Ukindia Urdu Lesson 21

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At the top in your brower window you will see the address of this page ending with zurdu21.htm . This signifies lesson 21. If you want to go to lesson 7 say just change it to zurdu7.htm and press enter.

Note how the numbers are written -these are the closest approximation - they are tending to be displaced by English numerals

Note above that 51 and 15 are written and read as in English even though Urdu reads from R to L.

Continuing with the vocabulary

Above read -yoghurt-dahee, flour-aata, tea-chaye, oil-tael, cheese-paneer, milk-dudh, eggs-ande, butter-makhkhan, chicken-mugi, meat-gosht,

floor-farsh, door-darvaza, garage-garage, window-khirdki,roof-chhat, chimney-chimney, pillars-sitoon, gate-phaatak, stairs-sirdhiyan', bed-bister, wall-diwar, pillow-takiya

plant-poda, blanket-kambal, tap-nalka, drawer-drwaz, comb-kanga, lamp-lamp, soap-sab(u)n, bottle-bot'l

Lesson 22..Home