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Updated Jan 09

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Letters S, N , M , K and R This is the Hindi letter S as in Surf

and this is the letter N as in NuN.


If we join them together we get the word , can you guess what it might be ?

Yes it is Sun !!

You can make similar lessons yourself by using a Devanagri font. Open windows character map program - its in the windows directory- and copy some letters . Paste them into a windows paintbrush program using the text tool and save as a monochrome bitmap file. Open this file in thumbs or paint shop pro and save as a gif file. For really large letters you need Universal word program.

Lets look at more letters.
This is the letter K as in stucK-note all Hindi letters have a line on top and only the short sound is pronounced ..

The next two letters are M and N.

M as in MuM

N as in NuN

To make a word we just join the letters together again so that the top line becomes continuous for eg mn (mind)
Now look at these four letters again





Sit back visualise these in your mind and say them aloud.
.....S ,...........K , ............M. , ......and .........N
Now for a real tough test to see if you can read your first word in Hindi
(nmk--pronounced as namuk -salt)

If you got it right -well done . Award yourself a brownie point. Now learn another letter making the R sound as in Rum.
Lets read another word - to do - kr - .
Remember the five letters we have learnt







.. and


Visualise all five again

...S, .........K , ............M. , ...........N ....and R....

Whats this word -die - .. yes it mr (murr) .

and this one ?

.....rm (Rum) and this is ....rn (Run)

Now see if you can read your first sentence in Hindi

...nmk km kr (namak kam kar) --- salt less do i.e. make it less salty!

Well done.

As a test see if you can match the follwoing words Sir , Run , Rum , Rusk , Musk ,. 1 point for each correct answer.

Answers Rusk .... Run... Sir .... Musk ... Rum

Many readers have pointed out that in the words in this lesson eg in Musk the letter S is only half pronounced and should be written in its half form

So the word Musk above really reads as Masak . To write it phonetically we should use the half S as below .

One can get too carried away about half letters and some Indian languages like Punjabi dont have them . If in doubt dont use it . You have come to the end of Lesson 1 .

For an easy end to this lesson guess what these numbers are in Hindi . They are being used less and less being replaced by our common numbers 1 , 2 , 3 etc.

Go over the lesson again and again .

Write out the english letters as below and fill in the blanks as you go through the lessons . The five letters K M N R and S and half letter S are done for you. Keep referring to this figure as you go through the lessons.

In the next lesson we introduce the vowels .

Beginners should stop here and go on to

Lesson 2

Alphabet small size

Check to see if you can remember them

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