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Chori chori chupke chupke all songs

Aap Ke Pyaar Mein Hum In your love , I Aap Ke Pyaar Mein Hum Savarne Lage In your love I started putting on make up Dekh Ke Aap Ko Hum Nikhar Ne Lage Seeing you I started preening myself Is Kadar Aap Se Hum Ko Mohabbat Huvi I have fallen in love with you so much Toot Ke Baajuon Mein Bikharne Lage Broken , going to pieces in your arms Aap Jo Is Tarah Se Tadapayenge If you keep tormenting me like this Aise Aalam Mein Pagal Ho Jaayenge I will go mad in this kind of stress Woh Mil Gaya Jiski Hume Kab Se Talash Thi Found the one I was looking for , for so long Bechain Si In Saason Mein Janmo Ki Pyaas Thi Tension in this breath , many lives long thirst Jism Se Rooh Mein Hum Utarne Lage From the body into the spirit have started descending Roop Ki Aanch Se Tan Pigal Jaayega The glare of my ?beauty will melt the body Aag Lag Jaayegi Mann Machal Jaayega Fire will light , the mind will go mischievous Yeh Lab Zara Takraye Jo Dilbar Ke Hot Se When these lips smashed against those of my sweetheart Chingariyaan Udne Lagi Shabnam Ki Chot Se Sparks started flying from the injuries inflicted by ?dew Hum Sanam Had Se Aage Guzar Ne Lage We darling started crossing all bounds

Jody No.1 , This is one of the best song picturizations ever
,beautifully danced by Pooja Batra . Please correct

Mast Mast 

Mast Mast Mast Mast
Merriness , merriness

Main Mast Kudi Tu Bhi Mast Mast Munda Hai
I am merry girl and you are a mad boy too

Main Bhi Haseen Tu Bhi Zabardast Munda Hai
I am a beautiful girl and you are a strong (remarkable) boy too

Tujhse Nazar Ladi Khushboo Se Ek Udi
Enmeshing glances with you a fragrance arose from my body

Tune Chuaa To Roop Ki Masti Chalak Padi
You touched me and my body starting oozing sexiness

Aye Meri Phooljhadi Ruk Ja Tu Ek Gadi 
Oh my firecracker (the sparkler) hold on a minute !

Ye Dil Phisal Gaya Mera Chikni Hai Tu Badi
My heart has slipped , you are chikni (?) a lot

Baaten Na Bana Oh Oh Oh 
Dont make up things

Baaten Bana Raha Hai Bada Chust Munda Hai
You are making up things , you are a clever boy

Yeh Husn Ka Dariya Chalka Hua Nasha
This river of beauty , this intoxication

Main Tujhpe Fida Ho Gaya Hoton Se Tu Pila
I am lost in you , give me a drink from your lips

Kya Khoob Jamegi Dono Ki Yeh Jodi
What a great couple we will make !

Chaahat Ke Faisle Main Abi Der Hai Thodi
In the decision of desire there is a bit of a delay

Dil Chin Liya Tune Bada Sahkt Munda Hai
You have seized my heart , quite a stern (strict) boy you are .
Contributed by . Many thanks .

Dil Ne Yeh Keha Hai Dil Se - Dhadkan


Dil ne yeh kaha hai dil se 
My heart calls out to your heart
Mohabbat ho gayee hai tum se...
I have fallen in love with you

Meri jaan mere dilbar mera aitbaar kar lo 
My darling, my beloved, trust me
Jitna beqaraar hoon main 
Make yourself
Khud ko beqaraar kar lo 
As desirous as I am
Mere dhadkanon ko samjho 
Understand my heartbeat
Tum bhi mujhse pyaar karlo
And you too fall in love with me

Tum jo keh do to chaand taron ko todh laaunga main 
If you wish i'll get you the stars and the moon
In hawaaon ko in ghataaon ko modh laaunga main
I'll bring the wind and the clouds for you


Kaisa manzar hai meri aankhon mein kaisa ehsaas hai 
What is this scene in my eyes, what is this feeling
Paas darya hai door sahra hai phir bhi kyun pyaas hai
The sea is close but the shore is obscure


Kadmon mein jahaan yeh rakh doon 
Let me lay my world at your feet
Mujhse aankhein chaar karlo 
Look into my eyes
Jitna beqaraar hoon main 
Make yourself
Khud ko beqaraar karlo 
As desirous as I am
Meri dhadkano ko samjho 
Understand my heartbeat
Tum bhi mujhse pyaar karlo
And you too fall in love with me


Meri yaadon mein mere khaabon mein roze aate ho tum 
You are in my thoughts, my memories everyday
Is tarah bhala meri jaan mujhe kyun sataate ho tum
Why do you torment me so, my beloved

Male 2

Teri baahon se teri raahon se yoon na jaaoonga main 
I won't leave your arms or get out of your life
Yeh iraada hai mera waada hai laut aaoonga main 
I promise to return
Duniya se tujhe chura loon 
I will steal you from the world
Thoda intezaar karlo 
Wait for a little while
Jitna beqaraar hoon main 
Make yourself 
Khud ko beqaraar karlo 
As desirous as I am
Meri dhadkano ko samjho 
Understand my heartbeat
Tum bhi mujh se pyaar karlo
And you too fall in love with me


Kaise aankhein chaar kar loon 
How do I look in you eyes?
Kaise aitebaar kar loon 
How do I have faith?
Apni dhadkanon ko kaise 
How do I make myself
Itna beqaraar kar loon 
As desirous as you?
Kaise tujhko dil main de doon 
How can I give you my heart?
Kaise tujhse pyaar kar loon
How do I fall in love with you?

Na Na Karte Pyar - Dhadkan


Na na karte pyaar hai mai
Kar gayi, kar gayi, kar gayi 
O tune kiya kya yaad, haaye mai
Mar gayi, mar gayi, mar gayi

I finally fell in love
Though hesitant
You trusted me implicitly
I could die for you

Mehki hawayein,
Hain behki fizayein,
Yeh pagal sama kuch kahe 
Hum hai akele
Aa baahon mein le le
Ke jaagey hai armaan naye 

The breeze is fragrant
The weather is lovely
This crazy moment whispers
We're alone
Take me in your arms
For new sentiments rise in my heart


Tu seene se lag jaa mere
Mai tujhko chupa lu kahin 
Yeh dhadkan meri keh rahi
Ke ab door jaana nahin

Come into my arms
I will hide you from the world
The beat of my heart says
Never to let you go away


Sunke teri yeh baat, ankeh meri
Bhar gayi, bhar gayi, bhar gayi 

Hearing you say this
My eyes have turned moist

Main tumhe chaahon
Tumhiko sarahoon
Tumhari main pooja karun 
Dil to hameshaa, yeh maangey duaaen
Ke baahon mein teri marun 

I love you
I worship you
The heart always prays
That I die
In your arms


Zameen aasmaan keh rahe
Tu mere liye hai bani 
Hai kismat se humko mili
Mohabbat ki yeh roshni

The earth and the sky say
That you are made for me
Destiny has given us
The light of love

Ho gayee tujhpe fidaa, main suli 
Chadh gayee, chadh gayee, chadh gayee 
I'm infatuated with you
Ill be crucified for you

Kitna Bechain Hoke - Kasoor


Kitni bechain hoke 
I was restless
Tum se mili
When I met you
Tumko kya thi khabar 
Little do you know
Thi main kitni akeli
How lonely I am


Kitna bechain hoke 
I was restless
Tum se mila
When I met you
Tumko kya thi khabar 
Little do you know
Tha main kitna akela
How lonely I am


Ke kitni mohhabbat hai tumse
How dearly I love you
Zara paas aake to dekho
Just come close to me and see


Kya aag hai dhadkano me
The fire that rages within
Gale se laga ke to dekho
Just embrace me and feel


Batayi na jaaye zubaan se yeh haalat
I cant express what I feel
Meri jismo jaan ko tumahri hai chaahat
In body and soul, I seek you



Jo hai darmiyaan ek parda
The moment's weakness
Ise jaaneman ab hata de
Let it not pass

Yehi faasle keh rahe hain
This distance tells us
Chalo dooriyon ko mita de
To end this distance

Na koyi tamanna hai, na koyi hasrat
I have no wish, no desire
Mujhe to sanam hai tumhari zaroorat
All I need is you 

Mohabbat Ho Na Jai -Kasoor

Dekha jo tum ko 
Yeh dil ko kya hua hai
Meri dhadkanon pe 
Yeh chhaya kya nasha hai

Ever since I saw you
What has come over me
What is this 
Ecstasy I feel?


Dekha jo tum ko 
Yeh dil ko kya hua hai
Meri dhadkanon pe 
Yeh chhaya kya nasha hai

Ever since I saw you
What has come over me
What is this 
Ecstasy I feel?


Mohabbat ho na jai 
Deewana kho na jai
Sambhalu kaise isko muhje tu bata

I hope I don't fall in love
I hope I don't get lost
How do I hold myself back, tell me…


Bheegi bheegi alko se 
Chori chori palko se 
Kyon mera sapna churaye

Why do you invade my dreams
With those stares
Through your tresses

Jhuki jhuki ankhiyon se
Dheeri dheeri batiyon se
Kyon mujhe apna banaye

Downcast eyes,
Words softly spoken
Draw me to you, oh why


Meri nazron pe chhaye
Khushboo ke jaise aaye
Mera tan mann mehkaaye

A fragrance
Clouds my vision
And suffuses my being

Sasoon mein yeh pal pal 
Jaane kaise hulchul
Kuch bhi samajh mein na aaye

What storm
Rages under my breath
I don't know


Sharat ho na jai
Mohabbat ho na jai
Sambhalu kaise isko muhje tu bata

I hope I don't make the mistake
I hope I don't fall in love
How do I hold myself back, tell me


Meri hai yeh mushkil
Ab to yeh mera dil
Bas mein huzoor nahi hai

I can't
hold myself
back anymore

Itna bata de mujhe
Kaise samjaaon tuje
Mera yeh kasoor nahin hai

How do I
tell you?
Its no fault of mine


Chaahe hum chaahe bhi to
Pehre lagaye bhi to
Kaise din raat ko roke

Even if 
I wanted to
I cannot stop change

Aag bina yeh jale zor na koi chale
Kaise jazbaat ko roke

How do I conceal my emotions
For it burns without a fire

Male -Female
Yu chaahat ho na jai 
Mohabbat ho na jai
Sambhalu kaise isko muhje tu bata

I hope I don't give into desire
I hope I don't fall in love
How do I hold myself back, tell me

Contributed by "Noorhazlina"


Ladki badi anjani hai
There is a strange girl
Sapna hai
She is a dream
Sach hai kahani hai
Is she for real or a story
Dekho yeh pagli
Look at this mad one
Bikhul na badli
She hasn't changed
Yeh to vahi deewani hai
She's still the same crazy one

Ladka bada anjana hai
There is a strange boy
Sapna hai
He is a dream
Sach hai fasana hai
Is he for real or a story
Haa..haa yeh pagla
Yes..yes this mad one
Bilkhul na badla
He hasn't changed
Yeh to vahi deewana hai
He's still the same crazy one

Pase rehke bithi doori
We were close and yet so far
Jane kaise demajboori
Those were strange circumstances
Waqt woh bhi ajeeb tha
Those were strange times
Jab tu mere kareeb tha
When you were so close

Ko gaye tu yeh kis jahame
Where are you lost
Main yaha ho 
I'm right here
Dekhe to zara
If you would only look

Hmm. bheed mein bhi thi tanhai
I was lonesome even in a crowd
Yaad har pal teri aaye
You were forever in my memory
Rokey koi mujhe zara
If someone stops me now
Bhar na aaye yeh dil mera
My heart will brim over

Behke behke meri khadam hai
I can't stand steady
Aisa me to zamana to zara
Only you can help me now

Sapna dekhaye
You gave me dreams
Jagena sota hai
I'm neither awake nor asleep
Kuch kuch hota hai
Something happens in my heart
Hum Sath sath hain

The three grown up kids of the parents in this movie sing this song at their parents wedding anniversary..

Yeh To Sach Hai Ki Bhagwan Hai,
Its true that God exists

Hai Magar Phir Bhi Anjaan Hai,
But he is still the unkown

Dharti Pe Roop Maa Baap Ka,
On this earth , in the form of mother and father

Us Vidhaata Ki Pehchaan Hai...
He is recognised in them.

Janmdaata Hai Jo, Naam Jinse Mila,
Life givers , from whom we got our name

Thamkar Jinki Ungli Hai Bachpan Chala,
Hodling whose finger we navigated childhood

Kaandhe Par Baithke, Jinke Dekha Jahaan, Sitting on whose shoulders we saw the world

Gyan Jinse Mila, Kya Bura Kya Bhala, From we got knowledge , what is bad , what is good

Itne Upkaar Hain Kya Kahen, Such favours have they done us , what can we tell you

Yeh Bataana Na Aasaan Hai, These things re not easy rpt Dharti..

Janam Deti Hai Jo, Maa Jise Jag Kahe, The one who gives birth , the one we call mother

Apni Santaan Mein, Pran Jiske Rahe, In whose offspring , her life carries on

Loriyan Hothon Par, Sapne Bunti Nazar, Lullabies on her lips , her eyes weave dreams

Neend Jo Vaar De, Hanske Har Dukh Sahe, Gives up her sleep , laughingly she bears all sorrows

Mamta Ke Roop Mein Hai Prabhu, In the form of motherhood is the divinity

Aapse Paaya Vardaan Hai, Fro you we have got the boon . rpt dharti

Aapke Khwab Hum, Aaj Hokar Jawaan, Your dreams , we have now grown up

Us Param Shakti Se Karte Hain Prarthna, To the supreme being , we pray

Unki Chhaya Rahe, Rehti Duniya Talak, Let their shade remain, as long as ?world stays

Ek Pal Reh Sake Hum Na Jinke Bina, Without whom we cannot live a minute

Aap Dono Salaamat Rahe, May you both stay in good health

Sabke Dil Mein Yeh Armaan Hai,
In everyone's heart is this hope

rpt dharti..

Ishq bina


Kisi Se Ishq Ke Vaade
Promise of love to someone

Kahin Hum Tod Aaye Hain
We have broken it

Magar Ye Dil, Ye Jaan
But this heart , this life

Shayad Wahin Hum Chod Aaye Hain
Maybe we have left it there

Ishq Bina
without love

Ishq Bina Kya Jeena Yaara
what is the point of living ?

Ishq Bina Kya Marna
what is the point of dying ?

Gud Se Meetha
sweeter than gud ( sugar cane)

Imli Se Khatta
more sour than imli

Vaada Ye Pakka
its a firm promise

Dhaaga Ye Kachha
it is a flimsy thread

Is Se Pehle
Before this

Is Raaste Mein
on this path

Kitne Hi
how many

Mehboob Gaye Hain
lovers have gone Raaste Mein Dariya Hai Koi
is there a river in the path ?

Jis Mein Saare Doob Gaye Hain
that all drown in it ?

Khar, Sach Se Sachha
?Victory , truer than true

Har, Jhooth Se Jhootha
Defeat , bigger lie than lie

Film: JOSH

Kitna Pyaar Hai Yeh Pyaar, Pyaara Pyaara
how lovely is this love , lovely lovely

Hua Hai Pehli Baar, Hota Hai Ek Baar
its happened the first time , it happens only once

Phir Na Hoga....Yeh Dubaara...
it wont happen again twice

Hai Mera Dil, Churake Le Gaya
My heart , he has stolen it

Churane Wala, Mera Katil
the one who steals , my killer (in love)

Yeh Dil Tujhpe Aaya Hai, Aate Aate
this heart started to love you , slowly

Darde Dil To Jaate Hai, Jaate Jaate
the heartache goes , going , going

Jaage Hain, Soye Hain, Hum Dono Khoye Hain
awake , asleep . we both are lost in love

Kaisi Tanhai Hai, Masti Si Chhaayi Hai
what tension is this . a kind of cheeky fun

Yeh Mausam Hai, Pyaar Ke Kaabil
this season , is worthy of love

Ab To Kaate Na Kate, Pyaasi Raate
now they wont pass , thirsty nights

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai Sun Ke, Aisi Baate
something something is happening . these talks

Bechaini Sehne De, Palko Mein Rehne De
let me take the restlessness , let me stay in your eyes( eyelashes)

Teri Baahon Mein Hai, Teri Raahon Mein Hai
in your arms , in your path

Jaanejaana Meri Manzil

my hearthrob , my destinaion

Hai Mera Dil, Churake Le Gayi,
oh my heart ., she has stolen

Churane Wali, Meri Katil
she who steals , my killer


Song: Hum To Dil Se Haare

Teri Yaad Mein Pagal Pal Pal Rota Hai In your memory it (heart) mad one , cries every moment
Bin Tere Na Jaagey Ye Na Soota Hai Without you it neither awakes nor sleeps

Aksar Tanhai Mein Tujhe Pukare
In tension it calls out to you

Na Zor Dil Pe Chale
My will does not work now on my heart

Haare Haare Haare
Lost lost lost

Hum To Dil Se Haare
I have lost to my heart

Haare Haare Haare
Hum To Dil Se Haare

Male rpt

Abh Jaane Hum, Ye Pyaar Kya Hai
Now we know what this love is

Dard-E-Jigar, Mushkil Bada Hai
the ache of the heart is difficult to bear

Sunta Nahi Kehna Koi Bhi
It doesnt listen to anyone

Dil Bekhabar, Zid Pe Adaa Hai
It doesnt want to know , it sticks stubbornly to what it wants to do

Samjhaoon Kaise Ise, Jaan-E-Ja
How can I make it understand , oh my reason to live ?

Haare Haare Haare
Hum To Dil Se Haare


Har Aaina Toota Lagey Hai
Every mirror seems broken

Sach Bhi Humein Jhoota Lagey Hai
Even the truth seems like lies to us

Jaane Kahan Hum Aa Gaye Hain
Wonder where we have reached

Saara Jahan Rootha Lagey Hai
The whole world seems barren

Kya Dard Dil Ne Diya, Kya Kahein
What pain this heart has given , how can I tell you ?


Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam
I (we) have given my heart away

Tere Ho Gaye Hain Hum
become yours

Teri Kasam, O Ho Ho
Swear on you (your life) its true

Hmmmm, Ye Duniya Kare Sitam
Let the world protest

Tujhpe Mitenge Hum,teri kasam
I will give all for you I promise on you

Female rpt

Umeedein, Tumhi Se Hain
Hopes are from you only

Mere Sanam
my love

Thaama Hai
held I have

Tumhara Hi Ye Daman
Your scarf on the body

Ho, Bhoolenge

Kabhi Na Abh Tumhe Hum
Never will I , you

Teri Yaadon Ke Saaye Mein
Under the canopy of your memories

Guzare Gi Ye Zindagi
This life will now pass

Us Khuda Ke Baad To
After God

Pooja Hogi Bas Teri
I will worship only you

Chaahe Jo Maang Lo
Ask what you want

Sabh Tumhara Hai
All is yours

Female rpt

Badshah-corrections will be needed !
	SRK going round praising all these girls 
Kahin zulf ka badal oho
somewhere ( someone) has clouds of hair

kahin rangin anchal aha
somewhere a colorful scarf(blouse)

kahin hont gulabi oho
somewhere pink lips

kahin chaal sharabi aha
somewhere a naughty (intoxicating) walk

kahin ankh me jadoo oho
some have magic (hynotising) eyes

kahin jism me khushboo aha
some with a fragrant body

kahin naram nigahen oho
some with soft dreamy eyes

kahin goree bahen aha
some exposed bare fair arms

haan yhaan kadam kadam pe lakhon hasinayen hain
Yes there are hundreds of thousands of beauties at every

hum magar yeh dil ka tofa dene use ayen hain 
I howerver have to come to give my (our) heart to that one

wo ladki jo sab se alag hai x3
the girl who is different from all others

kitne hi jalwen hai ankhon me jinse gulti hain chandni 
many ? rays  fuse together in the eys  to give us moonlight 
kitne hi baten hain jinse gulti hain ragni
many talks fuse to give us ragas( musical tunes)

going back to the girls
ye chale jaise  zara balkhake
this one walks with a sway

wo chale jaise ikra ke
she walks with a haughtiness

ye mile jaise sharma ke
this one meets with a blush

wo mile jaise itra ke
she meets with an attitude

hain yhan kitne phool khile hain gulsahn me
yes there are many flowers in this garden

wo kali sab se alag hai 
but that bud ( girl) is different from all 

kya kaliyan hain dikhti in ankhon me ais kya 
what different buds we see with the eyes

kya ajeeb yeh tazgi hai
how strange how much it refreshes us

kya hasin si sadgi hai
how beautiful all this 

kya ajeeb ye dilkhushi hai
how marvellous this heart feels

kaya hasin si dilbari hai
how beautiful all this heart filling this scene is .

Phir Dil Bi hai Hindustani
Phir bi dil hai Hindustani -corrections appreciated.

Hum logon ko samaj sako to samjo dilbarjani 
If you can understand us do so dearhearts 

jitna bi tum samjoge utni hogi harani
the more you understand the more astonished you will become

apni chhatri tumko dede kabi jo  barse pani 
we give you our umbrella when the water showers (rain)

kabi naye packet me tumko beche cheez purani
and we sell you an old item in a new packet 

phir bi dil hain hindustani
even then at heart we are Indian ( ? friendly) 

thode anari hain thode khiladi 
we ae a bit ignorant and a little player 

ruk ruk ke chalti hi apni gadi
our car of life halts and goes 

hame pyaar chahiya , aur kuch paisa bi
we want love , and some money too

hum aisa be hain,  ham hain waise be 
we are like this , and like that too

ulti sidi jaisi bi hai apni yeh kahani
topsy turvy that is our story

thodi hum me  hoshiari hai , thodi nadini
a little cleverness in us , a little naievity

thodi hum me sachai , thodi beimani 
a little truthfullness , a little double dealing 

ankhon me kuch ansoo hain , kuch sapne hain 
in our eyes are some tears , some dreams

ansoon aur sapne dono hi apne  hain
tears and dreams both are our own

dil dukha hai lekin toota to  nahin hai 
our heart is sorrowful , but not broken 

umeed ka daman  chhoota to nahin hai
the shelter ( head covering) of hope , we havent let go of

thodi mujboori hain , lekin thodi manmani hain
we have some compulsions , but some willfulness too

thodi tu tu me me hain , aur thodi kichha thani
a little bickering , and some pull and push

hum me kafee baten hain jo lagti hain diwani 
in us many things appear to be a bit mad 

phir bi dil hai hindutani..
even so at heart we are Indians..

Just completing the translation . The first song is a sung
in a comic vein , but the verses at the end are serious when
the people march together carrying the flag 

hum logon ko samaj sako to samjao dilbar jani 
if you can understand us then understand this dear hearts

mur jayenge , mit jayenge , denge har kurbani
we will die , we will be obliterated , we will give any

tod ke sare bandan humne dil ki baat hai mani
breaking all relationships we have listened to our heart

ankhin me sholay badke hain , sanse hain toofani
in our eyes are the sparks (of anger) , our breathing is

sadiyon ki neen se hum hai jage 
we have woken from the sleep of centuries

janaa hai hum meelo aage 
we have yet to go miles and miles

hum jaise bi hon badte jayenge 
whatever shape we are in , we will move forward 

hum ne apne rasam ada aur manzil pehchani 
we recognize our traditions and our goal

aaj   ?  ; ?

dil kehta hai zulm ke aage gardan nahin jukayenge
our heart tells us not to bow our head in front of

Ah ab Laut Chalen

Has the New England autumn ever been picturized as beautifully as in the second song ? 
	The third stick dance song has the rich vamp and the good girl competing for the man  , who has eyes only for the vamp marrying her will make him rich and get him the green card !

. Lyrics posted in another thread
Since our eyes met (fought) the tension has risen , its hard now dear one to wait 

This is what is called love

Just looking at you my heart went awry , my heart tells me to look at you time and again 

This is what is called love 

Good girl pushing aside the vamp
Your walk ( intentions ) are bent , dont throw your net on this passionate mad man 

Man coming in between the two girls and pushing away the good girl
Two hearts are in love , dont become a wall in between them 

My color and body is such that anyone who looks at me wants to give up his life for me 

Even the glowing gold feels ashamed , men desire me to spend time ( life) with them 

In the first look I fell madly in love with you , you have stolen my nights and my calm 

Good girl
I am speaking the truth , do listen to me , she is a traveller , dont wait around for her .

She fails and he goes off with the vamp .