Learn to Read Greek

Lesson 2

Lesson 2

These are the first 9 letters of the Greek alphabet

Some notes on where these letters are used

Alpha particles are made of 2 protons and 2 neutrons.
Beta is the second letter B , an example of use is Beta Blocker drugs which block beta receptors in the blood vessels and lower blood pressure.
Gamma rays are very energetic rays in space . When matter and antimatter collide they give out gamma rays
Delta waves are slow waves from the front of the brain in deep sleep.
Epsilon is a nearby star
Zita is a term in mathematics
Theta waves are arousal waves in the brain.
iota is a small as in not an iota of truth .

Some more Greek letters

Kappa -K -as in Phi Beta Kappa - academic societies in America
Lambda-L- the small L is teh symbol for wavelength of light
Mu-m - the small letter mu is used as a symbol for micro eg microgram of medicine.
Nu-N -small symbol is used in Physics.
Xi- another partilce
Omicron is the 15th letter

More letters below

Pi -the 16th letter -small letter is symbol of how big the circumference of a circlet is compared to the diameter
Ro-17th letter- symbol for density of a material
Sigma-S - is the common form of the 18th letter - The capital letter is used as a sum of ...
Note the second small form of sigma is used as a plural at the end of a word ege animals.
small t and ipsilon are partilces .Phi is used in Mathematics

Final Greek letters

Chi the 22nd letter as in Chi squared test in statistics can be used as a KH or H sound
Psi -PS-23rd -symbol for mind
Omega is the last 24th letter and means final as in alpha and omega -first and last.The small symbol is used in Physics in dynamics

Here are all the small and capital Greek letters

Lesson 2