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HAHK..Kasak.. Kabi Han Kabi Nahin..Khalnayak

An enjoyable , touching film . Outstanding performance by beautiful Neelam the star of Ahista Ahista as a young girl married after the death of her true love who when her new husband asks her what she wants as a gift demands a divorce! As divorces are not legal till one year has passed they have to live in the same house hating each other..

Kabi Han Kabi Nahin

This movie is a fine prortayal of teen-age love, a real touching display of boy's emotions and the girl's predicament. That way it is very unusual film, and probably can be matched only by JJWS, IMO.

Ofcourse there are comic characters in the movie (Goga Kapoor-the don etc) and comic scenes (like ones revolving around Satish Shah) but they never distract you from the central theme of the movie. And yes, it will probably in my top ten too (!) although I have not given enough thought about my top ten, ever.
Dinkar Sitaram


Madhuri's dances are a visual feast for the eyes. Choli ke Peeche is an all time hit song. Palki ke sawar especially the one with the tribal dancers will linger long in the memory. Aaja sajan aaja shows M at her most beautiful ..

Its a matter of taste - I think Khalnayak has an incandescent performance by Madhuri. From the start of "Chholi Ke Peeche..." and from then to the end of "Aaja Sanam Aaja..." follows one of the most beautiful and lovely sequences of song and dance in Hindi film, including "Palki Ke Sawar..." which by itself is one of the most gorgeous melodies in Hindi film.
Dinkar Sitaram


I can't share your low opinion of HAHK; just to make it clear, IMHO it is one of the ten best Hindi movies of all time. Furthermore, when we compare it to many other great movies (e.g., Sahib Bibi...) it is the only one (perhaps other than Amar Prem) which is distinctively Indian, in that one cannot imagine it as having been made by a foreigner.

Many criticisms of HAHK have centered on its plot. But a movie is much more than its plot. The great strength of HAHK (apart from excellent songs and dances) is its portrayal of the relationships between the main characters. For example, when playing passing the parcel, Salman Khan distracts Madhuri Dixit by winking at her. But when other people ask Madhuri how she was distracted, she is unable to bring herself to say that Salman winked at her, since winking at somebody in India is considered extremely offensive.

There are literally thousands of such touches throughout the movie. HAHK is almost an encyclopaedia on family relationships in India. That is also why I think it is impossible for a foreigner to either make or appreciate such a movie - it requires a very deep knowledge of India.
Dinkar Sitaram