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Lesson 6

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This is the final lesson for the time being in Arabic . Please let us know if you spot any mistakes.

The medial H , J and K can be written as follows -here h is shown where it forms the middle letter in Al- Hajj on your left instead of as on the right .

The sound CH as in CHina is made by writing a T after an SH
as in this figure

The two little parallel slanting lines indicate an n sound modified by a pesh or kasra or fatah as in the next figure .

Remember the normal vowel marks

In handwriting the two dots over the Q can be written as a dash . The three dots of SH as an inverted v or straight line and the K eg as in KL can be modified as follows

a T vowel mark over the final H can be silent as below or can be pronounced as TA depending on circumstances.

Finally see if you can decipher this , one of the commonest phrases in Arabic.

Lesson 6..Home