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Tamil is perhaps India's most ancient language. It is spoken by the people of Tamil Nadu and large communities in Sri Lanka , Malaysia and the West. A lot of India's rich heritage of culture is written in Tamil.

Please note reader Sathasivam, Bahee , a teacher in Tamil's comments that All Tamil consonants eg the letters L , P , S in Alps etc. should have a dot on top of them . They have been ommitted by mistake in the figures below and in the other lessons .

These few lessons will help one to read Tamil script. This figure has the letter M and the vowel sound AA as in fAther .

Can you read your first word in Tamil ?

Full marks if you got is as Mama ( Maamaa) - uncle .

Can you guess the name of this person a King of ancient India?

It is Rama

Next we introduce the letter P and the vowel mark i as in this Hindi word for water.

The first letter is P and the next one is the mark AA , followed by N and then the short i .

Note the short i in Tamil comes after the letter.

This is Tamil for mother . It has the letter A (pronouced ugh) in the front.

This figure has the double RR , it is what English people call all Indian dishes

The answer is KRRi (curry!).

Revise all the letters learnt so far

Here are the answers

And the two vowel marks


Revise this lesson a couple of times before going on to the next one.

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