Urdu Lesson 8

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The next line of the alphabet has the letters soft d ( THE ) , D and Z. called dhal , dal and zal

The figure below shows the inital , medial and final forms of THE , D , Z


What are the following English words?.

Here are the answers

The Vowel mark O is also used as the letter V or W as in the word DWA below . Note that the mark over the A to signify a long AA is ometimes ommited.See if you can spot the word DWA and read the other Urdu words.

Here are the answers .

The next line has similar looking letters to the above and are called R, DE ( pronouced by curling the tongue right back behind that for the letter d and then bringing it forward as in D. Example the words ladki (girl) , and two more Zs .

Here are all the forms of the letters

As you will see from above Urdu has borrowed many letters from Persian and Arabic and so there are multiple letters for the same sounds such as
Z , H , S , KH etc.

Can you read the following English sentences ?

here are the answers

These are the letters learned in this lesson . Reading from your Right to Left.

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