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Lesson 2

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Lets look at vowels when they come on their own.

As these are used quite frequently make sure you can identify them all in the next figure.

Now recheck your answers.

Did you guess what the funny things at the bottom of the figures are ?

Its the numbers 0-9 in Punjabi although not used very much nowadays.

See if you can identify the vowel marks when they modify consonants.

And check your answers

Letters aDe , Z , mark r ,and Nu .

aDe is a difficult sound for westerners to pronounce. It means rolling the tongue right back behind the hard palate (futher back than the sound D ) and then uncurling it fast eg as in the word ladki (girl) ; ladai ( fight ) . Then the letter Z. Next is a r mark which makes as in the next figure a kr sound here. Under M it would make it Mr etc. Next is the letter Nu -long u .

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