Inventions Needed

Updated May 97


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Things needed now...

Optical processors which do phase computing.
Protocols to accomodate gigabit network speed.
Fusion based battery pack for automotive and other power requirements.
Desktop mico-mini-mainframes.
Multireflectance object mirroring servers.
Optical PLLs.
Infrared based food identifier.
Visual object transport mechanism.
Microwave based housing water heaters.
Fusion based chemical synthesizers.
Transport with more than the speed of light.
Creation of new species for entertainment.

etc etc etc..



P.Venkatesh Babu

Solar Power

A closed tube on which the sun's rays are focused . It has an inlet valve at one end and air rushes in to replace the hot air which rushes out at the other end through an outlet valve and drives a turbine. Such a solar generator could lift hot water from below ground during winter , irrigation water etc.

Science Radio and TV

Most jobs nowadays are concerned with science and technology and there are a lot of good programmes broadcast when people are not at home. It would be a good idea to have a science radio by satellite or cable which would discuss breakthroughs in various fields all day. It could have BBC rebroadcasts of Science Now , Medicine today as well as those from other countries.

Edible Ink

If newspapers owners were forced to use edible ink which might put the cost of a paper up by a cent or two, the old papers could be fed to cows and goats which can digest the cellulose. It would save enormous sums in recycling and turn all these papers into milk.

Paper Eating Bugs

Why not invent a dried culture of bacteria one can add with a bit of water to waste paper loads ?
These cellulose digesting bugs (? from Cow stomachs) would dissolve the paper and turn it into useful oil. If the ink was made biodegradable at very low cost as well one could save enormous amounts of fuel now needed to transport all this paper to disposal sites.