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Updated Jan 2010

Lose seven inches in a day


I could be up to 7 inches thinner than I was before I lay down. No, I'm not in the middle of a daydream, I'm in a private clinic in London, and I'm about to have my fat zapped.

At around 250 per treatment it doesn't come cheap

Using lasers to "zap" fat, however, is a relatively new concept. Paddles containing a low-level, 635-nanometre laser are placed over regions of unwanted fat. While a small amount of the light is absorbed by the skin, the majority of the energy penetrates through to adipose tissue beneath. Here, bunches of grape-like fat cells attached to the skin absorb light energy from the laser, triggering a cascade of biochemical reactions that ends up with the cells rupturing.

European Union has already approved the laser for surgical use.

Yet there was an overall reduction in cholesterol levels in 84 per cent of participants, with 74 per cent experiencing a reduction in low-density-lipoprotein or "bad" cholesterol

Or it can be frozen
Boston exposed anaesthetised pigs to cooling plates at temperatures between +20 C and -7 C for 10 minutes. Using photographs, ultrasound and histological evaluation, the researchers then examined the tissue to assess the level of fat damage, as well as any potential damage to the skin. The team found that the cooling plates caused a biological response in the adipose tissue which resulted in a decrease in the level of fat at sites exposed to cold (Lasers in Surgery and Medicine, vol 40, p 595).

Jul 01

Reversing ageing
The compound dimethyl-3-phenacythiazolium = chloride breaks=20 the tough sugar bonds that form with age and in diabetes , similar to = roasting a=20 turkey , and makes old hearts become pliable and elastic and pump out as = much=20 blood as young one . Aminoguandine also works (Scientific American July = 2000) .=20 The company Novartis is working on these drugs .

Feb 01 Some medical advances listed in Jan 15 edition = .

Excessive uterine bleeding

For more details do a search on Thermachoice in . A = balloon is=20 inserted in the uterus and blown up with water which is then heated to = 87=20 degrees , this scorches the endometrial lining and cuts down excess = bleeding in=20 over 65% and takes only 15 mins without anaesthesia . Same procedure is = used for=20 prostrate problems in men .

Cereberal palsy

A toxin botox loosens stiff muschles and has enabled many to walk = smoothly .

Knee joint inflamation

Yttrium 90 injected into the joint shrinks the swollen synovium to = normal=20 size .

Heart problems

Extra pathways giving palpitations can be ablated with radio = frequency=20 currents .


A laser beam shrinks the inner membrane of the eye allowing proper = drainage .

Jan 01

Vaccine for Alzheimers.=20

Not only does it clear the plaques but also stops them forming in = trials and=20 should soon be available . ( Dec 21 2000) . Also look at = the=20 technology page for super sharp vision and the computer page from links = above=20 for an online grocery ordering store.

Nov 00

Depression which has not been successfuly treated by drugs can now be = allievated by a pacemaker which is implanted in the chest and stimulates = the=20 left vagus nerve .

Oct 00

100% contraceptionA new metal clip which only takes minutes to = put in=20 via the fallopian tube , causes tissue to go around it and has prevented = pregnancies in all 120 women in one trial.=20

Stomach pacemaker

A wire inserted into the stomach and stimulated with a pacemaker has = caused 4=20 stones of wt loss in a year on average at Tufts University ( 25kg) over = a year=20 in obese patients by making them feel full.

Medication to quit smokingA new drug without any side effects=20 (Buprinolone hcl) doubles the number of people who have quit at one year = . Its=20 taken daily for two months . Over 30% of patients who have tried it are = able to=20 stay smoke free and it doesnt cause any weight gain , in fact many lose = weight .=20 Smoking kills more than homicide , car accidents , alchohol and heart = disease=20 combined and so this is a huge advance .

. Aug 00

Lisa Melton writes in Scientific American - Julu 2000 - page 12 , = that ageing=20 is due to sugar forming protein cross links as happens when turkey is = browned in=20 an oven and sulfites stop this browning .

Aminoguanidienes and compounds like dimethyl-3-phenacythiazolium = chloride -=20 ie ALT 711 , can tear these bonds apart and old monkeys ( our closest = cousins )=20 given for three weeks showed spectacular results -'the heart and major = arteries=20 which were quite stiff , became more pliable and elastic , heart could = pump more=20 blood similar to what you see inyoung animals '.. from usenet=20

July 00

Scientists have read nearly all the genetic code in the DNA . Say one = discovered a book written in the 26 letters of the alphabet = somethinglikethis=20 and was able to read that long word . One would next have to break it = down into=20 words to make sense - ie something-like-this . Scientists have read the = four=20 letter genetic code written in the letters a , g , c , t or adenine = guanine=20 cytosine and thymine the four nucleic acids that make up the human dna .

Its over 200 phone books long and if the dna was stretched out would = be from=20 here to the sun . The code read is as follows agggactagtcccagta etc . = now they=20 have to break it into words ie genes which might be agggac tagt etc. The = task is=20 difficult as 97% of the code appears to be nonsense , mistakes = accumulated over=20 four billion years of evolution . These genes make proteins and a wrong = protein=20 can lead to cancer . Using the genetic code scientists have already = identified=20 the protein involved in chronic myeloid leukaemia and made a compound = against it=20 and in trials 31 out of 31 dying patients went into remission = June 27. See the medical topics page for an article on the genetic = code.Genes.

The task of reading the code was made easier by dyeing the DNA and = each of=20 the letters a , g, c , t took up a different color and a laser light = shone on it=20 was able to read the letter directly .

June 00=20

Those who need to gain weight can now buy some delicious Parathas = from Tiger=20 foods , Bull Close Road , Nottingham . NG7 2UT in England . At =A32-3 = for five=20 they come in garlic and onion flavours too .

A new combined fast CT scan and MRI machine from GE has now been = installed in=20 12 hospitals worldwide and reveals narrowing of as little as 10% of = coronary=20 arteries . Narrowing of these arteries is the biggest cause of death in = men and=20 women especially those from South Asia . Full details in the May 22 = edition of=20

April 00

Leaping salmon meals

For those who cant or wont cook and dont want to shop Leaping Salmon will supply = gourmet=20 meals , by post refigerated fresh ingredients enough for two at a cost = of about=20 =A315 , $25 , where all you have to do is to mix them and put them in = the oven .=20 Meals include Thai Green Chicken Curry , Roasted Duck Breast in Port . , = Salmon=20 etc. Mention ukindia if you order from them .

Jan 00

Healing protein

Professor at Manchester University has discovered a protein from = embryos=20 called TGFbeta3, which when applied to wounds results in healing without = any=20 scars . More details

Feb 00

New MRI machines pick up strokes

Much earlier than CT scans and these strokes can be dissolved by PTA = and=20 other blood clot dissolvers .

French researchers injecting a gene to make apolipoprotein B have = managed to=20 reverse plaques in mice=20

. Dec 99

The commonest cause of blindness in older people can now be treated = by=20 injecting a dye called visudyne into the blood and activating it by a = light=20 shone through the eye . It heats up and destroys the vessels which leak = and=20 cause retinal macular degeneration .

Oct 99

By injecting extracts of dead soil bacteria , doctors have managed to = reduce=20 asthma symptoms by more than half in most patients . Asthma might be due = to=20 living too cleanly and the children not building up immunity to mites = and dust .=20 The vaccine might take another 3 years . Sept 20=20

If the feet are warmed up with hot water bottle then its easier to = fall=20 asleep . When the feet are cold the foot blood vessels are closed and = the body=20 finds it difficult to lose heat and that causes insomnia . = Sept=20 2

A dna solution has been found effective in taking vaccines into the = body by=20 just applying on the skin without the need for injections . DNA however = tends to=20 get into the cell .

High dose Vit c and e have been found to cut pre-eclampsia in high = risk=20 patients by 70%

July 99

Scientists have discovered a vaccine against the brain protein which = causes=20 Alzheimers (dementia) the commonest affliction of elderly people and has = succeeded in protecting mice and halts it in those which have the = disease . It=20 will be test marketed by Elan the Irish drug company next year ..Nature

June 99

A South Asian lady has become the first person in the world to have a = succesful IVF pregnancy after many repeated miscarriages due to lupus = antibodies=20 . Normally aspirin is given for this condition during the second three = months .=20 However she was given aspirin and heparin at the time of implantation = and=20 throughout the pregnancy in Cambridge .

Linezoid is a new antibiotic that is 100% effective against MRSA - = multiple=20 resistance staph a superbug that was causing widespread infections in = hospitals=20 -Times Mar 23
Feb 99=20

Fidgeting can make you fit=20

Doctors report that people can lose 600 calories a day -or 1 kg every = 10 days=20 by fidgeting . The ones who gained weight on an extrra 1000 calories a = day were=20 the ones who were still most of the time.=20

Jan 99

Copies of chromosome 3 which can produce an enzyme which can turn off = telomerase another enzyme which causes cancer cells to become immortal = by=20 switching off the suicide machinery of the cell , when introduced into = breast=20 cancer tissue made the cells normal again.

A needle which uses doppler sound waves to target veins has been = found very=20 useful in locating veins especially the subclavian vein to put catheters = in=20 -more info on Dec 13

Dec 98=20

Cure for cancer ?

Xcyte Technologies of Seattle have pioneered a way of killign canceer = cells.=20 They removed stem cells from the patients marrow and then destroyed the = marrow=20 with radiation. The stem cells were then primed with antibodies of CD3 = and CD28=20 and injected them back into the patients . The stem cells formed T cells = which=20 attacked the cancer - Hodgkin's lymphoma and in four people it was = completely=20 cleared. More info on science update. They are trying the same = therapy=20 for Aids.

A woman has become the first person to receive an islet cell only = transplant=20 . It is hoped that it will end need for insulin injections. She has also = been=20 given drugs to stop rejection.

A combination of PPI, bismuth salt, metronidazole and tetracycline = has=20 provedd over 90% effective in eradicating H Pylori a cause of stomach = ulcers -=20

Cure for blindness!=20

Mr Wong a surgeon in London has taken the retina and pleated it to = cover the=20 damaged part at the macula the spot where we can see most details and = which is=20 damaged in many people to restore perfect vision .It will benefit a = million=20 blind people in UK alone.

Antibiotics for gum disease

Information at Dec 3 for news that flagyl can cure gum = disease=20 long thought to be a cause of heart attacks , In the same edition there = is news=20 that Vitamin can stop the formation of fat in heart blood vessels. = During heart=20 attacks a new hormone can be infused which causes blood vessels to be = formed and=20 by pass the blockage. In other news giving insulin and glucose in heart = attacks=20 can cut the death rate by 70%.

Non invasive heart scan

Electron beam computerized tomography -EBCT - takes only five minutes = and=20 costs less than $500 . It takes fast Xray pictures about 30 of them with = minimal=20 radiation , of the heart which show any blockage of the heart arteries = with fat=20 deposits which have calcium in them . People can keep their clothes on = while=20 under the scanner. It could save millions of lives due to premature = heart=20 attacks now rampant in South Asians . More details at Colorado Heart Imaging or = email=20

Millenium is a new water jet device in Britain which painlessly and=20 noislessly drills teeth using lasers to split the water molecules . It = is made=20 by Biolase in California.=20

Nov 98

Herpes Virus cause of Multiple Sclerosis

The Herpes 6 virus has been found to be the cause of MS and antiviral = drugs=20 taken once a day stop the progression of the illness.

Cretan diet

Doctors have found that the diet eaten by the people of Crete- olive = oil , a=20 pound of fresh fruit a day , wine and fish can cut the risk of heart = attacks by=20 75% more than a straightforward low fat diet.

Replacing amputated limbs

The rapid development of anti rejection drugs and newer techniques = such as=20 irradiating the patients bone marrow and replace them with embryo stem = cells ,=20 have allowed the transplant of an arm in a patient who had lost his 10 = years=20 ago. It is expected to take him a year to get the full sensation back . = This has=20 enormous implications in areas such as Afghanistan where thousands have = lost=20 limbs due to mines.

Sep 27 98

Dr Kopke at the Washington Spatial Orientation centre has developed=20 techniques to get a small catheter into the inner ear to supply anti = oxodants to=20 hair cells which reverses the damage caused by loud noise. He can also = kill=20 certain cells there with antibiotics to cure Menier's disease .

Aug 17 98

Antibiotic for Alzheimer's

Alzheimers or senile dementia is an affliction that can rob people of = their=20 memory . Now news that researchers have found evidence of infection of = the brain=20 by Chlamydia Pneumonia a bacterium in 17 out of 19 brains they checked. = This bug=20 also appears to be responsible for heart attacks . It can be treated by=20 antibiotics like tetracycline and erythromicin.

Xenical is a new drug a lipase inhibitor which cuts the digestion of = fat and=20 leads to weight loss.

July 26 98=20

Galentmine a new drug which will be licensed in the USA shortly has = shown=20 complete halt to the deterioration of brain functions like memory loss = over a=20 year.

July 5 98

Paul Rainsbury a doctor who runs a fertility clinic in Roding = Hospital in=20 Essex has asked the govt to legalise sex selection . A laser allows the = heavier=20 female sperms to be separated from male ones and these can be injected = into=20 eggs. A test on the four day embryo confirms the sex before implantation = into=20 the mother.

June 7 98=20

Insulin via inhaler

Final trials are taking place in the USA of an inhaler which can = deliver=20 insulin directly to the lungs. Diabetics can now end the need for = painful=20 injections. In the elderly who rely on tablets at the moment , inhaled = insulin=20 may provide better control. Diabetes is a dangerous disease which can = lead to=20 blindness and kidney damage and Asians are very prone to it. The best = way to=20 prevent it or cure it is to get fit by excercise. The extra muscle mass = usually=20 burns up the surplus sugar in the blood.=20

Updated May 17 98

Flu vaccine

Flumist used as a nasal spray cut down the incidence of flu and even = middle=20 ear infections in children by 93 % and will be on the market next year. = Flu is=20 one of the biggest killers and a vaccine could end all that.=20

May 10 98=20

End of tooth decay

Doctors at Guy's hospital in Britian have made a protein which can be = grown=20 in genetically engineered tobacco plant which when painted twice on the = teeth (=20 after all the bacteria have been eliminated by a mouth wash) stops the = deadly=20 strep mutans which causes tooth decay from sticking to the teeth . = Protection=20 lasts for six months. More details on

May 3 98

Lymphoedema due to blockage of lymph vessels is a difficult condition = to=20 treat . One method which seems to work is to massage the trunk to open = the lymph=20 vessels , then the arm to drain it and then wrap the arm in a cotton=20 multilayered bandage. Finally excercise this arm to force the lymph = through.=20 Then sleep overnight with the bandage on.=20

April 26 98

Finnish doctors have found that inserting the contraceptive IUD = Mirena which=20 releases a progestrone cuts down the need for hysterectomy for heavy = bleeding by=20 more than 60%. Mirena can be used for 5 years at a time. From British = Medical=20 Journal=20

April 12 98

Steroids can save in asthma

Review of trials by Cochrane group have shown that oral prednisolone = tablets=20 30-60 mg per day for a week or so in adults during a bad attack cuts = down the=20 admission to hospitals by 70% . Oral steroids do weaken bones and have = other=20 side effects if used for many months but a new type called Deltacort is = claimed=20 not to have these side effects.=20

April 5 98

Autism treatment

This is a very difficult condition of children who tend to retreat = into their=20 own inner world and do not interact socialy with the parents , to treat = , but=20 doctors are reporting great success with Carbamazapine - a drug used to = treat=20 epilepsy. More details later this year.

Mar 29 98=20

Common Cold is Dangerous

Finland doctors -Anne Pitkaranta and others-using reverse = transciptase PCR=20 techniques have found that the cold virus is implicated in large number = of cases=20 of middle ear infections, sinus problems , asthma and chest infections. = It makes=20 the body vulnerable to harmful bacteria. Monoclonal nasal spray of = intercellular=20 adhesion molecules -ICAM -prevent the cold virus from attaching to the = nose and=20 can prevent a lot of these problems. Other things that helped were zinc = and=20 vitamin C and regular saunas. More info on The May = 98 issue=20 of PC Advisor has a free copy of the excellent Dr Scheuller's Medical = Advisor CD=20 Rom=20

Mar 15 98=20

End of Asthma

Scientists found that when they put just a drop of BCG vaccine on the = tip of=20 noses of mice they did not go on to develop asthma. Asthma is increasing = rapidly=20 in developed countries.

Mar 8 98

Scientists have found that commonly used spices have bacteria and = fungal=20 killing properties and that these would have produced an evolutionary = advantage=20 to those who preferred spicy foods especially in hotter countries . They = would=20 have survived longer and born more offspring .

Spices 90% effective in killing bacteria and fungii are garlic , = onion,=20 allspice, oregano , thyme, cinnamon, taragano, cumin. 50% effective were = capiscum, chillis, and 25% effective were ginger , ainseed, lemon and = lime juice=20 and white and black pepper ( Mar 5 98).

Doctors in America are placing electrodes in the brain which can = transmit=20 electric impulses in the thalamus to control the tremors in Parkinosn's = disease.=20 It is marketed by medtronics and should be useful in chronic pain and = epilepsy=20 as well.

Repetitive strain injury=20

RSI troubles a lot of people and has now been found to be due to = minory=20 injury to sensory nerves. A weeks course of 25mg Prednisolone tablets = usually=20 brings a quick cure.

Herbal hair cure

Jean Brown , a Leicester woman , has made a secret herbal potion made = from=20 goat's milk which restored hair to bald chimpanzee - Jambo , making him = more=20 attractive to female chimps -and in tests on bald men in Leiciester , = England=20 claims that it works on them too.=20

Psoriasis treatment=20

Photosensitive acid is painted on psoriatic plaques which are then = exposed to=20 red light via fibre optics for 16 mintues in a technique pioneered by = Professor=20 Griffiths of Hope Hospital , Manchester, England . It destroys the = plaque=20 without harming unaffected skin. The plaques do return after many many = months=20 and can be treated again.

End of Spectacles- Lasers for short and long sight

A new technique at Moorfields eye hospital in London involves first = cutting a=20 U shaped vertical flap from the lining of the eye over the colored part = -the=20 cornea , lifting it up and using lasers to cut off slices of the eye - = the=20 amount beneath this determined by 3D compuer modelling before and then = letting=20 the flap fall over the eye. As it is a vertical flap , it is held in = place by=20 just gravity . It takes only a few minutes and is a permanent cure for = high=20 short and long sight as well . The technique is so good that eye = surgeons are=20 having it done on themselves. It is not painful as the cornea itself is = not=20 harmed. Spectacles will soon be rare. More details on the BBC tomorrow's = world=20 web site

Asthma News

Once a day steroid inhaler taken at 3-5pm of 800 microgram is enough = to=20 control 80% of all asthmatics. In other news it was found that children = who had=20 pneumonia as a babies were much more likely to become asthmatic. The = reluctance=20 of doctors to prescribe antibiotics for childhood respiratory illnesses = may be=20 the cause of the rise in worldwide asthma.=20

Atherosclerotic heart receptor

Scientists at University of San Diego have found a receptor on the = blood=20 vessel wall which encourages macrophages to attach and start the process = of fat=20 build up in the walls . They bred mice which lack this receptor and = found that=20 these mice did not get atherosclerosis however much fat they ate in the = diet. It=20 maybe possible to build a protein to block this receptor in humans.=20

Milk diet

Teenage girls who drink a pint of full cream milk a day preserve = their=20 figures and have stronger bones - a surprising finding from a new study = . In=20 other news doctors have injected vascular endothelial growth factor = (VEGF) via a=20 virus directly into heart and leg muscles . This causes new blood = vessels to be=20 formed around any blockages . It has saved many patients from = amputations.=20


This dementia in the elderly can be difficult to diagnose from normal = depression or low thyroid or vitamin levels . Elevated levels of the = protein=20 AD7c-NTP were detected in 89% of Alzheimer's patients in the CSF , = compared with=20 just 11% of healthy individuals . Meanwhile, the MGH team isolated and = examined=20 the component DNA of the gene responsible for the production of = AD7c-NTP. When=20 the gene was mixed with nerve cells in the lab, the scientists noticed = that the=20 cells first grew long 'branches' and then eventually died, mimicking = "the two=20 principal... (brain cell) lesions correlated with dementia in = Alzheimer's=20 disease.

Asthma cause found

Doctors have found from lung tissue biopsies in asthmatic patients = that many=20 harbour mycoplasma bacteria . When this was treated by extended doses of = antibiotics like tetracyclines over a few months it markedly decreased = astmatic=20 attacks ( . The reluctance of doctors to prescribe = antibiotics in=20 coughs and colds due the fear of encouraging resisitance may have = contributed to=20 the increase in the cases of asthma and allergies by these bacteria.

Operating times time cut in half=20

Sometimes one I thinks , why did nobody think of it before?!! Such is = the=20 case with a new invention - a pair of scissors which pass an electric = current=20 through the tips only when closed. They cut and cauterises the tissues = and blood=20 vessels at the same time. On Tomorrow's world ( see BBC web site ) they = showed a=20 child's tonsils being taken out without any bleeding at all in under 4 = mintues,=20 less than half the previous 15 minutes. Assistants who there to swab the = blood=20 are no longer needed. All operations should now last just half as long.

Reports indicate that men can cut their risk of heart disease by 15% by=20 regularly donating blood. Keeping the blood thin this way may mean less = chance=20 of blood clots. See also story on Nov 30 Computer page.

New blood vessels by gene therapy

In a remarkable advance doctors injected VGEF ( vascular growth = endothelial=20 factor) genes directly into leg muscles which then caused the muscle = cells to=20 produce the protein vgef . This stuck to blood vessels beyond the site = where=20 there was a blockage and caused new branches to be formed here which = then linked=20 up to the preblocked section. In 90% of diabetics and others with severe = blood=20 vessel blockage this saved the limb from amputation. Doctors feel that = the same=20 genes injected into heart muscle will result in new heart blood vessels. = This=20 news if of immense significance for South Asians who suffer from heart = disease=20 and diabetes in epidemic proportions.