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Lesson 4

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Lets form some English words from the Arabic script. There are ten in the figure below -see if you can read them. Hint the first line has law enforcers , a place to buy drinks and photographic... The second has a place to buy lots of goods , a smoke and a milk product. The third has two drinks. The fourth has a medicine and an illness.

The answers are

Check with the full script below

Some notes on these words

In the first line note that P in Police is the same as a B. In the second note that we have omitted the little i in market and the u mark over the P.

Strictly speaking Supermarket , Whisky and Milk Shake should be written as

but as Arabic often omits the short i , u and a vowels it is good practice to get used to this omission.

Here are some more initial , medial and final forms of each letter with English words..

Some hints . The first letter reading from your right is a material made from oil. It has another form of LA that is sometimes used. Next is something people do when embarassed. Then to complete the first line is .... and that . In the second line are an African country , an Arab city and an Arab person.

Here are the answers

In the final part of this lesson see if you can read some more English words .

Here are the answers

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