Ukindia Learn Touch Typing

Typing is many times faster than writing and legible too! Retype your lecture notes . Also when reading a book , read a paragraph and then type in a few letters to summarize.

Home Keys.. Typing Keys Image click here..Typing practice

1. Look at the screen not at the keyboard. Go SLOW, be accurate, speed will come by itself.

2. The resting home keys are asdf and jkl;, the four finger of the left hand should be resting on asdf, and come back to them after typing, and the same for the right hand with jkl;

3. Each finger goes up and out, and down and in eg, the left little finger rests on and types a, also goes up and out to type q, and goes down and in to type z. The second ring finger covers s w x , the middle third finger covers d e c .The left index finger covers f r v

4. The left index finger also covers extra letters g t b

5. The right index finger deals with j, u, m and also travels further up and out to type y and down and in to cover n . The right middle finger covers k i , The right ring finger does l o . And the right little finger does ; p / It also presses the enter key to go to the next line.

6. The right thumb types the space bar, the left thumb can also do it

7. The little finger of the left hand, holds down the 'up arrow' key on the left side and at the same time one of the fingers of the right hand presses a key to type a capital eg L

8. The little finger of the right hand travels down and out and HOLDS the right sided 'up arrow' key down when the left hand is typing a capital eg A.

9. Its easier just to look at the keyboard when typing numbers eg 1 2 3 etc.

10.The right little finger presses the enter key to go to the next line.

Ok now for some practice. Type the following several times a day without looking at the keyboard. Note index fingers cover more keys. Look only at the screen , go slow , and correct any mistakes with the right little finger hitting the right arrow key at the top.You can edit and copy and paste below into a word document and then keep looking at the top and type in what is written below in the bottom half of the document or click the next word Type

asdf jkl; asdf jkl; asdf jkl;

asdfg hjkl; asdfg hjkl; asdfg hjkl;

qwert yuiop qwert yuiop qwert yuiop

zxcvb nm,./ zxcvb nm,./ zxcvb nm,./

Now for each finger in turn

aqz aqz swx swx dec dec frv frv gtb gtb

yhn yhn jum jum ki, kik lil lil ;p/ ;p/

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