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Greek is a useful script to be able to read as it has leant a lot of its letters to science , philosophy , mathematics and art. Greeks were pioneers in all these fields and in democracy.

You can probably already read quite a bit of it ! For example what is this Greek word written first in small letters and then capital Greek ? . Hint it is a prefix for a thousand

Of course it is KILO as in kilogram . Having learnt the letter for L see if you can read the next Greek word.

The answer is KATALOGO or catalogue . Notice only the L and G are different from English letters.

Whats this drink ?

It is LEMONADA -or lemonade

And this beverage ?

Espresso coffee !

Notice that P looks like pi , R in Greek looks like P and small and capital S (called sigma) are different

What is this month ?

The omega letter after the T as above is pronounced with an aw sound as in the word lawn . There are two forms of small s in Greek . The first one you saw in the word espresso , the second one in this word o-k-t-aw-b-r-i-o-s

Here is something that flies

It is spelt aeroplano . Notice the small n in greek looks like the English small v.

The figure below has the Greek letter for the TH sound as in THink and the letter I

The word was A_TH_I-N-A ( athina , capital of Greece -Athens) .Notice capital I in Greek looks like the English H . Small Greek i looks like small English n and small Greek n looks like small English v.

The letter for F is as below in this Greek word for telephone spelt tilefono.

Notice the Capital and small forms for F (PH) , and that capital I in Greek is like the English H while small i is like n.

The small ph or f can also look like below especially when used in science as the symbol phi


Lets write a few words in English using Greek letters to learn the Greek letters for X , Z

The above had small z and x and capital Z and X in Greek .Note capital Z is same as English while captial X , and small z and x are very different.

The English letter X sound like an H in Greek and the English letter Y as an i. For example the following Greek word is pronounced h-i-m-o-s . Note the shape of the small Greek i which looks like an English u

The X in Greek also stands for KH sound as in Mr. KHan

There is another letter in Greek , not found in English and is pronouces as PS. The following word reads PS-AW-M-I (bread) . The small ps stands for the symbol psi meaning mind in Science.

That is all the Greek letters . Revise them before going to the next lesson.

Lesson 2