Ukindia Urdu Lesson 15

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These lessons contains a couple of hundreds of Urdu vocabulary. It is most important to recognise the final form of letters as otherwise it can be extremely difficult to know where a word ends and another begins , so revise lesson 14 before starting this one.

The first column reading as in English has the English word followed by its Urdu translation.
Have a guess at the answers and then check your answer after the figure.
The first few figures are done for you.

Many of the accent marks are left out as they tend to clutter up the figure and you know where to lay the accent in English words anyway . Some words do have them left in as examples.
If you see a zabar- a short slanting line- on its own at the top or also what looks like an arrow head pointing up , these are accent marks. This will become clearer when you read the figures.
Note that the zer -little i-slanting line mark below the letter which makes the two dots of an ae vowel into a big EE- may be some distance from the two dots.

The next figure has the English words -for this lesson we will read as in English your left to your right - Crocodile , Donkey , Cow on the first line and Fox , Seal and Giraffe on the second. Notice that the vowels are written in small case.

In the figure below make sure you know the vowels correctly. the words are elephant , lion , bear , rhinosaurus , mongoose and alligator . That is an accent mark over the M in mongoose.

Now follow cat , rabbit , pig , goat , fish ,mouse, camel and tortoise.

Notice in mouse the hamza sign tells you that one vowel o- follows another a . Without the hamza the o would be read as a v. Now see if you can guess the words in the figure below

The answers are shoes -jutte , hat-topi, boots-boot, socks-juraben, slipper-chappal, gloves-dastane , handkerchief-romal, belt-peti ,socks-juaraben ,gloves -dastane. Continue with the figure below . It has the words for gorilla, squireel, baboon, stag,dear ,tiger and snake.

See if you can read the ones coming next

Rabbit-khargosh,dog-kutta, goat -bakri , pig-suar, cat-billi, fish-machhli,horse-ghod'a,tortoise-kchhwa, bufalo-bhaens, sheep, mouse-chooha, camel-oont.

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