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Koi Mil Gaya

Wonderful entertainer . Hrithik deserves an oscar for his portrayal of an adult with a child's mind . Songs and dances are out of this world . Every minute is a joy.

Of course the critics will pan . Morons play it safe knowing that nine out of ten movies flop and claim its a mixture of ET, that movie where the aliens communicate with music tones , Gene Kelly and a lot more but so what ? Its impossible to fill three hours with all original , never before thought of stuff . Will go to see it again this week .

It will be another landmark film . Introduce basketball to India and the concept of other world people. Watch when Hrithik is getting beaten up at the basketball court - the background music momentarily is Indian and it will evoke sad emotions , but then they change to western classical .

The music of the songs is a delight esp the last one where Pretty dons the Indian costumes and the tabla is predominant , sheer joy sitting in the hall letting the sounds waft around you .

Hrithik lost 25 pounds to play the first half as a weakling which shows just how dedicated our Bollywood stars are , and how they are complete entertainers , supremely fit , work hard on songs and dances and fights . Dont miss it .One thing missed is a lecture on just how vast space is , trillions of km between each star . If the solar system was the size of a penny , the Milky way galaxy - our own would be the size of Asia and then there would be a gap as far as the moon before there was another galaxy and there are billions more . Even the solar if the sun was the size of a beach ball , earth would a table tennis ball a mile away ie space is just that - a lot of empty space .

Bollywood should always remain on the cutting edge of technology and should show the Sehwag personal transporter soon. The basketball game is a new high in special effects . When they show the Xrays they should identify them as CAT scans and its good to see the areas of stroke outlined as white patches . Hopefully they will soon show PET scans which tell us what humans are thinking about

The movie is playing in Imax theaters in America and Canada and should be a must see in that format .The baketball commentary is also superb. The only discordant note when people laughed was when Rekha embraces the alien.The other good thing is that the alien appears early on and is seen in full sunlight and not like Hollywood movies in the last five minutes and in the dark . They even get him into a Bollywood song and dance , no wonder they prefer to come back to India

Apko pehle bi kahin dekha hai

Lovely feel good comedy . Definitely must see. How lucky we are to be living at a time when Bollywood provides us with such wonderful entertainment . Music is just excellent .Three hours of great entertainment and not one second where one feels bored . Filmed magnificientaly in Alberta , Calgary area . Note the houses surrounding the artificial lake, where Mr Aziz lives , why not build these in Delhi and other major cities , one mile square , 60ft deep to store the monsoon floods ?. The houses alone , thousands along the lake shore would be worth a million each . Note also the magnificient house of the heroine .

Superb dialog eg 'Anger is something to be suppresed , love (do not be afraid ) to express '. 'Love is a fire that wont light however hard you try , and wont extinguish when its lit ' Om Puri is excellent as usual and the new stars are very good too . The first Bollywood movie that starts with a song and ends with one .

Note also the song on the snow with the Huskies pulling the sledge , the Humvee the hero rides in , Saira's dress at the wedding. Western Canada is going to become a favourite destination for Indian tourists after this movie - really breathtaking winter scenes.

All movies released in the west should be subtitled so that white people are not denied this superb form of entertainment . I think if the cinema group showing them started a membership club say $100 for a family , then if there are a thousand south asians in a small town then it would have say $50,000 to get these movies . This could enable them to show these movies at reasonable cost .

There is no trip back to India in this movie - the govt there takes too much in tax for Bollywood movies to be profitable and so they are increasingly going to be made in the west for Nri's . Great movie -dont miss it .

Indian Babu

Hugely enjoyable movie starring a Brit Asian - Jaz . First half takes place in London . Superb slow boat ride on the Thames and the scenic woods along the way. Also a fair length of time on top of the London Eye , it is 400ft high and the clever bit is that the glass capsules let you see outside for the twenty minutes or so that it takes to go round , so you can clearly see the famous London landmarks- Houses of Parliament , Buckingham Palace , etc. for a fair length of time from high . They do stop it at the top quite a few minutes but could have pointed out the landmarks and filmed from the outside.

Other delights are the songs and dances on top of the roofless London double decker tourist buses . Also note the bemused look at the Brits watching the Bollywood dances in Trafalgar Square . Its not fair to have beautiful gorees wearing flesh coloured tights doing the Bhangra , on those with weak hearts . Have often railed against Indian women wearing western dances . Here its reversed . The gorees wear sarees and lehngas and really look out of this world !!. Bombay Dreams and Bollywood will soon change the western female dress code and make the women desirable again .

A very erotic wet saree dance in the second half .Music and choreography is just excellent and the Sufi song at Ajmer e Sharif is outstanding .One thing welcome back is the fight scenes . Indians need to learn to be aggressive and defend themselves considering what the neighbourhood has become like .The comedy stuff in the first half with Johnny Lever needs to be fast forwarded except you cant do that on the big screen unless the cinema owner is a friend .

A surfeit of beautiful gorees in this movie - some even sing the lyrics ! and for that alone this movie is worth seeing many times. 12A means the kids are admitted with parents and that is as it should be . Kids should be brought up on mind expanding Bollywood movies .

reveiew and photos on ( only read after having seen the movie) on

Kash aap hamar hote

Beautiful cinematography of Alberta in Canada . It is cold , crisp , sunny and clear , not like Britain at all - cloudy , drizzles until it soaks to the bones and leaves people with a miserable face but gives the British girls the best complexion of all. In Canada however one has to travel hundreds of miles to talk to anyone except polar bears .

Story is of a guy who marries an Indian girl , brings her to Canada , tells her he loves another , for some reason tells a Canadian friend of his to rape her . Does the evil deed get done ? Find out by buying a ticket . The Bhangra dance is very good . Juhi Babbar has Pakistani good looks of the women there - apparently her mother is Pakistani . Sonu Singam sings very well , and its a good thing he has gone back to playback singing . Here of course he does playback and plaforward singing .

Negative point is the excessive amount of whisky drinking . In Canada you do not drink and drive or if you do , you lose your license for a year . Sonu is shown doing it time after time . They could have had somebody drop him off at his home .


Preferred Awara pagal deewana or Humraz . The problem is that one doesnt care much for the main character . Why should he deserve our sympathy ? Does he make good jokes or rescue kids or is nice to his women ? We all have our problems . Not a movie one would recommend as a first viewing for somebody who has never seen Bollywood movies . They had to stick to the story I suppose .

Also drinking is shown as a very bad thing , when in fact 99.99 % of us handle it well and have a great time . Not enough comedy breaks . Subtitling is quite good . Indoor scenes are oversaturated and one keeps looking for the knob to tone the color down.

Music is excellent , Madhuri is wonderful , Ash good and SRK his usual self . Sets elaborate . Will see it again for the songs . Its a bit like a western movie because it sticks to one theme - melodram instead of having a bit of everything . Lilacs do not look that good on brown skin eg in the Ash/Madhuri dance (or in Humraz in the final bridal scene) and they could have had darker colors - black or very dark blue One moral to learn - when you are in love for the first time and emotions are very strong , do not make a hasty rejection to spite , it will haunt you for the rest of your life .


First of all, if you have not seen it, RUN to the nearest venue and experience this film. Ram Gopal Verma is *the* most innovatory, uncompromising directorial talent in India of the last two decades. 'Company' is an amazing, jaw-dropping spectacle of love, hatred, bloodlust and violence, a true masterpiece of the highest order, ranking on par with the director's own 'Satya', if not superior.

Direction is absolutely phenomenal. Tightly controlled plot with flesh-and-blood characterizations. Ajay Devgan is superb in a role that reflects a quiet menace. Mohanlal is likewise true-to-life. Seema Biswas is brilliant, and Antara Mali puts up an absolutely refreshing performance in a dark tale. Manisha Koirala is sheer genius, playing the flawed woman flawlessly. Not since 'Dil Se' has she shone so luminously. But the show belongs to debutant Vivek Oberoi who bites and slashes his way through the mass of established talent. He delivers a knock-out portrayal, a feat which is even more awesome in light of the fact that it is his very *first* film. He puts all the Hrithiks, Fardeens, Tusshars, and Salmans to shame.

The film is absolutely free of the standard bollywood cliches, with only one actual song that fits into the narrative. The remaining songs form the background score. RGV deserves a standing ovation for this one.

Will post a more comprehensive review later. Until then, look forward to RGV's next film, a heroine-oriented subject rumored to feature Manisha Koirala, Urmila Matondkar, Manoj Bajpai and Abhishesk Bachchan.. Alia


A Stupendous movie . Very different from normal Bollywood movies and with a great ending . Three blind men decide to rob a bank pretending to be sighted . Hope its an original Bollywood idea and not a copy of HW.

The first thirty minutes are wonderful - Vipasha Basu rock climbing carried piggy back by Akshay !. Superb photography of the cape of good hope in south africa . Amazing 3d animated computer graphics planning the bank robbery .Loved the scale models of the buildings at the start. . Also watch for the bus full of passengers rolling down out of control with the passengers crashing out of windows - amazing special effects .

Amitabh at his brilliant best , no surpise that he has been chosen the best actor of all time . The other three as blind men are also very believable . Great item dance by the girl in Yes Boss , forget her name for the moment .

Its a man's movie so leave your hankies at home but there is always one bit in each Bollywood which just blows you away. Havent a clue where Bollywood finds all these English beauties . That one brunette amongst the ice skaters she really made the heart skip multiple beats . Will get a couple of dvds just for her ..habshi

Awara Pagal Deewana

You miss them once they have gone and the twin towers of the world trade centre are in most frames of this movie . Their height even compared to empire state was just tremendous . A dentist husband who marries for the green card is hencpecked and made to do all the work in the house in addition to his work as the wife can always threaten to divorce him and send him back .

This actually is a very good movie and one learns a lot from it . New York is shown at its serene best , none of the fast paced action in Hollywood movies . One dance takes place on aircraft carrier and its fun plane spotting the aircraft standing around - stealth fighter , phantom jet etc. The flamenco tap dance -Spanish and Arabic dances are wonderful .

The tapori comedy is out of this world although of course much of it cant be translated as it is specific to Bombay . Never mind if it doesnt have subtitles , just feast your eyes on the fantastic cinematography , Spain , Greece , and what looks like Nusrat's house in Connecticut .

The fighting is a combination of crouching tiger , matrix and Jackie Chan . Enjoyed every second of this movie .Quiite liked all the trucks with monster wheels crushing the cars with the people still inside , amazing how they dont get hurt . Also lots of American humwees . The stunts as usual in Bollywood are filmed up close and seem more thrilling .

Hearthrobs concert

The first half hour was bad . Every song had the disco beat eg he one in dil chahta hai , so the dancers just jumped up and down and flailed their arms to that constant metronomic drum beat . It is sound but is it music ? Nearly walked out . Made the mistake of paying for the most expensive seats on the ground level again . There is always one pagal desi who has to stand up to get a better view when the most popular item eg Hrithik or Kareena came on . So the girl behind him couldnt see , so she stood on her seat and so the guy behind her had to stand on his seat and within 30 seconds everyone was standing on the seats ! Next time I will go with a bb gun and shoot pellets into the butt of the first swine who stands up .

However every Bollywood movie or concert has some magical moment which transports one into the other world - heaven on earth , and for this concert it was when Kareena and Arjun Rampal started doing the three songs from Asoka - Kanchi and the other two and since it was a historical period film they had to play the Indian tunes and dance with expressions to the words and wear Indian costumes (albeit skimpy ones !) and for all the three songs there was pin drop silence as people watched in awe .$100 would have been a small price to pay for that segment . Felt sorry for the English stewards as they couldnt take their eyes off the stage !

It was followed by Karisma and Aftab doing a sketch with songs from Biwi no. 1 (wife no. 1) where Aftab brings an ex girl friend home and she has to pretend she is a mainiquin when Karisma returns early . Great fun . The stage was in the middle , it gave the perfomers more room to move about .

When the dvd comes out or its shown on TV do watch these bits and Kareena's final appearance on stage when she blows kisses and when Arjun lifts her and pretends to throw her into the crowd . What a great bundle of fun this young girl is and how much joy she brings into people's lives ! cant see any of her movies ever flopping again after this performance . Dont miss the dvd when it comes out .

Inspite of the fact that there were rumors that this show was going to be cancelled it was still three quarters full with at least ten thousands there , dont miss the other one which will be showing in USA and UK next month .


Wondeful cinematic scenes of Malaysia . Could have lingered and taken a tour of the Petronas Tower , now the tallest buildings in the whole world .

Also a great advertisement for cruises , the action in the first half takes place on the magnificient Star Virgo . In fact if a cruise company sponsors in full the next Bollywood movie for say $1-2m it would gain more exposure than thousands of tv advts as these movies are seen by more people in the world than any other and a rising middle class in India and NRIs .

Subtitling is very good but can be made even better , for example when the husband says to his wife ' bakri jaise be be karti rahti hoi ' it is translated as 'you talk too much ' when in fact more accurate is ' you bleat continously like a goat's kid ' , the Hindi script writers wanted that punchy line to bring a smile to the face of all husbands watching this movie and the translators undo all the good work !

One of the songs , the one advertised with Amisha doing the Bhangra has been cut a bit and this is silly , chop the violent scenes and leave the songs and dances alone . Its a certificate 12 and certainly the last 20 mins are gruesome and a bit unrealistic would one care for someone who has paid to have one murdered and hear every scream while its being done ? Only in Bollywood !

The bit they cut out was Amisha doing a wonderful Bhangra , and one knew that because it was shown in the ads and the making of the movie . Also heard that all Bollywood movies for the west are now going to be subtitled .

New ones can be seen on Sky digital pay per view channels 737-740 . Now showing 'na tum jano' 'Company' and 'Pyar diwana hota hai' 24hrs a day

One probably intentional thing is the dance where Amisha sings ' tumhe janat dikhaoongi' - and is pointing at her crotch ! ( I will show you paradise' .