Hebrew Lesson 2

Lesson 2
There are a variety of ways in which the 22 letters can be written.
First conventionally

Next according to how they sound

Next how they look . Note the subtle differences between K and B - K has a more rounded lower shoulder . Try and spot the differences.

Removing the dot makes the letter sound softer eg. B becomes a V , G becomes a GH , D a Dh , K a Kh ,P becomes an F and T a Th as below

Lets look at a few Hebrew words. Note below that the A is often silent

Here are some more

See if you can read it again

Here are some common Hebrew words

Can you read them again?

Note some letters can drop the dot and still sound the same . Also another form of the short i , and the long ee formed by a dot and a Y. Note also how the O is formed in the word boat and Torah and somtimes just by a single dot over a letter as in Jacob.