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There is a special form of H marked as " special H " in the figure below which is sounded with the letter and gives it a deeper more resonant sound .
For example K as in the word King becomes KH as in KHan .
B as in Bat becomes BH as in BHai (brother) .
P as in Peter changes to PH as in PHil and we will meet more in the lessons to follow.

The next figure has all Urdu words since these aspirated consonants do not occur in English. Line 1 has the common form of H-you have seen before- in the middle of each of the two words -can you read the words ?
Line 2 has the special form of H marked Special H and the words are explained in the figure after the one below.

Here are the answers.

Note some important points. In the word Naheen you might easily miss the zer and read the two dots as ae-sometimes you have to hunt for the vowel marks!
Note the hamza in BYE and BHAEE to signify that one vowel follows another immediately.
Note also the word KHAEL - it is easy to misread the two dots as Y instead of AE.
Note also that the final L has a longer vertical stem to distinguish it from the final undotted nasal N.
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