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Lets look at another three vowels in the figure below from R to L which complete the vowels used in Urdu

They are another form of A which we shall from now mark as little a to distinguish from Aliph.
Long EE also used as Y as we shall see.
Long Ae
Then is the letter H and finally L.

a is pronounce as AEN ( as in mAn) . The next is the letter Y . Because it has two dots at the bottom it can easily be confused with the vowel mark ae .Third is the long Ae . Next on the left are the two useful consonants H and L .

These are the four forms of each letter .

Note that the medial form of a has a closed loop on top.Note L initial or medial can be confused with alif and the L final with the undotted N. If we look at the letters above we can form some new words with these and the previous letters. Try and read the words below . Each line is a mxture of English and urdu words. The answers come afterwards. There are examples of the inital , medial and final forms of each letter as far as possible.


Lets make some words using the above . Have a go at reading them.

Here are the answers.

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