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Learn to Read Gujarati

Lesson 10

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Combinded letters

Sometimes two letters are joined together . The top letter is then read first and then the following one. Eg in the word for a town in Gujarat called Dwarka - the first letter D is half prounced as THE and then the V sound comes after it ( there is no W sound in Gujarati and that is why many Gujaratis and indeed most North Indians have a terrible time pronoucing it - they will say vater instead of water for eg.) . Read the following examples of some of these combinations.

We will meet more example in the vocabualry part. Incidentally if you find these lessons useful or if you spot mistakes please drop a line to

Now we come to doubled letters where the first sound is only half pronounced as in Mecca where the first c (k sound) is clipped .

Finally in this lesson we examine the vowel mark r . It is a short slanting line put in the foot of a letter eg in the word France it would be put in the foot of F as below

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