Gujarati Lesson 4

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Lesson 4

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The next line are the Cerebrals - with the tongue rolled back . T is same as in English where the tongue is in front the most as in 'Tom'. Touch the tip of the to tongue to the top of the ridge on the hard palate just behind this to get TTH as in as in tthanda (cold) . Roll the tongue a bit more back to get D as in Drum-same as in English . DH is just D sounded from the chest . There is another tricky aD we will meet later -here the tongue is rolled back even more and then uncurls and just brushing the top of the hard palate strikes the bottom part of the bottom teeth . Try it . N here is as in chhalnee (sieve).

Read the following sentences in English (A) and Gujarati (B and C). See if you can spot a new letter L.

Here are the answers

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