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Mohabbatein.. Dreamgirls -Live concert..Krodh
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Sound is fantastic . 2 disc DVD with subtitles in English , French , Spanish , Arabic and Malay. What I would like are subtitles in Urdu and Hindi so that NRIs can learn the script of the language . Its in anamorphic widescreen a bit like Kaho na payar hai , The songs are subtitled .

Like all Superdigital DVDs you have to turn up the color and contrast and turn down the brightness for best results but once you do that the picture becomes perfect .

Yashraj is to be congratulated for not choosing Eros . This is a must have DVD. One will never stop watching that lyricless dance - with western classic , followed by Indian Kathak and then Spanish flamenco music in turns , truly outstanding . Shaimata Shetty is one sexy babe , beautiful body , obviously she spends some time in the gym.

Rent it from or buy it for $27 from - nearly 6 hrs on 2 DVDs its worth every penny to see just why Bollywood is dazzling the world . Another translation of all the songs of this movie on a href="

Dreamgirls -Live in Concert

2001 Orson Video of New Jersey
Picture quality -very good , glorious full screen and nobody can
complain of aspect ratios as it is taken from TV production
Sound -Dolby 5.1 -Perfect

Go directly to chapter 8 to see why this is a must have DVD (about $15 from
Fifteen minutes of pure visual delight of Mujras - classical Indian dances done by women , with the instrument players sitting round , by real life Miss World -Aishwarya Rai - doing the classical dances from Mughal e Azam , Pakeeza , and others and with wonderful facial expressions even better than the original actresses ! and really brings the house down.

The other five actresses -Raveena , Sonali , Urmila , Mahima , Shilpa are good too but the background is the electronic western music and they do some more western songs from the old movies but there is nothing to beat the traditional Indian costumes and music.Would be interesting to hear from westerners who see this DVD which bit they found the best.

A pity they didnt subtitle it , would have increased sales ten times. The girls do only the first few verses of each song.
I am really pleased to see this DVD as I had missed the original show on Sony Asia TV . DVDs take so little space , once you get rid of the cover boxes , that 1000 can be put on one small bookshelf compared to 1000 VHS tapes which would mean having to buy the house next door to store them .

TV show producers are now going to be able to markedly increase their revenues from DVD sales and will then be able to put on more of these fantastic shows . Sonali looks fabulous , just a slight change of hairstyle alters a girls face completely ! and Raveena's timing is superb.

.I would urge everyone to get this DVD and go straight to chapter 8 and put their comments here . Also Orson must release a subtitled version again . Although the girls and the announcer speak in English , the dances themselves are much more fun if one understands the lyrics. Choreography by Saroj Khan is truly outstanding.

For eg in the last one Ash in the red dress when she sings - 'What is a heart ? (with her hand on her heart) , 'Take my life' (making a cutting motion across her throat with a wonderful sly look in her eyes) , 'but first you have to give me what I want ' . Superb erotic stuff .

And that white dress with superb silver jewellery she wears ! Wow ! A combination of a Mughal court dancer but with Hindu touches - the bare arms and bareish midriff which really enhances the effect. I have seen this last segment about four times over one hour and it gets better each time. If Ash were to come to the West with those costumes and dancers and sitar and tabla and other instrument players , even a $100 a ticket would be too little . Please do come . I will have to buy another two or three copies of this DVD as I know my friends are not going to give it back to me once they have borrowed it ..

Krodh .

2000 - DEI - 16x9 enhanced anamorphic widescreen
English subtitles including of the songs .
Sunil Shetty , Rambha
Picture and Sound quality -Very good (turn up the color a bit for best results)

If Bollywood wants to capture the retail rental market in the West it must subtitle accurately including the songs in a variety of languages -English , Spanish , Arabic.

A story of a brother who has to bring up five sister after the mother dies and the father is in prison and is very possesive of them The girls of course play whoopy when he is away and he beats up the boyfriends whom he thinks are coming round uninvited.

There is one scene where one of the sister says according to the subtitles 'I cant marry you . I can go against God's wishes but not my brother's' A more accurate translation is 'I cant marry you . I will cross the line drawn by God but I will never go against my brother's wishes ' -much more imaginative and the subtitlers should leave it literal . She does of course in the movie -women!

The story line is not so gripping so this is one movie that will probably be seen in segments . The choreography although western style is very good and I would advise watching all the songs first . The first one is exceptional.

Lots of western women dancing but I think for a change they should dress them in Indian dress. The Indians wear a mixture of western and traditional dress and looks good . The scene showing the sisters taking classical Indian dance instruction should have been longer.

The kind of forced marriage of one sister most will find objectionable but if a movie is not controversial it probably wouldnt be worth watching. Most people after renting will probably not want to return it and will end up buying it , just to look at the 10 or so songs and dances and the pretty women . Bollywood movies have that kind of effect..