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Since this is an excellent movie with English subtitles on DVD it would help non South Asians enjoy this movie more if some songs were translated . Please correct mistakes and do the rest of the songs.

In the following song Amrish tells the children who are trying to impress him with an American song that India has its own charm.

I love my India

Children : Hare Rama , hare Krishna we want to go to America Amrish: London seen (dhekha) , seen Paris and seen Japan my jaan( life-kids) , in the whole world there is not another second one like Hindustan ( India) .

This duniya ( world) , (is like) a dulhan( bride) , and on her forehead ( like) a Bindi is India , this is my India , I love my India .

Mahima (f) -repeat .

Amrish(m) - When somebody plucks the strings of a manhar ( ? musical instrument) spring comes into bloom , fire spreads on the water when the lamp raga ( tune) is played .

An amalgam of the seven surs ( notes) is this garland of life . We even call our the God ( Krishna) a flute player , this is my India , I love my India .

Mahima ( f) - Peeho , peeho calls the Papiha ( bird) , the Koyal ( ? nightingale) says koohoo koohoo ; laughter , tears - we here have made songs for all moods of life .

The whole world sings its own songs , you (children) too should sing the songs that give the fragrance of this soil Chorus My watan ( country) is India , my religion (dharam) is India , my karam ( duty) is India , my sajan ( friend ) is India , I love my India .

Mere Piya ( My husband)

Ganga's hand is asked by Amrish for his son who is in America and she sings this song when on her own .

Chorus : Ganga why are you going to pardes ( foreign land) , leaving your own desh ( country) .

Children : Ganga where are you going , breaking your vows ( not to leave us ) , leaving us .

Ganga : Husband , my husband , where he is , I have to be , leaving my own country , called overseas , a message came to me , where your husband is , there you go . What can I do my Ram ( God ) ? , where my husband is , there I go .

Ganga : There is a stirring in my heart , my childhood in my father's home is coming to an end . I am happy and I am sad at leaving . what shall I do ?

Women and Ganga : Silver pot , bigger golden pot , my heart is dancing , I have to put on my lipstick , kajal (eyeliner) , powder and bindiya , mother in law is calling , husband is calling .

Meri Mehbooba

SRK has made a painting and sculpture of Mahima and is in love with her but she is engaged to another and doesnt know of his feelings

SRK: Some day I will meet you , my life that day you will be with me , but who knows when that rain will come , my heart is pyasa ( thirsty) , my heart is akela ( alone) .

SRK: From the tasveer ( portrait) , come out of it and in front of me , my mehbooba ( love) , you are my takdeer ( destiny) , come out smiling .

Dont know since when , maybe since I was born , I have loved you and wanted you . I am a shayar (poet) and you are my ghazal (song) . There is a tremendous bekrari ( yearning) in me nowadays .

Chorus : Dont know from where but hers she comes !

Mahima ( f) : Say tell us who she is , show us her portrait . This kissa ( story , mystery) should not to be told to everyone , but it shouldnt be hidden from friends .

To your troubled heart we will apply balm and if we cant be of assistance we will ask in our dua ( prayers) for her . She will struggle out of the painting and come in front of you . You will get your Mehbooba ( love) .

Here is another song from Pardes . I will have a go at the Qawwali too but somebody more fluent in languages like Professor Gul Agha could do it more correctly. More people should help out . Even one song a week would help . Best to do it for those DVDs which have English subtitles . An attempt is made to make it literal even if it sounds strange sometimes.

SRK is singing this song trying to get two newly mets - Mahima and his boss's son to feel romantic towards each other .

Do dil ( Two hearts)

Boy : Gup chup ( silently ,sneakily , gossip)

SRK : Two hearts are meeting but silently (chupke) , all are getting this news ( khabar) on the quiet .

70.01 SRK : Breathing is getting impatient , the eyes are alive . Once a heart settles on one place , it is never content anywhere else . My heart (they say) steady a bit , let me call it magic , this magic that is being done slowly.

71.04 SRK : They sit as if they dont know ( all innocent) , as if there is nothing in it .

(But) all is being seen , its din (day) not raat night ! What is it ? Nothing ? The honths ( lips) are silent buit the nazar ( eyes) are talking away silently .

72.42 Before the aag (fire) alights the smoke (dhooan) rises .

Like the nazara (scene) here , that is the way time ( happens) there.

73.05 Look at the type of bekrari ( yearining ) in the heart , it hits the two equally (barabar) at the same time . Look from here to there the two hearts are getting joined silently .

I love my India -part 2

100 The country where my husband is , that is where my heart is ( but) how difficult it is to make two hearts merge coming to a pardes ( foreign ) country .

Its actually quite fun doing these translations . Sit with your psion or laptop in front of the DVD and type in the translation - lot easier than trying to write it down and then try to read the handwriting afterwards .

Its amazing how much more one picks up from each song and appreciates these lyricists when one sits down to do the translations and look up the difficult words. Is the following better than the previous efforts ?

Mahima is agonizing whether she should marry her fiancee or run after the one she loves -SRK

Pardes - Qawwali

I think by Sabri brothers of Pakistan My Urdu dictionary doesnt extend to b so I assume that 'ibabdat' means strenght and 'faqat' -simply

Nahin hona tha - Wasnt meant to happen

Oh rabba ( god) - mohabbat (love) is an ibbadat ( strength ) and ibaddat is mohabbat . this ( hers) is a madness and that (his) is deewangee (madness ) too This (her) heart is struck (dil-lagee) and that (his) heart is struck ( with the madness of love) . What (they) say has happened to me ? All around are haran-gee ( surprised)

168 woman- I have fallen in pyaar(love) Chorus - it shouldnt have happened , but it has my friend

170 Zamana (society) doesnt understand this Ishq ( love madness) and these hearts ( dils) dont accept society ( standards) . Not that faqat ( ? simply) is Ishq , Ishq (love) is that which recognizes the ashiq ( lover's) eyes .

171 Now is the waqat ( time) for faisala ( decision) what decision shall I make the heart says ? If you love jeena (life) then get tayaar ( ready) for marna (death) .

172 Woman: I have returned to my father the bride's veil , I have worn love on my sir (head) , I have thrown away in the street the anghoothi ( ring ) of rasam (customs) , broken all the bonds of laaj ( shame) , freed myself from all farz (duties)

172.36 My kadam (feet) wont go back now , in front is my sajan's (companion's) house , behind is the world (former) men: One dua (prayer) I ask . let me find my lost friend , my pirs ( holy men) let me find my love

173.30 Woman : My red dupatta ( scarf) is washed with the la ( red) khoon ( blood) of my heart Let this Ganga join with her sagar (ocean)

Those who bought the earlier version of this DVD should upgrade to the Platinum one as it has English subtitles and better picture quality . Again one should deplore not literal translations - in that very moving scene where Ganga ( a girls name same as the River Ganges) beats up her fiancee who dares to insult India - saying it smells like cow dung ! In that scene Rajiv says Indians are hypocrites about sex , keep men and women tied separately like animals ( alluding to the fact that they dont sit together at weddings ) and beat the world at reproduction . The word animal has been missed out .

Its the background music that makes the scene have such an emotional impact . Background music has always been a strong point in most Bollywood movies - ARR for example has done an excellent job in Daud . He incidentally has a degree in classical music from a Western University .

. If Irwin has bought the Mehndi DVD would appreciate his comments about the sound quality . The tabla based song at the dancing girls house is like somebody playing tabla in one's own living room - its fantastic ! If Bollywood concerts adopted some more traditional items like these instead of all fast paced western style I think they would become even more popular . I will do the translation for the comedy song from that movie soon .

This is the final untranslated song from Pardes apart from the marriage one fs which are mostly lamentations about a girl leaving her father's home .

SRK has been told to leave California for New York for a new post as his boss is trying to get him out of his son's and her fiancee's way .

SRK sings this song as he travels across , stopping at Las Vegas on the way . The numbers represent the time display on the DVD and ? about possible uncertainties in translation . What is needed is an Urdu --> English dictionary but arranged in Roman Alphabet - A- Z

Yeh Dil - This heart

SRK : Heart , this heart , it is dewaana ( mad) , mad thing it has made me mad too ! I have left her shahar ( city) , my heart in her galee ( street) I broke , but still it beats ( dharakta) for her . I have removed( nikaal) her from my heart , done what I shouldnt have , but even then it thinks ( yaad) only of her , mad is this heart .

146 What is this khata ( ? defect , defeat) of it ? , Why should I feel gila ( sorry) for it , what has it done except give me dill-lagee ( heartstruck , heartbreak) . It is a lover , not a chor ( thief) , over my heart I have no zor ( control , force) , what can I do ?

148 The heart , what kind of pir ( teacher , guide) is it , she is like a tasveer ( portrait , picture) , I tell it to break it , ( it says) its like a zanjeer ( iron chain) , its not a weak rope ! , what can I do , I have no control over my heart .

When Ganga retaliates and says something about America -she does not say 'its not worth a candle against India '-as is subtitled - but something much worse which is best left untranslated ! SRK's song about the heart being out of control has some scientific bases . Scientists have discovered that the heart has its own brain - the SA node - linked to the eyes , so it is not under the control of the proper brain in the head . For example a man who was given a new heart could not understand why it speeded up whenever he saw a blond as he had never fancied blondes before , until the relatives of the donor told him that its former owner did in fact like blondes . So a lot of these desires are pre-programmed ..