Market Research studies in India by TOPMARK


We are a Market Research organization based at Calcutta, India. Our group of young and experienced professionals are drawn from premier management and engineering schools of the country like the IIMs and IITs. We are committed to providing efficient and cost effective market research solutions to our clients.

We have vast experience in industrial and consumer market research. Besides a core team of committed professionals, our strengths are: an all India network for conducting field studies, well organized secondary information sources and a panel of subject matter specialists from various fields. We use the latest in information technology to speed up the process of data collection, processing and forwarding.

Why are we here?

Indian economy is large and it is growing. The country has vast natural and human resources, a growing number of middle income households, rising income levels and a high level of domestic savings.

Indian economy is opening up too. Liberalization, globalization and privatization are more of a reality than rhetoric. Protectionist barriers are being dismantled every day. Foreign capital inflows/ tie-ups are the most sought after items.

A large number of foreign business houses and entrepreneurs are now venturing in to India with a variety of products and services. It's natural that these potential investors would like to test the waters before taking a plunge into the Indian market. Our business is to help you in this exercise of 'testing the waters'.

What can TOPMARK do for you?

Whether you are a small individual entrepreneur or a large business organization, our services are structured to provide value for money and total satisfaction. We can conduct a wide variety of studies including:
We can also collect, process and forward market related information to our clients on a periodic basis. Besides, we can help you in locating local business partners for promoting and marketing your products in India.

Please get in touch with us for comprehensive Market Research solutions.

How to reach us?
Fax: 00-91-33-4711204

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