Ukindia Urdu Lesson 16

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The next figure contains some common urdu words. Notice that some short vowel marks are left out. These are indicated in brackets in the answers. The shlrt u , short i and the i mark modifying the ae into an big ee vowel often suffer this fate.

The answers reading from your right are
m(aae)n -me , t(u)m -you , a(a)p-you (polite) , hm -we , vh-she ,he , they , it
second line meree -mine, kya-what, hae -is , n(h)(ee)n'-no,
han' -yes , lek(i)n-but, ph(i)r bi (even so)
fourth line -ma-mother , baap-father , bchcha-child, mal(oo)m- to know.

Continuing with more vocabulary

Your answers should read - donkey -gaddha, sheep-bhed, fox-loomdi, cow-gaye, crocodile-magarmuchh , monkey -bandar, wolf-bhedia ,frog-maaendak, and seal on the last line. Ghaenda is rhino , hathi is elephant , richh is bear and cheetah usually means leopard as there are no cheetahs in the area.The arrow acent mark has been left in the word frog.

Lets look at some parts of the body

ear-kaan , eye-ankh,lips-hont, forehead-peshani, nose-nak , head-sr, tongue-zbaan , mouth-mun'h, thigh-ran, chin-thodi,foot-paon,neck-gurdan

Answers shoulder-kandha, ankle-tkhnh , back-peetth, hand-hath, thumb-angoottha, palm-hatheli, nail-nakhoon, arm-bazo, knee-gutthna, beard-dhadi, elbow-kuhni , finger -ungli

Teeth-dant',chest-chhati,eyebrow-abro,waist-kmar,eyelashes-palken, hair-baal,moustache -moonchh Lesson 17..Home<