lines of fate) ) of my hands

mai.n huu.N ek chhoTii-sii maaTii kii gu.Diyaa
I am like a small earthen doll

tumhii.n praaN mere, tumhii.n aatmaa ho
you are my life (put life into it) you are my soul

tumhii.n mere ma.ndir, tumhii.n merii puujaa, tumhii.n devataa ho

bahut raat biitii chalo mai.n sulaa duu.N
a lot of the night has gone , let me (sing) you to sleep

pavan chhe.De sargam mai.n lorii sunaa duu.N
the wind is making a tune , let me sing a night song(lorii- that causes sleep )

tumhe.n dekhakar yah Khayaal aa rahaa hai
looking at you the thought comes to my mind

ki jaise farishtaa koii so rahaa hai
that (you are) its like a sleeping angel

tumhii.n mere ma.ndir, tumhii.n merii puujaa, tumhii.n devataa ho

Hope that helps.. Nita
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