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Half Letters

Almost any letter can be written as half letter by missing the final bit of it out. In the next figure all the letters including at the bottom, the half letters are written. You can either copy and paste from here or use Thumbs to convert it into a paintbrush bitmap file and then write your own words using copy and paste at the bottom bit of the figure which is kept clear for you. As an excercise see if you can match the half letters at the very bottom of the figure below with their corresponding full shape in the top half of the figure.

As an example the following words in English were made using the above figure.

Note in the above there is another form of R in the word March. Note this R mark is put above the CH but is read before the letter. When you see this R mark always read it before the letter below it.

You should be confident enough to read some Gujarati books . There is an online Hindi paper with a link from the first Hindi lesson Hindi Lesson 1 and when we hear of a Gujarati one we will put a link to it.