Hebrew Lesson 1

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Lesson 2
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Hebrew is one of humankind's most ancient languages. It is the language of the Bible and of the Jewish people . It is the national language of Israel . It had become almost extinct but was revived by the skill and determination of the people of Israel.

If you spot any mistakes please write to ukindia

Here are some letters received . As the aim is to learn just the script the pronounciation may not be quite as in Hebrew.

I enjoyed your pages, but wanted to offer a quick correction.

Jerusalem is "Yerushalayim" in Hebrew; the Hebrew letters on your page for Lesson 2 spell "Yerushalam" (mising the "yi").

On your web page you said to e-mail you if there were any mistakes, and I've spotted one. In the Hebrew section the second leter, is not be-th, is bet.

It is written in the opposite direction from English.

These are the letters B and D

Lets put some vowel marks in between . Below each there is an example of word as to how it is pronounced eg the first AA is as the A in fAther.

These are the letters K , B and Ts

Can you read your first word in Hebrew with the extra letters K , T ?

Of course it is Kibbuts - self sufficient farms in Israel

Lesson 2