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Lets look at some more religious words and how they are made up.

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You might wonder how the ones above are made up . The first -Ayyat , chapters of the Quran has the doubler for Y . The second has a doubler over the final Y. However because of the small i (kasra) mark the first Y is actually a long EE . The second is a normal Y. So this reads as NBeeY with the final Y pronouced as Y. In the third spelt Alrrasool but pronounce Ar-rasool the L is silent so the word actually is read as Ar-rasool . Al means THE in Arabic , for example AL-DeeN means 'The Religion'.

The next figure has words which are common to Urdu and Arabic . Although written in Arabic only the Urdu translation is given which in most cases is the same as Arabic.

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Some notes on the above. In Greeb there is a missing i mark , as it is common in Arabic and Urdu to miss out i and u marks but pronounce them anyway , it is best to get used to it. Mashhoor has a missing u mark .Sahib a missing i one. Sandooq a missing u one. Dakhli has the missing two dots and i to make it a long EE at the end . This is quite common. Maloomat a missing u . Some of these missing ones are put in brackets.

Here are some more common Urdu/Arabic words

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Note NHR (river) has another way of writing H in the middle.

The next figure has two Urdu words at the top followed by an English one in the top line. The rest are Arabic words to complete most of the initial and final forms.

The answers are

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