Languages in Britain

A brief article about the poor standard of modern languages in Britain today. British businesses have a largely monolingual workforce in comparison to our European neighbours. What can be done about this? Is the situation terminal? The government's announcement that a foreign language GCSE is no longer compulsory doesn't bode well.

EFL Teaching

An article about the difficulties of being a modern language teacher, especially in the EFL field. The article provides a few tips for new teachers and a few suggestions for all teachers. The article also suggests a number of high quality language courses available through the internet.

Euroconversation: Languages

A new Eurobarometer study has shown what a multilingual place Europe is. Apart from the biggest countries, of course, where monolingualism is as rampant as ever! We study the results of the new study and consider the implications for Britain as a whole. Unsurprisingly, smaller nations have better levels of multilingualism, as their inhabitants feel a greater need to communicate internationally.

Learn English in London

A guide to learning English in London. Why is London such a popular destination for international students to study languages? Is it the vibrant cultural life? Is it the high quality cuisine? Maybe it's the quality of language schools on offer, as London is a great place to learn English.

Translation Services

The internet has completely changed the translation industry. The rapid exchange of information offered by the world wide web has made translation far more efficient. Internet translation agencies can work far more efficiently than traditional translators, as overheads are lower and translators can work from home.

Breastfeeding Information

What do Playstations and breasts have in common? They're both intended for kids, but its usually grown men who end up playing with them! This article looks at the range of products available to help breastfeeding mothers, and some of the benefits of breastfeeding. The article also considers the implications of baby milk formula and its use in Africa.