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Smoking is the biggest single cause of preventable deaths in the developed world . It cuts enzyme MAOB levels in the brain and activates dopamine in the limbic system , the emotional center of the brain , and smokers soon crave this high .

Zyban ( Bupropion )

This compound , also an antidepressant , triples the quit rate of smokers from 8 to 20% a year in trials . It is taken after counselling , 150mg once a day for three days and then twice a day for six weeks . Start one week before the quit date and if not effective after seven weeks stop . The NHS will pay for only one trial per patient .

Dry mouth is common and in 1 out of 1000 users it may cause a fit .

Nicotine replacements

Double the quit rates but one must not smoke with them as too much nicotine can be absorbed.

Nicotine patch applied to a clean hairless part of the skin , releases nicotine slowly and can be used for 8to 20 weeks with gradually decreasing doses They may rarely cause a rash or vivid dreams . Those who smoke more than 15 a day take the higher dose 22mg patch which must be changed daily for four weeks and then smaller dose for the next four weeks.

Nicotine gum is chewed a few times and then the pack is inserted between the cheek and teeth and left there for several hours .

Nicotine inhaler can be used for upto 6 months , 16 cartridges per day and then reducing every 12 weeks ..

Nicotine nasal spray max five times an hour in each nostril , upto 40 times a day but may cause dependence.


Four one hour sessions with the hypnotist asking the patient to close eyes and go into a deep sleep and then implanting suggestions such as when you smoke it will taste horrible . Most people feel they are not hypnotised but find after a few months they have quit smoking .

Smokers have

higher stress
lower arousal levels
higher cancers of mouth , lung - 20 times more than non smokers
other cancers - stomach , kidney , pancreas , cervix , uterus, bladder , colon , leukemia
Cancers associated with smoking

more heart disease
earlier dementia
lung damage and emphyesma
and they can give these diseases to non smokers via the smoke

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