Please consult your local centre first .

European resucitation guideline site


The Guidelines have changed recently . In an adult the most common cause of collapse and cold pallor is a heart attack and stoppage of the heart and its necessary to give an electric shock -defibrillation - as soon as possible.

1. Move the P off the street to a safe place .

2. Lie him on his back and shout to him 'are you OK ?'

Assuming answers to following are negative do the following sitting at the P's right side

3. Tilt forhead back , put finger of r hand under the jaw angle and lift it to lift the tongue clear and allow air into the windpipe .Remove any foreign body .

4. Listen at the Ps mouth for 10 secs to see if any breathing .

5. Shout for someone to get a defibrillator and call for an ambulance

6 Breathe slowly times two into the Ps mouth using handkerchief closing the nose with the left thumb and index finger , make sure the chest of the P rises .

7 Put right hand palm down on Ps breast bone one inch above where it ends below , with fingers pointing to the Ps head .

8 With the other hand grasp the wrist of the right hand

9 Straighten elbows , lean over patient , push hand down two to three inches . Do one compression at just over one a second -1000 or so per minute . The aim is to encouage blood flow to the brain .Do 15 then give two breaths. If two people are doing it give 5 compression then 1 ventilation each .

10 Put on gel pads on the Ps chest , stand clear deliver 200 joules , wait few seconds to see if pulse and color returned , deliver another 200 then another 360 .

11 Automatic defibirllators costing about $4000 will analyze the heart and give 150 joule shocks in bursts of three. Their lithium batteries last three years and cannot be recharged .

12. If available use a laryngeal mask which blocks off the gullet and give oxygen .

13 Consider oxygen , ecg ,adrenaline injection , narcan , glucose , cardiac aspiration , atropine .


Usually stop breathing because of food blockage . Turn upside down and thump on chest . Use two fingers for compression and at a faster rate than 100 , Give one ventilation for every 5 compressions . Do not tilt head back further than level position .