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Lesson 2

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In the last lesson we looked at the letters B , Ng , L , M and N . These are shown in the first line below together with another five new letters. See if you can read the two letter words formed by joining these letters.

Here are the answers

Lets look at ten more letters. They are given below. Underneath them are words in which the letters are used. To help you the new letters are written and the English translation of the word they mean. See if you can work them out .

Here are the answers. Bengali is not an exact phonetic language. In fact the Bengalis tend to make use of a lot of the vowel mark O without writing it down . So this is how the words are pronounced in fact. For eg town ( ngr) is written as ngr but pronounced nogor.

Note as in Hindi there are quite a few different forms of N. Revise this lesson many times. If you can recognise all the letters , you have done half the Bengali letters already.

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