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Today: Is it worth waiting for a fall in UK car prices?

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Importing a new car from Europe: A DIY Guide

.....or PIE (as easy as) - Personal Imports from Europe

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2500 Saving!  (Our Ka ...Quayside at Zeebrugge docks....ready to take her back to the UK)



Welcome to the web's ONLY non-commercial import site...

You probably know that the UK is one of Europe's most expensive places to buy a new car and are thinking of doing it yourself. You may be a bit apprehensive about the process - where do you start, how do you pay, how do you get the best deal, how do you avoid the pitfalls?

This Guide..... written from our importing experience and that of the hundreds who have mailed me their own experiences. After going through the site, we hope you'll be able to:

  • Find the car or (commercial) you want
  • Order the vehicle and options in UK specification
  • Pay for your new car in foreign currency - safely and conveniently
  • Save up to 50% on UK list prices
  • Get the car home and road-legal without fuss
  • Answer all your questions (if it doesn't, mail memailbox.gif (1062 bytes) & I'll try to answer them personally)




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